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Speaker Ryan Meets with Conservative Leaders

Paul Ryan (third from left) meets with conservative leaders, including AMAC Founder and President Dan Weber (second from right).

from – Speaker Ryan Press Office

WASHINGTON— On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) welcomed leaders of free-market and pro-life organizations to the Capitol to discuss advancing a conservative agenda. Below are his opening remarks from the top of the meeting:

“I asked leaders of the conservative movement here in America to come today to talk about how we move forward, and how we advance our principles. We believe in the principles of conservatism. We believe in liberty and free markets. We believe in life, the Constitution. These are important principles that we have an historic opportunity to make good on.

“And so we have here some of the leaders of the conservative movement, and people I’ve been working with in the conservative movement for over 20 years. We’ve got:

  • Doug Holtz-Eakin from the American Action Forum;
  • Jay Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice;
  • Matt Schlapp—who is on his way, because he’s dropping his kids off at school right now—from the American Conservative Union;
  • We’ve got Grover Norquist from Americans for Tax Reform;
  • Dan Weber from the Association of Mature American Citizens;
  • Tom Schatz from the Citizens Against Government Waste;
  • Ryan Ellis from the Conservative Reform Network;
  • Ralph Reed from the Faith and Freedom Coalition;
  • Grace-Marie Turner from the Galen Institute;
  • Darla St. Martin from the National Right to Life Committee;
  • Pete Sepp from the National Taxpayers Union;
  • Karen Kerrigan from the SBE Council; and
  • Marjorie Dannenfelser from the Susan B. Anthony List.

“These are leaders of the conservative movement who’ve been toiling, day in and day out, for many years to make good on our principles.

“We had a setback last week, but we’re not going to let that get us down. We’re going to talk about how we move forward and advance this agenda and truly seize this historic opportunity we have in front of us to improve people’s lives and make a difference and advance these conservative principles.” 


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3 years ago

Paul Ryan is good at talking about how he is all about conservative principles. Then he proceeds to push solutions that are anything but fiscally and constitutionally conservative in nature. Most of his so-called conservative solutions are, in fact, very pro big government solutions. Latest example was his solution to Obamacare. Not a repeal, that the GOP has been promising the American public for seven years now, but rather an amended form of Obamacare carried out in an unworkable, multi-step, multi-year solution. An unnecessarily overly-complex approach that even most members of his own party realized would never be fully enacted… Read more »

Bob L.
3 years ago

The title “Conservative” is pretty loosely applied to many in Washington. Speaker Ryan, while called a Conservative is anything but, he’s more a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. What he doesn’t tell the public in promoting bills is more important that what he does say about them. There were things about the failed healthcare bill that were the reason it was called Obamacare lite. Congress can do better on legislation and picking the leadership…
I’d like to see more Constitutionalists in Congress.

Mike Kapic
3 years ago

We sent our Representatives to DC to repeal Obamacare and eventually replace it. The President made a mistake hitching his wagon to Ryan’s. Paul Ryan knew what Trump voters wanted, but instead he presented his secret version of O-care Lite. It still contained anti-market & government spending. It seems Mr. Ryan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing which is to say, he speaks of conservative values but marches to the Establishment’s music.

Ivan Berry
3 years ago

Can you think of any other reason to get rid of that mealy mouth in the House. Leader, my sweet petunia. Wisconsin voters should wake up and get rid of that “who would be king” that couldn’t even get the VP vote nationally. Reminds one of Cornyn from Texas. What a Senator that is.
Meeting with a local barber could be more beneficial than a meeting with Cryan Ryan.

Barbara Hyatt
3 years ago

I am hearing a lot of talk but what is really getting done. I am concerned about our Veterans and there medical care. The VA system is a mess and why would anybody join our military when we don’t take care of our veterans. War on drugs we have been talking again the key to stopping drug dealers is to change the money. This is not a new idea it was talked about years ago and nothing done. We are tried of all talk talk talk it’s time something gets done. If not I believe that we should March on… Read more »

3 years ago

The meeting would have been more productive if the thirteen conservative leaders had been meeting with a real conservative and an effective leader. How is it possible for Republicans to send prior “Repeal” bills to President Obama and then fail to do so when they own the White House”. That failure falls squarely on Speaker Ryan. He should resign and allow someone who can get the job done take over in the House.

3 years ago

Speaker Ryan talks the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk. Conspicuously absent from that meeting were Jenny Beth Martin,, leader of The Tea Party Patriots, Larry Arn, or at least a representative from Hillsdale College; a member of the Heritage Foundation, and someone from Judicial Watch, Those organizations should also have been included. I don’t know what the results of that meeting were, but I believe I can tell you this: Speaker Ryan probably got an earful of what needs to be done to save this country; but sadly, he is a member of the Washington establishment, and won’t… Read more »

Alexis Steen
3 years ago

This makes way too much sense to be passed. But at least we can make our wishes known. Trump is asking everyone to forward this email to a minimum of 20 people, and to ask each of those to do likewise. In three days, most people in the United States will have the message. This is an idea that should be passed around. The TRUMP Rule Let’s see if congress understands what people pressure is all about. Salary of retired US Presidents .. . . . .. . . . . .. . $180,000 FOR LIFE. Salary of House/Senate members… Read more »

Bob Charleston
3 years ago

True conservatives did not suffer a setback last week. What was proposed was not a conservative bill. It was a RINO bill. We need to stick to our guns (no pun intended) and repeal Obamacare, stop illegal immigration, cut back big government, and restore the personal freedoms the Constitution was written to guarantee us!

