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Soros-Backed Prosecutors Face Backlash In Virginia

AMAC Exclusive – By Andrew Abbott


In what has become a disturbing and alarming pattern in Fairfax County, Virginia, a defendant charged with sexually assaulting a minor walked free with only misdemeanor charges last week following a mishandling of the case by Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano, one of nearly 100 Democrat prosecutors funded by far-left billionaire George Soros. Now, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and Attorney General Jason Miyares are ramping up pressure on Descano as well as the Old Dominion’s other radical prosecutors to enforce the law, just the latest example of widespread backlash against Soros-backed prosecutors’ radical criminal justice “reform” agenda.

In the case that concluded last week and drew considerable public outrage, 36-year-old Ronnie Reel, who was originally arrested in July of 2021 on charges of forcible sodomy and aggravated sexual battery against an 11-year-old boy, was released on time served. According to the victim’s mother, Reel “was confessing every little detail that he did, and it was making me sick to my stomach…It was horrible. He literally confessed to me why he did it.”

The case seemed like a slam dunk, and a successful conviction likely would have led to the offender receiving life in prison. But when the case came to trial, the Judge ruled that most of the evidence, including the criminal’s confession, was inadmissible in court due to Descano’s office missing a filing deadline. The case then fell on the shoulders of the 11-year-old victim, who was forced to testify to the assault. Without the corroborating evidence, it was clear that the sex offender would be found not guilty. Descano ultimately offered the sex offender a deal in which he needed only to plead guilty to Misdemeanor Assault and Battery. Notably, the charges Reel pled guilty to do not require him to register as a sex offender, and he is not on supervised probation.

Descano has denied any responsibility for the failure, and incredibly seemed to blame the adolescent victim, saying in a statement that “young victims often have difficulty recalling the details of such significant trauma – which is why prosecuting these crimes is uniquely challenging.”

The plea deal is the latest in a series of decisions from Descano’s office that have outraged residents in the wealthy suburban county outside of Washington, D.C. In June, a Fairfax County judge was forced to throw out another child sexual assault case following a botched prosecution by Descano’s office. In September of last year, a federal judge slammed Descano for offering a lenient plea deal to yet another child sex offender, telling the victim, “Your government has failed you.” That same month, a different judge rejected a plea deal offered by Descano’s office that would have landed a man charged with repeatedly sexually assaulting a minor girl in jail for just three years.

It’s not just sex offenders that Descano has treated leniently. Just a few weeks ago, a homeless man covered in blood broke into a home in a quiet neighborhood and demanded to the homeowner, “Where’s your wife?” Although the man was arrested, he was released from prison after only having to pay $100 toward his bail bond. The family is terrified and has hired private security to keep themselves safe if he returns.

Virginia’s other far-left Soros-backed prosecutor, Buta Biberaj, the controversial commonwealth’s attorney for Loudoun County, has also faced criticism for her soft-on-crime policies and clear political bias. Earlier this month, a judge booted Biberaj from a case involving a parent who was arrested at a school board meeting after Biberaj displayed a clear bias against the parent in her handling of the case. In June, Biberaj was kicked off another case for attempting to conceal the prior criminal records of the defendants in order to “sell” her plea deal to the public. Despite crime rates increasing, Biberaj’s office has seen a 40% decrease in criminal case filings.

As crime rates continue to rise, and with Virginia’s homicide rate increasing nearly 7% last year, making it one of the deadliest years on record, Governor Youngkin and Attorney General Miyares are demanding accountability. Last month, Youngkin said that Descano “better get it together” when it comes to addressing violent crime, further calling on county leaders to prioritize hiring more police officers. Miyares, meanwhile, has been even more blunt, accusing Biberaj of not listening to victims and saying that Descano has a “criminal first, victim last” mindset. Last Thursday, in response to Descano’s failure to secure a conviction in Ronnie Reels’s case, Miyares also called on legislators in Richmond to revive a bill that would allow his office to prosecute child sex crimes instead of local prosecutors like Descano. Despite these efforts to expose their failures and hand responsibility for enforcing the law to someone who will actually do it, it is local prosecutors who still have the final say in most prosecutions.

Ultimately, it will be up to voters to demand change – something that could come sooner rather than later, with recall efforts already underway against both Biberaj and Descano. While George Soros’s billions may have helped install his army of radical prosecutors, money alone may not protect them from the inevitable backlash to their policies at the ballot box.

Andrew Abbott is the pen name of a writer and public affairs consultant with over a decade of experience in DC at the intersection of politics and culture.    

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5 months ago

Soros is controlling the FBI and a great many government arenas. His money is what the ultra left is responding to.

Stephen Parker
5 months ago

Don’t they disbarr incompetent attorneys any more? I would like to know why George Soros is not in jail. He funds domestic terrorist groups in our country and the DOJ and FBI looks the other way! Guess they’re too busy trying to dig up dirt on political opponents these days to care!

5 months ago
Reply to  Stephen Parker

Send the FPI to George Soros house even though he doesn’t live here. He’s not an American.

5 months ago
Reply to  Bruce

Where does he live & how does he fund the judges like in this story?

Marta Alvarez
5 months ago
Reply to  Stephen Parker

Soros, a real monster of enormous proportions, is not in jail because he, almost single handedly and with the consent of the Communist politicians of this country, has bought the judicial system, slowly, but surely. This case, the release on bail of the assassin that ran his truck over an 18 yr. old kid for being a Republican among many other cases, prove the corruption of the judicial system. It belongs to Soros, not to the American people.

