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Fake News: Marketwatch and Drudge Are Wrong, 500,000 Jobs Not Lost in 2018, the Economy Created 2.2 Million Jobs Last Year

Trump Prayer tax cut business

Trump Tax Cut Proves Successful For Business Repatriation

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‘Self-Sufficiency, Not a Sinkhole’: JOBS Act Updates Work Requirements for Welfare Recipients

2018 strongest economy jobs growth 1

While Not Quite 3 Percent Yet, 2018 Was The Strongest Economy Since 2005 On Growth And Jobs

Trump Nafta Deal Mexico Canada small business optimism economic Trump jobs new

Trump Economic Boom Continues With 4.8 Million New Jobs Since Jan. 2017

money cash god we trust retirement savings relief tax 3

The Retirement, Savings, and Other Tax Relief Act of 2018

Trump Jobs Speech travel 27

Trump Announces Major Tax Break for Middle Class

Trump rule tax dollars abortion providers medicaid tax cuts socialist Venezuela sanctions executive order federal pay increases

Your Raise, Courtesy of the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

government Capitol Trump federal payroll jobs bipartisan senate federal 4

Trump Has Cut Federal Payroll by 24,000 Jobs

Trump stock market executive order jobs media union success

3 Million People Have Found Jobs Since Trump Took Office