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Southern Poverty Law Center Bias Exposed

southern poverty law centerThe co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a deep-pocketed, left-wing civil rights organization, was fired on Wednesday.

Morris Dees, a prominent lawyer who founded SPLC in 1971, was reportedly forced out due to workplace misconduct, though the organization didn’t specify what that misconduct was.

The Los Angeles Times reported: “A letter signed by about two dozen employees—and sent to management and the board of directors before news broke of Dees’ firing—said they were concerned that internal ‘allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism threaten the moral authority of this organization and our integrity along with it.’”

Dees’ firing is an important development. Dees has been the face of the SPLC while it has transitioned from investigating genuine hate groups to casting a wide net that lumps in mainstream organizations like the Family Research Council, a social conservative organization, with the Ku Klux Klan.

Yet, despite serious issues with how SPLC defines hate groups, the organization is constantly cited by the media as an authority, during which time, Dees has been continually praised for his work.

One prominent journalist in the 1990s called Dees the, quote, “Mother Teresa of Montgomery.

YouTube has used SPLC as a part of its trusted flagger program.

Large media outlets like CNNABC, and NBC frequently publish the SPLC’s hate map.

GuideStar, a nonprofit tracker, at one point used the SPLC hate group tracker, but dropped this later, citing its “commitment to objectivity.”

There is certainly a good reason to suspect, beyond Dees’ ousting, some of SPLC’s work as having a deeply partisan agenda rather than being committed to casting light on genuine hate groups.

Though it received little media attention, SPLC recently settled with and had to apologize to Maajid Nawaz, an anti-Islamist activist who was maligned by the organization as an anti-Muslim extremist.

Nawaz was not an anti-Muslim extremist, but in fact a Muslim who turned away from the radical Islamist views of his youth and now uses his organization, Quilliam, to fight extremism.

The bottom line is: shedding light on genuinely violent and extremist groups is a noble endeavor, but it’s inappropriate for the media to continually cite SPLC as an authoritative source on hate without acknowledging its progressive agenda and conflation of extremist groups with mainstream ones.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Jarrett Stepman

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SPLC has been known as a far left organization for many years now. Their pretense of supposedly being all about equal rights was always a sham. They exist primarily to slander or libel a variety of conservative individuals or organizations or anyone not aligned with their narrow views of how things should be. They tend to work hand-in-hand with the ACLU to smear those that oppose their views. So this article is about 20 years too late, if the idea was to educate people about what SPLC is all about.


Bias is their agenda, so no surprise there. The surprise is that they are so successful with their fabrications and hypocrisy. But it’s the ‘New Normal’. Truth, reason and actual facts have been tossed aside so that their goals can be achieved.

It is a sad day folks. We are giving away everything that so many have fought, sacrificed and died for all these years. I wonder if our forefathers would have been so willing to sacrifice everything they had if they could have seen what we are doing with it today.


surprised little discussion here. It should be common knowledge the splc is left wing and corrupt (hard to separate, their accepted mode of operation). Nice it is finally brought to light.

Wayne D Peterkin

Funny because the SPLC has NO “moral authority”. They are one of the most dangerous, anti-American, and immoral radical left-wing organizations in America today, exceeding the ACLU. They wage overt war against any and all conservatives as they try to silence any opposition or any serious discussion on major issues. They do this with a massive amount of cash on hand used to file litigation against any who disagree with them. For example, the SPLC has been trying to either outlaw or bankrupt Liberty Counsel, a solid Christian group that defends pro bono those fighting for their religious freedoms. The SPLC is a disgrace to America and should be outlawed.


The SPLC IS a hate group!


This is long over due!!! NOW is the time for a deep dive investigation of this corrupt, far left
group. Who funds them, possibly communist government(s) ?? Time for Americans to know !!!


Now go out and get a real job, useless socialist garbage!

Stephen Russell

Raze it, or make into a Museum, Use for TV & Movie & use profits for SPLC victims,etc.


Integrity in the SPLC? Now that’s a real joke…

Leonard Hacker

We must fight this new thing of a local judge setting national policy. This citizen question on the census is VERY important to the Congressional redistricting. If we don’t know who in our population is a US citizen and eligible to vote, our Congressional districts will become NOT REPRESRENTATIVE of US citizens but can become majority non citizens and then vote to give themselves a right to vote for “their representatives” As a veteran, I hope that AMAC will make this their # one goal. (perhaps combine with Judicial Watch).

Kathryn Walley

About time. Long overdue. He is the terrorist and racist


Great timing, I just got a letter from”Toni Morrison, Author” telling me what a great guy that Morris Dees is and what an “impressive track record” SPLC has and that it has “cracked cases that even the FBI couldn’t solve” – don’t think I’ll be falling for this plea for money.

Silas Longshot

One of the first false fronts for leftist agenda of hate and dominance with the face of “justice”. Good riddance to the S.O.B. that was the head.



Thomas H

Further proof of the “unbiased” media!


Note to all lefties out there. let this story be a warrning to you. No matter how “correct” you think you are, eventually the PC police will come for you to.

Phyllis Poole

Poverty? With amassing millions How can that be. ? Nothing about passing it on to poverty!!!

Susan P

I learned many years ago to fully distrust anything the SPLC says. They have obviously been biased since their inception and they seek only to push an agenda that is anything but moral or acceptable. Glad to see others are waking up.


SPLC “driving people insane with pleasure and laughing all the way to the bank…” talk about rubbing salt into people’s wounds… You’ve found a partner here at SPLC – almost as thorough in their black balling as NAACP.. POLITICAL LYNCHINGS…


Moral authority and integrity of the SPLC! I didn’t know they had either one. What a joke!