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Startup Will Provide Conservative Alternatives to Woke Corporations

AMAC Exclusive – by David P. Deavel


We are at a perilous point in American history. Can what was great in our politics and culture, but is currently being ground down and snuffed out, be revived again? Can our civilization survive? If so, we need what the historian Arnold Toynbee and later thinkers such as Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) and the late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks referred to as “creative minorities.” Matthew J. Peterson and Nate Fischer are a creative minority of two with a new company to address what has gone wrong in American business over the last few decades.

Many people of good will predicted that the new economic engagement with China in the late twentieth century would spur the Chinese to become more like us. American dollars in trade would purchase American values in those trading with us. Yet something like the opposite has happened. Large American businesses now operate more like Chinese businesses, enforcing ruling class prerogatives and radically left-wing values. While we could wish the saying “go woke go broke” were an inexorable law, it is not. Or if it is, it does not happen immediately. Woke capital continues its successful alteration of the American economic and business landscape by driving out those who do not submit.

It’s not just workers. Recently, John Gibson, CEO of videogame company Tripwire Interactive, was defenestrated from the company he co-founded because of a tweet in support of the Supreme court’s refusal to strike down the Texas heartbeat law. It was a replay of Brendan Eich’s 2014 dismissal from the company he co-founded, Mozilla, because of donations made in 2008 to the cause of Proposition 8, which proposed to amend California’s constitution such that same-sex relationships could not be recognized as marriages. The only difference is that in 2021 one is pitched from the corporate window immediately even for voicing support of somebody else’s actions.

But woke capital does not target mere individuals, high and low. Large corporations aim to squash smaller ones that do not show their fealty to the appropriate dogmas or the ruling class regime. Gibson was pitched in large part because of the swift reaction from other companies working with Tripwire. Shipwright, another videogame company, announced in a tweeted response to Gibson that they would no longer work with Tripwire “under the current leadership structure.” Though it was phrased in business jargon that made it sound as though Shipwright had problems with Tripwire’s organizational flowchart, the message was pretty clear. Tripwire’s CEO is a deplorable and must be dealt with—or Shipwright would cease work with them.

This pattern has been happening for a while. When social media site Parler began to grow at an astonishing rate, Amazon Web Services, which hosted them, shut down their site on the pretext that January 6 protesters had “organized” on Parler. Apple similarly refused to sell Parler’s app. It turned out that there was little organization on the part of the small number of troublemakers at the Capitol, and what little was found was on Facebook, but the facts did not matter as much as the claim, which allowed woke companies to choke non-woke companies that were starting to compete.

Since then, there has been a recognition of the need for new businesses that will not cancel their own clients. Right Forge has arisen to create the internet infrastructure that Amazon Web Services denied to Parler. For secure payment processing without having one’s information sold, Dan Bongino has created Align Pay, which will serve those whom PayPal and Stripe are less likely to serve these days. American Conservative Values ETF provides investment options by pulling investment out of the “worst offenders” in the corporate world while they “still deliver predictable large-cap performance.” There are numerous others, but perhaps most important among them are Matt Peterson and Nate Fischer’s New Founding.

Peterson, vice president for education and founding editor of The American Mind publication for the Claremont Institute, and Fischer, principal of multi-strategy investment firm NF Macro, have a long-range vision to stop American decay and revive innovation and prosperity. As their website says, their strategy is “bringing together communities of talent and resources” to create “new media, technology, and commerce that serves and supports the American people.”

In other words, they want to connect all the companies pushing back on woke capital. They want to connect them with each other, with customers, and with talented employees.

When I spoke with Peterson last month by phone, he told me that New Founding’s origin was largely summoned by talented people in every field from finance to tech to entertainment contacting him and Fischer for help in escaping their woke or becoming-woke companies. “There are a lot of people who want to leave Mastercard, Pixar,” he told me. New Founding is designed to help them escape by building a network of aligned businesses that will find the talent they need with New Founding’s job boards and ads for services wanted. Businesses can sign up on their website to be connected with others, and individuals can suggest businesses who would be a good match.

New Founding is not, however, simply in the business of connecting businesses. Their aim, he told me, includes “creating new businesses, connecting people to the right businesses, and a media ecosystem where you can do both.” Right now one can sign up for their email newsletter, Align: A More Human Way of Life, which appears weekly and usually focuses on one area of business or commerce, spotlighting at least two businesses that are doing things differently, as well as offering links to articles or videos that help people see that the way things are done right now is not the only way.

