Gerrymandering, the manipulation of boundaries of an electoral constituency to favor one party over another, is widely criticized as anti-democratic. Who should draw boundaries of electoral districts in the states?

Thursday, February 20, 2020 Feb 20, 2020 328
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First, the idea of non-partisan redistricting commissions is a myth, or worse, a joke, because every commission is composed of people. All people have opinions, biases, and self interests. To be non-partisan it would have to be comprised of monkeys, parrots and porpoises; but then, that sounds like Congress, and Congress sure isn’t non-partisan. Second, why is it some folks think using computers would be fairer? Computer algorithms are written by, (guess who?) people. And could be hacked by, (guess who?) people. And who runs most of Silicon Valley? …Democrats. Does that sound fair and balanced? Thirdly, ranked choice voting is about streamlining primaries, not representation apportionment. It would still require setting up representative districts. So why is that even an answer for this question? Regarding the fourth choice, America has a bicameral federal legislature, with one body having apportioned representation (House), and the other, equal representation (Senate). The former… Read more »

Laurie Marrocco

Stop voting for democrats and socialists. There’s no such thing as democrat socialists! We are and must always be a Constitutional Republic! We are great BECAUSE of the Fair Electoral College. We are a country of unique states! Stop trying to change what’s worked for over 230 years and why everyone wants to come here. Trump 2020

richard c blackburn

we are a republic, not a democracy. let’s stick to the principles of a republic.

Laurie Marrocco

There is no such thing as NON PARTISAN!

T Michael Saldaña

Don’t trust any Democrats or a RINO like Romney to deal honestly!

W. P. Cunningham

I think the Iowa Democrats proved just how reliable algorithms can be!


A non-partisan commission? There’s no such thing in our government anymore. Consider agencies, where bias is considered a four letter word and non-partisan is their sworn duty .. FBI, IRS, and especially the DOJ have proven that, guess what …. they are very partisan and biased. Consider the actions of these departments over the last 3-4 years. They’ve ignored our laws and created a two-tier legal system. Our voting “process” has slowly been adjusted to favor fraud, absentee ballots handed out to anyone, “Election Day” can last for over a month, and ballot counting has become a career field with its manufactured complexity. So, non-partisan … ain’t no way.


all counties have border lines—Use them! all cities are already divided in sections


I agree with Arnie, I live in Wisconsin, we supposedly have a non-partisan election commission; revamped by the previous Walker admission. It consists of 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans. Nobody on the committee can agree with anything. The Democrats push their bias around on the Republicans on the committee. They whine and cry when they don’t get their way. The committee is still biased and still unfair. As a side note, have you ever noticed what fairness is to a Democrat? It’s when they win and the Republicans lose.

Richard Smith

Democrats are controlled by COMMUNEST and totally clueless to what America wants! They sold their souls to SATAN a long time ago!


It’s obvious obozo created districts with refugees to elect representatives in Congress.
Example, Omar the terrorist representative and quite a few more.

Tom M

Doesn’t matter much any more as the politicians are only for themselves. We flip flop between parties and all we get are more laws, rules and regulations and less freedom.

Jerry Pembleton

I do not really understand this, but anything Eric Holder and George Soros are involved with, I do not want anything to do with.

Mark Johnson

Had to go with not sure because I don’t see a real answer here!

Bob L.

Manipulation of district boundaries isn’t anti-democratic, it was instituted by a Democrat majority Congress decades ago for the benefit of Democrats.
Drawing district boundaries is a 10th Amendment issue making it the States responsibility, not the federal governments.
Districts should be drawn representing equal number for LEGAL residents within each district, not by any other factor.
Race has been the tool used for voter manipulation in racially drawn districts since it was instituted.


The deep state is so deep I don’t think there is such a thing as a non-partisan group. It will always end up being changed to favor the Left Wing Progressives. What is wrong with simple precincts based on voter concentrations around a given area?

Roger Pyatt

Regardless of which method is used, it should be done using county lines, natural boundaries, such as rivers, roads, etc.and leave them alone,unless you need to because of population changing above or below a certain threshhold. That way , we wouldn’t be going through this every 10 years. And yes, we would need to change the constitution to take away needing each representative to have the same or close to the same # of constituants. What difference does it make whether a rep has 140,000 or 100,000 to represent. Families move around all the time, either instate or from one state to another. Seems like this would be a lot smarter and more common sense than the way we do it now.


I voted undecided because like most of the comments here, there is no bi-partisan-ism here any more. It is getting ugly folks! And the “silent majority” need to make more noise. But then, we don’t want to look like the Dems out there.

Roger Fenton

“A non-partisan, independent commission should draw electoral districts as is done in six states.” Unfortunately, there is NO such thing.


I agree with Arnie!