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Which TWO of these are the biggest takeaways from South Carolina and Super Tuesday?

Thursday, March 5, 2020 Mar 5, 2020 367
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The two takeaways are that Democrats are now left to a choice between a senile, touchy-feely, never-was, and an angry senile Fidel Castro wannabe, and that anyone who would vote for either of them to be President should seek counseling.

The Freezing Senior


Meanwhile, back in D.C. . . .
Senator Schumer publicly THREATENS two members of the SCOTUS and NOTHING is done about it.
I believe this to be federal crime and the appropriate charges MUST be pursued immediately.
You know what the repercussions would be if a Republican would have made these THREATS.

And the DEMOCRATS say that POTUS is the existential threat to America, I think not.

GBA/KAG #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !


The biggest takeaway from Super Tuesday is: Whether they are full-boil communists (Bernie) or slow simmer communists (Biden) the democrat party is ALL about totalitarianism. They all espouse control of everything regarding business, education, health, and society (immediately or eventually) by the federal government. They all espouse removal of personal liberties (immediately or eventually) and their replacement with government granted privileges. They all espouse control over life and death of every man, woman, and child (abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide). They are all willing to embrace the insane to achieve their goals (the pseudosciences of “sexual orientation”, “sexual preference”, “climate catastrophe”). They are ANGRY, to the last one of them, always shouting, stabbing fingers, getting red-faced, fomenting “revolution” and “radical change”. They are a signal. The signal of the expanding demise of the pre-requisite for our Constitution – a moral and religious people – and the rise (actually, the fall) of… Read more »


The biggest takeaway is the fact that the establishment has no use for Bernie the commie. Seeing the condition of sleazy Joe makes me wonder what they are planning since it appears he wouldn’t last the first 4 years. His VP will most likely be the president before the 1st term ends. Michelle could be president, wouldn’t that be a disaster? VOTE!!!! to keep this from happening.


The only difference between Bernie and the rest is, Bernie is at least honest about his intentions. The rest want the same but know you won’t buy it, so they are being stealthy. Just like that party has been doing for years.


Biden is so senile he can’t remember what he had for breakfast, And Bernie never held a real job in the private sector so he turned to politics for an easy fat paycheck, pelosi looks like she has dementia and can’t keep her teeth in her mouth, Schumer is like something that crawls out from under a rock when the opportunity arises. Schiff looks like a hungry wolf his eyes say it all. It’s sad and scary to think this is the quality of people vying to hold positions of power. It’s time to prescribe an ENEMA.


What more proof do you need that the government school system is actually indoctrinating our young people into what my generation sees as a radical liberal adjenda. If public school systems were teaching reality instead of the pie in the sky philosophy of the globalist people like Bernie Sanders would be booed off the stage as soon as he started spewing his illogical bull.


The takeaway following the last 3 years highlighted by the lefts orgy to select their candidate is proof positive that we are officially a single party government being attacked by domestic terrorists.
The quicker patriots realize this, the quicker we can save our country and true values. Freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Marie M

One of the takeaways, the dropouts the night before the primary! I wouldn’t call that a coincidence.
It’s Biden vs Sanders, one of them if gaffe prone the other a socialist/communist. The Democratic Party is divided and it may be a brokered convention. The Democratic establishment does not want Bernie, they will play dirty and cheat him again like they did in 2016. I don’t think Biden has the energy and stamina needed to travel and campaign and more than anything he has no enthusiasm.

Jill Acuff

I know that Trump will be reelected, my biggest fear is when his next 4 years are over!
Who will take over! No one seems capable of filling Trumps shoes.


The Dems are in a bad place. If it is Biden, there are a substantial number of Bernie Bros that will do one of two things: Stay home and not vote, or cross over and vote for Trump, to ‘stick it to’ the Dem establishment.

If it is Bernie against Trump, Trump wins in an epic landslide.

The Dems are in a bad place..


I really don’t care what the dems do. Some are worse than the others but my major concern is none of them get the presidency. They will put the country back in the mess it was in before.
Some one obviously made some big promises or some big threats to get the others out.


My take away, I see the democrats as desperate for control without a viable candidate. But their only plan is “take Trump down by any means necessary”. Consider the coronavirus threat, the timing, blaming Trump for not being prepared while they still call for open borders, Clinton and Hunter Biden personal deals with China, failed investigations and impeachment, Trump forced China into a trade deal, relentless personal attacks for 4 years and Trump keeps winning. Can anyone say for certain that the left did not conspire with China to release the coronavirus to destroy the economy and President Trump? They do have motive.

Steven Bailey

I’d say watch out for Joe to pick Hillary to be his running mate.


“Freezing”is right, it doesn’t matter which of these is the takeaway. The fact is, if Joe is president he will be a puppet of the swamp. If Bernie is elected (which I doubt would happen, but anything is possible), he will be more of a dictator than Trump is accused of being.

Mark B

The big deal after that Tuesday is this coming Tuesday and the Michigan vote. Actually hoping that Bernie wins the nomination so come November we should have a 50 state landslide for Trump and the commies will finally get the message that socialism will never happen in the USA.


And Warren stayed in to further damage Bernie’s chances of a win.


The inner circle that controls the DNC are getting desparete to keep the party from becoming a haven for the lunatic left. They should have read Alinsky like the rest of us did about eleven years ago instead of falling ass over tin cup for their golden boy wonder. Now all they have is a Marxist crackpot, and aging moderates that resemble the old Soviet Politburo before it collapsed of incompetence and senility.

Dan W.

The biggest takeaway from South Carolina and Super Tuesday is that it will be Trump vs. Biden in November.

Ellis Stewart

SURPRISED you didn’t include: “The Fix is In” for your Poll…..but I guess you DO have some Democratic Members, and have to keep them happy too.