A recent issue of the newsletter displayed what Peterson described to me as the dual tasks of “blessing and cursing” companies. The August 26 edition highlighted outdoor outfitter Patagonia’s attempted cancellation of an owner of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort because of his purportedly wicked act of. . .hosting a fundraiser for Republican politicians. Rather than just cursing Patagonian darkness, however, Align lit a candle to show readers Wintergreen Northern Wear, a company in Ely, Minnesota, specializing in the sort of outdoor gear you could buy—and thus fund woke-ism—at Patagonia or support a company that is building up a small town by making their goods in the North Star state. Align also featured Over Under Clothing, a deeply patriotic company that sells clothing for the southern gentleman that has been made with Mississippi cotton and Texas leather. They boast that 75% of their products are made in the U. S.—and their goal is 100%.

New Founding’s goals are big. With regard to creating businesses, they are planning on new publications and new companies that will help people sell their goods. Want to have something for women and men that avoids the wokeness and smut of Cosmo and Men’s Health—and that you can advertise in? They’re working for you, with Aaron Renn developing the men’s magazine and Helen Roy the women’s. Want something like Wired on technology that has views on where what-tech-can-do conflicts with our natural and constitutional rights? They’re working for you. Want somebody to come up with a design for “the opposite of the rainbow flag”? They’re going to be creating companies that will do that, too.  

In the long run, Peterson tells me, they will create a “visual media superpac” that will be “outside New Founding but will generate material” with a “newsletter that’s even more serious” and in-depth than Align. It will “curate Twitter stuff” and American Mind articles that are innovatively attempting to think through how a creative minority can act effectively. And it will “tell stories of important things people are doing and saying across the country right now.” 

Peterson and Fischer know they’re not alone in this enterprise, but as Peterson tells me, “We have exceptional talent on this team.” They hope that their work will help frame the issues for people about how our economic, social, and cultural life can indeed be revived as well as build the alliances that will allow our country and its religious, cultural, and political heritage to survive. To do that, however, people will need to join them and the groups in these alliances. As Peterson starkly but correctly put it in a recent American Mind essay, “There is no ‘neutrality’ for American business. We either band together or get swept away by the woke tide.”

David P. Deavel is editor of Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture, co-director of the Terrence J. Murphy Institute for Catholic Thought, Law, and Public Policy, and a visiting professor at the University of St. Thomas (MN). He is the co-host of the Deep Down Things podcast.

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11 months ago

The “woke capital” conspiracy that this article apparently alludes to is a specious narrative. Josh Gibson was ousted because he publicly voiced an opinion that was unpopular with his company’s customers. AWS and Apple opted not to do business with Parler for similar reasons: Parler’s core values are diametrically opposed to those of a sufficiently significant proportion of those companies’ customers. Of course, publicizing this, the real reason for cutting ties with Parler, would have alienated the rest of these companies’ customers, so their PR folks publicized the “pretext” cited in this article as a means of placating that (largely right-wing) minority.

“Voting with your pocketbook” is not a new phenomenon, although arguably, more Americans engage in this practice today than ever before. As a result, shrewd businesspeople recognize that they should avoid any apparent alignment with politics which do not match those of their customers. For Amazon, Apple, and other purveyors of mass-market products which transcend any particular political identity, left-of-center political alignment is still likely to make economic sense, as Democrats tend to be younger and higher-income than their right-wing counterparts.

1 year ago

If international specialization means oligarchies of woke gatekeepers, there is no reason why coalitions of non-woke could not create their markets and networks.

David Aaron Murray
1 year ago

I tried to join, but didn’t receive the confirmation email your site said it sent. It wasn’t in any of my folders.

1 year ago

I tried to sign up for New Founding. Got a message saying, “New registrations are not allowed from your IP address (maximum limit reached). Contact staff member.”

Huh? There’s only my desktop at my IP address.

Maybe I’d already signed up and forgotten that I had? Nope, doesn’t recognize my email address.

Contact a staff member? No place, I mean, no place on the site to contact a staff member – only links are to forum and jobs.

Guys (and gals), going to have to do much better than this to compete with Big Brother.

Putting this in the comments here but also going to try to contact Peterson via Claremont. (no simple “contact us” button on their site either, btw.)

