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Biden’s World is Fiction, Killing Keystone a Disaster

Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2021
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

keystoneJoe Biden’s fictional world drifts further from reality – by the day. Just keep reading. On January 20, he killed the Keystone pipeline, three decades in planning, years in building, vital to US energy independence, key to US-Canada relations. See,

That move abruptly ended between 11,000 and 83,000 American jobs, betrayed unions who endorsed him, created mass secondary unemployment, terminated billions in revenue, and – over night – set in motion higher oil prices.  See, e.g.,;;

Biden’s comeback (harmonized by John Kerry) is “renewable jobs,” as if this heavenly phrase, and the iffy, costly, undeveloped, unrelated market for “wind and sun” – decades out – will pay rent, food, bills of families he just betrayed.  Nonsense.  See, e.g.,;

This is the stuff of Dr. Seuss, or vaudeville tomfoolery – only serious.  In Biden’s world “if we had green eggs, we could have green eggs and ham, if we had ham.”  Or “if we had green jobs, we could have green jobs and profitability, if we had profitability.”  Only we do not.

Beyond this fiction, Biden ordered America to pay for “global climate change reversal” – another fanciful notion, no grounding in economics, logic, geopolitics, or China realism, let alone balancing carbon sequestration (i.e., pulling carbon out of the atmosphere) against production (stopping use of oil and gas).  How? By instantly rejoining the non-legal, unenforceable, economic wealth redistribution non-treaty called the “Paris Accords,” a unilateral tax hike on Americans intended – just read it – to end world poverty, gender discrimination, and wealth inequality through “environmental justice.”  See, e.g.,;; and

If this were not enough, Biden’s executive orders effectively hobble natural gas fracking, a tool that helped America’s economy soar, producing cheap, clean US energy and thousands of US jobs, single-handedly dropping US carbon production emissions.  The free market did that – consumers buying what they wanted, producers producing what was needed – no government interference or mandates.  See, e.g.,

The fiction that cutting good jobs, backfilling with endless unemployment (disincentivizing reemployment), fast-food jobs at bumped-up minimum wage, and imagining customers gladly paying more for sun than oil, or non-existent profitability on non-existent “renewable jobs” – is a bad joke, only that is Biden policy.  Worse, it is mandated policy – part of Biden’s runaway spate of executive orders.

So, what is to be done?  The cost make-believe economics, what left-lurching Biden, Harris, Kerry, and AOC push, is high.  In their il-educated world, magic money pays for everything, successful entrepreneurs are not hard workers but bad, private risk and capitalism – which makes small business, most employment, and everything Democrats use – is ugly.

Then again, they fumble with minimal economic training, no business experience, no understanding of what it takes to leverage everything and start a small business, consistently make payroll, scrape by on margins in retail, let alone get your hands dirty, calloused, and tired from manual labor.  They live in the la-la land of socialist goodies, where long days are devoted to new ways of spending your money.  Joe Biden has no idea what private sector is, and his son is acculturated to it only through Communist China.

So, there we have it.  We are gifted with an executive leadership team more removed from reality, profit and loss statements, business survival, private employment, hand-to-mouth income, hard callouses, big bills, and family-breaking pressures than the “Cat in the Hat” from your favorite pet.

Biden as his merry band of socialist do-gooders live in an alternate universe, a fictional place where other people’s votes are bought with your money, private projects making real things with real jobs for real money to pay real bills are terminated with his magic pen, and life goes on – no link to the America’s Heartland, drifting further from reality.  As a fan of Dr. Seuss, it is hard to see him outdone by wilder fiction, but Biden is on it.  That said, the real world has a way of snapping back.  Keep reading.

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3 years ago

We can both agree that the left’s view for this country won’t end well at all. History has shown that to be the case time and time again. Yet with the Democrats in full control of both the WH and Congress, the options before us are extremely limited. It doesn’t matter whether Biden, Harris or any other Democrat sits in the WH, as they are all effectively the same. The Democrats have been very transparent in laying out their agenda for this country if they ever regained control of Washington. They have learned from their mistakes under Obama and won’t be repeating them this time around as evidenced by the blitzkrieg of executive orders and rapid fire preparation of targeted congressional legislation.

The Supreme Court, or at least Chief Justice John Roberts, has been cowed from what we’ve seen recently. So there is likely little to any relief on that front coming soon. There isn’t much of anything really standing in Democrats’ way from doing pretty much whatever they want.

There is of course one option left on the chess board to avoid checkmate, but that is highly unlikely to be used. We can be realistic about that. So the best advice, since we know how this will play out, is to tell people how they can best adapt and adjust to the new set of conditions that will be unfolding before us. That way the people can survive as best as possible.

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