Theresa Coughlin
5 months ago

the backlash these so-called prosecutors are facing is well-deserved. They have one job: to enforce the laws on the books as written and passed by legislatures and signed by governors. if they want to behave like defense attorneys, they should leave the DA s office and go back to being defense lawyers because they clearly have the criminals best interests at heart and not the victims

5 months ago

All of the cases should be recalled and reviewed. If these offenders should have been found guilty but weren’t because of the prosecutor’s failure to adhere to do process and the law, they should be found guilty of dereliction of duty and serve the time the criminal would have if the prosecutor’s had adhered to the law.

5 months ago

These criminal prosecutor’s that do not UPHOLD the law, are BREAKING the law! They are COMPLICIT in their actions and unlawful. They DO NOT belong in office! Prison’s were established to get the mad dog criminal away from the law abiding innocent citizen in society and to PUNISH them! NOT to pamper or rehabilitate them! This is a SIGN of the lawless authoritarian marxist, communist ideology that has infiltrated our institutions and especially in the legal system! We People Are The Government and Sovereign and Free!

5 months ago

Please forgive me. Another solid Republican reaction to the Courts abolition of Roe is
that many states have immediately voted to prohibit abortion. Ask yourself: “Has my
state legislature done this ?” If not, get going. We have been given a gift. We need to
build a moat and wall around it. Get after it while you can because I
can assure you that the dims are considering at least 50 cases (one in each state) to take back to SCOTUS in order to restore Roe. Are any of these 50 in your state ? You can count on this. What is that case ? What do you know about it ? Are you speaking out against it ? The dims are
certainly dumb but they outwork and outthink and outstrategize us. Like Morbious said earlier
“Why do we sit and wait to be attacked ” Soros money is supporting the restore Roe effort in
every state

5 months ago

Excellent earlier contribution in these comments from Morbious. Great strategy.
Go on offense. Establish an Ambush Movement which sits ready for the next
dim firestorm. Anticipate where, what,and when that will be . Be there before
they are and ambush them when arrive. Any of us who have watched westerns
or, more importantly, actually served in war know that. Kill 10 of them while they
kill 1 of you. Just give it a name ( Conservative Ambush Movement, CAM) and
organize and establish a fundraising function. Where will they be next
Last year was WOKE. This year ESG ( Environmental , Societal, Governance).
What’s for 2022 ? WE MUST KNOW THAT NOW. Vacant space must be made
available to homeless? $1000 per month to any homeless ? We know that’s
coming. 50% of all women’s competitive sports participants must be trans-gender
or the event cannot be held ? All obvious and predictable forms of insanity.
The only bomb we have laid in their lap has been by the creative and courageous
Gov Abbott of TX who is saying: “Now, you’re going to take some of these
freeloaders off my hands ” Kudos, Gov.

Craig Driver
5 months ago

All States governors should have the power to remove or suspend any attorneys generals from office for not enforcing laws.

David Roberts
5 months ago
Reply to  Craig Driver

Amen to that. [email protected]@

Jim M.
5 months ago

Patriots: A Better Way Conservatives..Republicans.. Independents..and WalkAway Democrats Stand Together.Overwhelm the Vote and defeat the now Socialist Leftist Dem Politicians at every level of our We The People Gov’t. Conservatism

5 months ago

Why is the Average US Citizen told to report any money given to politician/ campaigns over $200. and yet, Soros can spend $Billions???

5 months ago
Reply to  Hanson

That is a very good question & would like to see what others have to say about this

5 months ago

If this crap continues, vigilante actions will no doubt be the result. Justice will be swift and severe!

5 months ago
Reply to  RyansDad

Agreed! Absolutely necessary. I’ve said for a long time we need “Hank Voights” and teams of “Intelligence Officers” to take on exceptional crimes and criminals. We must start fighting fire with fire.

5 months ago

I can stop Soros funding, tell that old decrepit b**ch to come over to my house !!!!

5 months ago
Reply to  Cyclopski

I’d offer him some cookies

Richard Minetti
5 months ago

He even looks like a Soros misfit!!

5 months ago

They should face backlash wherever they are. These people are garbage and the garbage needs to be taken out.

5 months ago

If our government was not riddled with corruption Soros, Gates and the like would be kept in check and Klaus Schwab told to to mind his own country and business.

5 months ago

Article says Soros backs 100 Democrat prosecutors . Does Soros back any Republican prosecutors ??? And our US election laws must allow Soros to fund candidates in US ???

Big Jon
5 months ago
Reply to  johnh

Soros owns Progressive Insurance. I, for one, turned it down!

5 months ago
Reply to  Big Jon

I have read that Soros owns Progressive. They sure spend a lot of money on TV ads & does Soros own other companies/businesses in USA ??? I would hitting Soros in pocketbook & not buy his products.

Myrna Wade
5 months ago

Look for campaign statements that place law and order at the top of the candidate’s priorities.

Randall L. Beatty
5 months ago

Soros or Mr. Corruption is nothing but a modern day communist backing the Dems funds anything here as long as it causes chaos in this country.

5 months ago

Leftists act and conservatives react. Therefore, leftists usually have the advantage. They start brushfires, conservatives scramble to douse them while leftists are already on to the next fire. There needs to be a paradigm shift away from simply reacting to leftwing provocation. This shift will need to involve moving away from hiding behind defensive walls and waiting for the enemy to attack to seeking him out and rendering him harmless.

5 months ago
Reply to  Morbious

This is war! Kill all leftists and LIE-berals.

5 months ago

As evil as Soros is
The Main Stream Media is just as complicit

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