Radio Flyer Car

Every kid that had a Radio Flyer wagon has fond memories of it so how cool would it be to have a Radio Flyer car as an adult. This couple in Anchorage, Alaska decided to turn those fun memories into reality for their retirement years by constructing a Radio Flyer car. Fred Keller and Judy Foster made the car from a 1976 Mazda pickup truck and the steering wheel is an actual wheel from a Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon.

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Derald Martin

Landing page gives no reason for a person to have any interest.


I just love it, wish I still had even the old one, does not need to be the modern version. Loads of fun and great gas mileage, on the original version.

Cindy Browne

I am 62 but I remember my 3 brothers old Radio Flyer. Man!! We had a ball in the wagon:) No internet, video games and not a whole lot of tv but we had a blast pulling each other around!! Thanks for publishing this.


I think I was born in a Radio Flyer wagon… good ol’ days !

Larry Clere

What a wonderful way to bring back memories. Thanks for sharing

E. Marcus Stewart

Love the wagon. I have a few fond memories of that era and this brings them all to mind. Thank you for this fine trip down Memory Lane.


It’s a great idea! I’m glad they are having fun!

Gail Sorensen

Love what they did to recapture the wonderful memories of childhood! Our Radio Flyer Wagon was at my Grandparents’ house in NC for all of the little ones to enjoy for several generations… loved coasting down the grassy hill on the side yard:)