Q & A with Jedediah: Tea Partiers, Poise, and Political Fever

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila

What are your thoughts about the Tea Partiers, what do you see for their future, and how many of their events have you attended? What are your thoughts about what you have heard and observed at those events, and have you been or will you be a speaker at any of them?—Lyle; Aurora, IL

I think the Tea Party movement is indicative of the power of Americans to mobilize, join hands, and peacefully protest what they believe threatens their liberty. Tea Partiers have stood up to the big-government machine and fought to return a “power to the people” philosophy to its rightful place in the forefront of American politics. The movement has reminded elected officials that they work for us, not the other way around. It has alerted Democrats and Republicans to the fact that Americans will not sit back quietly while big government, high taxes, and job-crippling agendas ransack small businesses and entrepreneurship across the country. I can’t say for sure what the future of the Tea Party movement will be, but I hope that Tea Partiers—Independents, Democrats, and Republicans alike—will continue to be a powerful voice in the name of freedom and continue to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions.

I attended the New York City Tea Party rally on April 15, 2010. I observed Americans of all backgrounds and political affiliations that were disheartened with Democrats and Republicans who have prioritized high taxes, big-government agendas, and spending beyond our means. I witnessed unapologetic patriotism, a rejection of political elitism, and a reverence for our country’s founding principles. I was touched by the commitment of so many Americans to protecting the integrity of our Constitution and was honored to stand beside so many patriots and veterans. Sorry to disappoint the mainstream media, but I didn’t hear a single racial slur.

As you may already know, this political journey began for me just a short time ago in March of 2009. I am currently accepting speaking engagements for the Fall of 2010. I would welcome the opportunity to speak at a Tea Party rally and will keep you posted if and when that happens.

How do you maintain your poise and patience in the face of liberal ideologues, who often resort to ‘talking over’ conservative spokespersons?—Norm; Strongsville, OH

I’ve never believed that shouting or throwing tantrums gets you anywhere in life. The best way to win an argument is to be armed with facts and to deliver a confident, concise, honest, and direct rebuttal. I didn’t enter the political scene because I wanted attention by being the loudest. I entered because I thought that my writing—which had for a very long time been focused on poetic and literary journeys—could be put to better use by shining a light on dangerous policies and media atrocities. I, like so many of you, sought to play a role in bringing our country back to where I think it should be.

In general, I prefer a calm demeanor and a clear delivery, backed by solid convictions. That’s just who I am. Oh, and I’m fond of sarcasm. But if you’ve been reading my columns, you certainly know that already! To be frank, I don’t have room for anything phony, and I’m not controversial for the sake of being so. If I say something that happens to be controversial, it’s because I believe it, plain and simple.

With the political fever at the level it is now, and the knowledge you have of conservative politics, would you ever consider running for office in a state where a conservative like you could win?—Ronald; Jacksonville, FL

I never say never, but as of right now, running for office isn’t on my agenda.

What is on my agenda is utilizing my writing and commentary to help conservatives in the GOP make big gains in November of 2010. After that, I will be watching very closely to see who steps up to the plate in 2012.

Email your questions to Jedediah here. If you would like to, please include your city/state.

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N. C. Williamson
12 years ago

M. Hall and R. Hunter; are you not well? Sarah has far more than “spunk” going for her. Your criticisms of her reflect those of the lamestream media. Unjustified criticism shows far more about the criticiser than his target.

R. Hunter
12 years ago

M. Hall is correct. Sarah should stay out of MOST states that she has no knowledge of, except where they are on a map. She supported several RINO’s in recent primary elections. That speaks volumes about Sarah. She is inconsistent – tho’ I do admire her spunk and accomplishments as gov of AK!

12 years ago

Sarah Palin should stay out of California elections. She has not lived here and does not know the history of our State politics and candidates. Do Californians need Sarah Palin to advise them? They can read the facts for themselves.

Art McIntosh
12 years ago

The Tea Party endorsed Chuck DeVore in California, while Sarah Palin endorsed another Repub candidate; – splitting the Conservative vote; will give the nomination to (RINO) Tom Campbell! How could Sarah (who I love!) do this?

12 years ago

Run for office! We need you!!

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