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How Trump Turned the Federal Government Pro-Business

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U.S. Economy Adds 1.4 Million Jobs in August – Unemployment Down to 8.4 Percent

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American Jobs Continue to Roar Back in July


AMAC Joins with Coalition Seeking Co-Sponsors for CREATE JOBS Act

AMAC Leadership Invited to White House Deregulatory Event

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May Jobs Report Brings Welcome Great News

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Trump’s Roaring Economy – Helping Old and Young, Men and Women, Majority and Minority


Commentary: Thanks to Trump, Seven Million Americans Have Quit Food Stamps

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158,269,000: Record Number of Employed in September; 3.5% Unemployment Rate Best Since 1969

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Fake News: Marketwatch and Drudge Are Wrong, 500,000 Jobs Not Lost in 2018, the Economy Created 2.2 Million Jobs Last Year