1 year ago

Over the last few years, I (AMAC subscriber) have been the family’s lab rat in trying new USA products and vendors to determine quality and experience any hazard of change. After decades with Verizon, I am bailing to test Patriot Mobile, I’ve replaced my worn-out (formerly USA made) Craftsman tools with Klein Tools that are USA made. Ditto most every other thing we buy. We’re checking labels, tags, the boxes for MADE IN USA. Avoid made in China products. BUY (non-woke) AMERICAN whenever possible.

Brett Bellmore
1 year ago

I find myself a bit concerned that, as we congregate in our own special places, we become easier targets. Shut down one hosting service, one payment processor, it all goes down.

We need our own IT and financial infrastructure, but it needs to be redundant, resilient, single points of failure draw attacks.

1 year ago

Conservatives need to buy Dollar General as a start and start replacing all products down the aisles systematically with US made products. New US factories would need to be highly automated to ensure low labor costs. While much fewer workers would be needed, the workers left will be high skilled in programming and robotics to keep the factory running.

Big Mike
1 year ago

What are they going to do when the Federal Government begins to harass and close down these alternatives? Like the Berlin Wall shows, the Left isn’t going to just let you walk away, or dodge their punishment for not accepting their ideology. If you try to dodge their fascist control of the corporations, they will break you.

1 year ago

“Hope you enjoyed this article”

No, too long. Had to scroll forever to get to the actual story. And your website is shlt. Remove the idiotic comment icon floating in the middle of the page where Im trying to read.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rainmoar


1 year ago

Maybe somebody can translate this for me?

Rather than just cursing Patagonian darkness, however, Align lit a candle to show readers wintergreennorthernwear, a company in Ely, Minnesota, specializing in the sort of outdoor gear you could buy—and thus fund woke-ism—at Patagonia or support a company that is building up a small town by making their goods in the North Star state.

Donna C Funk
1 year ago
Reply to  Luke

Just means the alternative to Patagonia is a firm in MN called Wintergreen Northernwear that is USA made stuff.

1 year ago

I signed-up. Anyone who cares about our nation and the future of our children should do so.

1 year ago

So glad that people with sense are getting organized and offering an alternative! Bullies only succeed when they have a captured victim with no other alternatives. Now we have not just alternatives, but ones that support justice and freedom! The bullies days are numbered. Soon they will be the only ones left on their playground and they will end up destroying each other.

1 year ago

Yes, the WOKE will make us all broke. Big companies turn on the American tax payer.

D. ONeil
1 year ago

Please get some kind of list of the woke companies so we can stop shopping there. I know Coke and Lowes, Amazon are participants.

1 year ago

A list of these woke MF’s would be good guidance!

tom B
1 year ago

great article with hope involved. push back is the key. business understands pocketbook issues. we are the majority. not these snowflakes. talk with your money. quit Amazon and buy direct from companies. vote! support local politicians. quit Facebook and Twitter. does it really have to be a part of your life? we have to perform a groin kick to these WOKE aholes.

1 year ago
Reply to  tom B

I have started the practice of pushing back. I deleted my Amazon account and yes, it hurts, a little, but I can find other local places (BESIDES Walmart) to get what I need. Nowadays, I search for American made companies to purchase what I need. Def not easy or cheap, but I’ve survived without Amazon for 10 months now.

1 year ago

Face it folks, we’re screwed! If America can survive the Biden administration and the ‘woke’ Democrats in Congress maybe we’ll be able to pull our country back together. Voting is supposed to be our way of doing that but we can’t even count on that anymore. I guess, perhaps, we may find out when we vote in 2022 to get rid of the unpatriotic politicians we’re now dealing with and put new people in office who still love America and want to do right by all!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Barb

Voting is futile now. American taxpayers are simply along for the ride…UNLESS there is a serious military effort to save this representative republic. Without that, America is doomed to follow Venezuela.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

See GETTR too ( Free) cant do Right Forge due to costs.
Agree with poster Pete give us a List of company names OK, emails etc
Can Help

Kevin S
1 year ago

Unfortunately, this sea change is well timed for the Left / woke. A massive population who could really help this effort is retired or soon will be. I’m subscribing to Align, and maybe somebody would write an article addressing how us retired folks could help. Past donating, more like freelance mentoring, an advice forum and the like. We’re a huge pool of experience / knowledge, untapped as yet and mightily motivated.

Pete from St Pete
1 year ago

How about publishing a list that gives the reader a choice that would help him replace a woke company with a more conservative alternative? It would make a great reference for the average consumer.

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