The Real Russia Scandal the Media Is Ignoring

Clinton emails election RussiaWe’ve heard much ado about Trump-Russia “collusion” in the print and broadcast media since the president’s inauguration.

The media’s interest in this non-story has not ceased. Yet when reports emerged last year that Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, that story was mostly ignored by the major networks.

As co-chairs of the House Media Fairness Caucus, we sent letters to the presidents of ABC, CBS, and NBC News concerning their lack of coverage of this actual Russian scandal. Despite the severity of the allegations, at the time of our letter, the three networks had only spent a combined 4 minutes and 38 seconds covering the story.

In comparison, the networks had spent 1,000-plus minutes on their Trump-Russia collusion stories since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, representing 20 percent of all their coverage of the Trump presidency.

As secretary of state, Clinton’s role was critical to the sale of Uranium One—a uranium mining company—to the Russian-controlled firm Rosatom. The House Intelligence Committee, along with the FBI, opened an investigation into this deal.

That’s two active congressional investigations into an issue of major national security concern, with less than five minutes of news coverage informing the American people about it.

The Media Fairness Caucus, which we lead, stresses the need for objective and fair reporting. We encourage fairness and balance in reporting, in addition to pointing out examples of biased coverage.

We find the statistics on news coverage of the Uranium One scandal to be alarming. They reveal the depth of bias in these major networks, as they are unwilling to air stories that place members of the Democratic Party in a negative light.

With this bias, it’s not surprising that most Americans lack trust in the media. A recent NBC Marist Poll revealed that two-thirds of Americans trust the media “not very much” or “not at all.”

A new Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday shows American voters disapprove of media coverage of Trump by a 20-point margin. The poll shows 58 percent of those surveyed disapprove of the way the media covers the president, while 38 percent of those polled said they approve.

We anxiously await the network executives’ response as to why this story does not deserve to be covered while the unproven Trump-Russia collusion story deserves wall-to-wall coverage. The uranium investigations are in the public interest, and the American people should be made aware of them

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The only security of all is in a free press.” Our caucus strongly supports a free press and does not condone any form of censorship. We seek to examine the causes of one-sided reporting, and remind media of their profound obligation to provide the American people with the facts, not tell them what to think.

If the American people do not have the facts, they cannot make good decisions, and if they cannot make good decisions, our democracy is at risk.

From - The Daily Signal - by Rep. Lamar Smith and Rep. Alex Mooney

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What a load of garbage! … There was only 1 candidate the Communists WANTED for President, the very same candidate that said she would continue Obama’s policies! … After all, it was President Obama who was caught, when HE thought the microphones were turned off, saying to the Russian Ambassador “I’ll be able to do more when the 2012 Election was over and HE was reelected!” … Let’s NOT FORGET that the American Communist Party ENDORSED BOTH Obama AND Hillary for President! … So that’s WHO the Russians REALLY WANTED ELECTED! … It’s all garbage and lies when the Progressively Communist Democrats AND their Media Cronies try to plant these phony stories that Trump colluded with the Communists to help get him elected. But this is a typical Communist Democratic strategy to accuse ANY opponent of EXACTLY what THEY THEMSELVES ARE!!!


Rik and Paul: You both are very explicit I agree with all you both have said. I can’t believe how the communists (lower case deliberate) have become so powerful and numerous here in this beautiful country. Our liberties are not only slipping away they’re being trampled and disrespected. Once the communist party was outlawed. What happened? The education system is to blame. When my kids were little, they built a new school on Long Island. It had no walls between classes. It’s hard even to explain it and envision it. I told a teacher, “You’re gonna laugh but I think it’s a communist plot.” He laughed. Of course, what does a housewife know? More than he did, I ‘m sure. Here’s hoping we all have a happy Thanksgiving and may America be always FREE. My Italian immigrant parents knew what they were doing when they emigrated to the Land of… Read more »

Wayne Peterkin

I have made similar comments before but they bear repeating. Uranium has but one use. It’s a nuclear fuel used for power generation or weapons. Giving one of our biggest nuclear-armed adversaries in the world control over 20% of our uranium resources is treasonous. Russia is a nation with thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at us even today! Yet this deal was approved by multiple people in the Obama administration most notably the Sec of State, Hillary Clinton. Robert Mueller, who was head of the FBI was involved, Eric Holder the AG, Rosenstein the Deputy AG who appointed Mueller to investigate Trump, and a number of others were part of the approval process including Obama. This deal stinks so bad it cannot be exaggerated, yet it is largely ignored by the media. One wonders how much of the $145 million given to the Clinton Foundation was funneled into Obama’s reelection… Read more »

Joseph Kieszniski

THEY sure are, all they got, are she said, he said with out any proof the GOP. Was involved.