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Surrounded by Liberals? Find Your Safe Haven Within These Facebook Groups

By Ian Gargan


As a God-fearing, flag-waving, cross-kneeling conservative, Facebook has never been the place to speak my mind. Between the suppression of conservative ideas to the blatant bias of its fact checkers, Facebook has become the safe space for liberal ideologies. I went on a journey to find the best places on Facebook to connect with my fellow conservatives; a place where we can speak our minds without the threat of being cancelled.

If you’re not familiar with groups on Facebook, they fall into either public or private categories. A private group may ask a few screening questions upon your request for entry.  Whereas a public group will usually allow you to join instantly. Some larger groups can become unruly and spam your timeline. But groups with active admins provide better content in the long run. Admins are group members appointed to enforce the agreed upon rules amongst the members of the group.

Here are a few groups to join on Facebook that will connect you with like-minded patriots:

  • Stop Critical Race Theory: This private group has 15.3K members and is comprised of teachers, students, parents, grandparents, and anyone who refuses to be misled by “woke” indoctrination techniques. This group consistently posts local experiences from members about their school districts. They point out questionable curriculums for other parents to be on the lookout for. They post lists of problematic children’s books to raise awareness of CRT or news reports from the left showing how they are selling liberals on critical race theories. Many members will post congressional bills that we support that are being voted on so we can all see the progress from state to state. With CRT being so elusive and taking on various forms, a group like this can keep you informed about the activities and tools the woke agenda is using on our youth.  
  • Republican Memes and Humor: This is a great group if you need a good laugh at the expense of the left. Currently it has 5.2k members and they tend to deliver 9-10 memes a day. Sometimes, they take a serious stance to provide information to support current events such as the southern border, COVID, or election integrity. Other times, they post a hilarious meme about the left and the illogical information they support. One comic strip posted recently had a child asking his mother what the difference between a birthing person and a woman is. Her response was “A woman is created by God. A birthing person is created by a woke teacher’s brain.” Other cartoons depict Biden’s policies as a pair of bolt cutters being used to remove the padlock on the southern border. Whatever you’re looking for as far as political humor, you will find something here that will lighten up your day.  
  • Conservative Republican Women is a private group with 6.1k members. If you could not guess, I am not and have never been a woman. Nor do I identify as one.  So, I am not speaking firsthand.  But this group is filled with great information. They constantly post very thought-provoking articles. They cover the topics that might fall into the gaps in mainstream media regarding conservative women in America. It’s a place where you can speak your mind and push to increase the presence of women in the political sphere. If you become a member, be sure to read the ‘About Us’ portion of the page, as the president of the group lays out the group’s purpose. The goal was to strengthen the Republican party with the addition of conservative women who love our nation, wish to spread political education, and seek to increase their own knowledge of our Constitution. With an average of 30+ posts a day, this group will keep you informed about a broad range of topics.
  • Facebook Conservatives: This group is a public group with 13K members. Public groups are easier and faster to be accepted into but also lack the ability to exclude anyone until they break a rule. This group is labeled as a forum for civil debate, article sharing, and provocative ideas, and has members from all over the right that post ideas representing different opinions.  The rules state that if the language is PG and you’re not making personal attacks, you can debate politics all you like. This is a good group to practice your debate skills in case you happen to be purchasing a cup of coffee when a political discussion breaks out. They provide some historical content in the form of memes as well.

If none of these groups suit your fancy, you may want to find a local group in your community.  There are likely a slew of them in our area if you search your town, county, or even school district followed by “community group”. This will allow you to dive deeper into the politics of your community and provide an inside track for local news. There are also smaller groups like “Community Moms” or “Community Business Owners” that may be a better fit. After you find a community group, you can look for political affiliate groups in the same locale. Here near the AMAC offices on long island, we have groups called “Long Island Republicans,” “NYS Young Republicans,” and another popular page “Long Island Loud Majority.” Groups like these vary in size but could be just the interaction you’re looking to get involved in regarding your local news. These groups post information that directly affects your local area, point out local charities to get involved with, or even list protests you can attend. They also keep you informed about town-level politics that have the biggest impact on your day-to-day life.

By the way, none of these groups are affiliated with AMAC.  This is simply my opinion about some of the groups I follow and enjoy. AMAC is also not responsible for any content provided in the groups I’ve mentioned.  But if you like any of the articles you see here on our website, go ahead and share them in your favorite groups!    And feel free to leave a comment below about a group that you’re a part of and think others would enjoy.

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carlos Matamoros
11 months ago

support your local kkk
give blm a run for their money

11 months ago

… I have no need or want for a safe space. It’s the other way around, it’s liberals who need hide, from me –

John Greer
11 months ago

I do not use communist supporting media platforms including twitter, Facebook and any other such platforms. You should move to free speech platforms or create your own platform.

carlos Matamoros
11 months ago
Reply to  John Greer

you don’t even use soap

R.Thomas Guth
11 months ago

Never been on facebook, never intend to use facebook.

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