3 years ago

Wow! … The question should be: Speaker Ryan, why aren’t YOU a Conservative?

James P Smith, Sr
3 years ago

My view is that POTUS should get Reince Priebus out of any position in the White House. Priebus represents the anti-conservative leanings of the “Good-Old-Boy” network of the RNC as he ran it. Speaker Ryan is, at best, heavily influenced by the group-think legacy of Priebus and the RNC leadership. Unfortunately POTUS relies on Priebus for his help, which I believe explains the recent heavy bias of the POTUS tweets that seek to reduce the influence of the Freedom Caucus – that represents the thinking of many of the voters who elected Pres. Trump and restored a Republican majority to… Read more »

3 years ago

What a pile of s—. Paul is so out of touch with those who have made this country great that he is totally incapable of making an intelligent and informed decision on anything which effects the life and welfare of the average American citizen. He should go home and apply for a street cleaning position!!! I have put 84 years of effort in making this country what is was a few years ago – before Obama – and it turns my stomach what these ‘tea party twits’ are attempting to do to those who have given them their very existence… Read more »

3 years ago

If Chief Justice Roberts can declare the President has the right to tax, and that the PP/ACA is a tax, can’t President Trump lift or wave the tax? Health Insurance is not health care – it’s legalized gambling. The buyer is gambling they’ll need it and the insurance company [the house] is gambling it won’t have to pay out more than it takes in. The house is winning. Americans should not be forced to gamble. What’s next? Everyone will have to buy lottery tickets, on the spin it helps support education. If insurance can not stand on its own, its… Read more »

Brian W
3 years ago

Here we have Paul Ryan. Claims to be a conservative, yet has a “F” Liberty Score on

Chuck Schumer has an F. Nancy Pelosi has an F. Harry Reid had an F.

Ryan runs in that same crowd.

Don’t believe a WORD of what he says.

3 years ago

Why is it that the “conservatives” in DC think that we just need to improve on what the liberals tried to force on the American people. The Government needs to completely remove themselves from the health care business all together. Stop trying to “improve” on the notion that we need the governments infinite wisdom to tell us what kind of health care needs we need. It is time the government get out of the health care business and just stick to Making America Great Again.

Dan S
3 years ago

As for as i am concerned Paul Ryan is as conservative as John McCain.The GOP and Donald Trump promise totally and completely repeal Obamacare not replace or repair it I DIDN’T VOTE FOR MR. TRUMP FOR THIS then President Trump goes after the Freedom Caucus for living up to His and the GOP PROMISE.Now PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS HE GOING GO AFTER THEM AND PUNISH THEM FOR STAYING TRUE TO WHAT THEY PROMISE THE AMERICAN LIKE ME AND YOU WAKE UP AMERICAN PEOPLE YOU DON’T SOCIALIZE MEDICINE BEEN AND DONE THAT GOT THE T-SHRIT TO PROVE IT SO PRESIDENT TRUMP CAN… Read more »

3 years ago

It is apparent after this fiasco that Ryan and McConnell are so clueless, they don’t even know what an ‘A’ game is. There was no excuse to submit an ill prepared, ill conceived plan. I think that we will just see more of the same ineptitude on the next pieces of legislation. Are there any adults there that have read the Contract with the American People? That plan is what won Trump the White House. Neither McConnell or Ryan had the guts to run on a contract and distanced themselves from Trump and US! So they either go with the… Read more »

George Lowery
3 years ago

It is a poor excuse to talk, which seems they did not do when they were considering the repel and replace of Obama Care. We hear a lot of talk but little action. Best get off of their butts and begin to work for the “We the People” instead of their own interests. We had a chance to get rid of something that was harmful to the people of this country, but because of politics and pride they let the people down. It is time the We the People get our country back.

3 years ago

How did ryan ever get chosen for speaker of the house? I still believe his agenda is to do President Trump harm. Think about it. Ryan lead President Trump to an embarrassing result regarding obama care. I dont believe hes done.

Martin Steed
3 years ago

The “Conservatives” and the “Moderates” did not support the Ryan Bill because they did not trust the Speaker. Nor do I. The House Leadership said “Trust Me” we will move on to Phase 2 and Phase 3. There is NOTHING to stop the Secretary of HHS to move on to Phase 2, – NOTHING. So, show us that you mean it. Use the provisions in Obamacare which allow the Secretary to make changes to gut Obamacare. Perhaps if you do that you will get the support of Conservatives and Moderates because they will see that you are serious and can… Read more »

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