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Which TWO of these are the biggest takeaways from South Carolina and Super Tuesday?

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Iver B
1 year ago

The Dems will focus on the VP candidate. It is doubtful that Sleepy Joe can survive the campaign much less a full term in the WH.

1 year ago

“Supper” Tues was more than any of us should have had to endure, I did not watch, it was as expected another DIMM fiasco by the leading candidates acting like the 2 crotchety old guys on the Muppets or even closer the socialist version of Dumb and Dumber……Lord luv a duck should either of those two reprobates make into the WH and controls the Oval Office……MAGA and God Bless America.We can use all the real Americans in this time of crisis….

1 year ago

“Super Tuesday”(?) Public School indoctrination…we’re all victims/history revisions/good and caring govt to take care of us/rich people are evil and are cheating all of us. So many people driven by the hatred that leftist/mainstream media/”social internet platforms”/ deep state actors are feeding 24/7. These idiots either did not study the Russian Revolution or, they think it was a good thing; if they think it was a “good” thing they simply do not understand and/or appreciate LIBERTY. So much more to say but for now, I pray to our almighty God that We The People overwhelmingly outnumber the narcissistic idiots driven by hate and a sense of entitlement.

1 year ago

The liberals within the Democratic party will do anything to get the upper hand. Not necessarily the socialistic liberals. Where are today’s moderate democrats. In hiding being intimidated by the socialistic left wing.

1 year ago

I believe that the Democrates have lost touch with the working citizens. They are left with one person who is too extreme in his thinking and the other who is running on Obama’s history. We don’t need socialism and we don’t need a president that cannot run on his own beliefs and opinions.

Brenda Mantooth
1 year ago

Thanks for asking – this is the first time I have actually been”Polled” for more than one answer – I appreciate this ~

Williams, Elizabeth
1 year ago

Looks like the DNC are in charge of counting the votes AGAIN! You remember how they tried to tip the scales in 2016 against President Trump (Russian Dossier Hoax)… DNC needs to be investigated , dissolved & told to re-structure. Bernie can run in his own party: Communist Party of the USA!

marty mehring
1 year ago

Trump needs to shut down the twitter and act presidential for a change and he’ll score big in November. By continuing to degrade people, he keeps the democrats in the race and starts to minimize his chances

1 year ago

From a diverse field of candidates the Democrats have chosen the type of candidates they want as the voice of the poor, the millennial, the LGBTQ+, the illegal immigrant, the minority, and the underprivileged – wealthy, borderline senile, straight, white, men who are career politicians. What happened to the first female president? Or LGBTQ+ president?
Guess all that diversity is just for show.

1 year ago

Never trust a democrat

1 year ago

Feel sorry for the Democrats. They have an impossible choice for President

Daniel Anderson
1 year ago

Trump gets more votes than all the Democrats combined…

Daniel Anderson
1 year ago

Trump Wins

1 year ago

I think the best answer to chose from would have been a case of “choosing between the lesser/greater evils.” The deception lies in the fact they are all democrat’s serving up a plate of four to seven entrees. Its like a marketing scam that is feeling out their voters to see where they get an edge at the poles. They all set at the same table. It all serves as an end to their means. An intrinsic factor to them winning over Trump. What they don’t realize is that Trump has already won!

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago

The biggest “take-away” is that there is no such thing as the Democrat Party anymore. Stop using the term “Democrat” to refer to anything! They are ALL Progressive-Socialists.
Biden being touted as a moderate is a F’n joke. He is a P-S to the core.
Maybe you didn’t hear his proposal to appoint Robert “Beto” O’Rourke as his Gun Czar, if elected POTUS. Yeah, that’s a moderate. Biden is a worthless POS, who has polluted &
corrupted our govt. for nearly 4 decades(!).

Dorothy Warner
1 year ago

The ultimate takeaway it this country is in grave danger if we don’t support our president and keep him in the white house for 4 more years.

1 year ago

The real scary question is, who would Biden choose as his running mate? Barack may pressure Michele, however, given the magazine covers in the checkout lines, it looks like she is enjoying being a “celebrity” a bit too much to agree (?). Hilly May is another matter albeit scary, but she is right up there with “Uncle Joe” in age (only 5 yrs. younger) and early onset dementia or other psycho/cognitive disorder. Then there is Bernie…
It would not be a big surprise to get a big surprise at the actual convention…

Tom R
1 year ago

The one thing I cannot escape believing is that the increasing complacency by the right could easily put 2020 at risk. The minute the fight stoped being life or death and became conviction that DJT can’t loose reminded me of HRC circa 2016.
Careful out there folks ! Hillary couldn’t loose either, remember?

M Meyer
1 year ago

I can’t wait till President Trump gets to debate senile Slow Joe and exposes him and his family for all the crooked deals they pulled off reaping $$$$$$$$$$$ millions from ” We the People”.

1 year ago

“None of the above.” I am bothered most by the analysis that black voters overwhelmingly voted for Biden based solely on the endorsement of a long-time democrat who has racist tendencies–are the black voters in South Carolina so brain-numbed that they had to wait to be told how to vote by a guy with the same skin color? Are they really unable to make their minds up on their own? That’s not what I saw while I lived in SC, but apparently now the democrat party has got things boiled down to black and white…..or is it black vs. white? I hope not, but why the muddies pre-election polls, then Mr. Clyburn’s (Congressional Black Caucus [why do we need that anyway if we {or my black brothers} aren’t racist?] chairman) endorsement, then wildly pro-Biden? All I can hope for is that in the general election, we see what I saw in 2016 there–Trump t-shirts wall-to-wall at the polling place.

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