There's been some talk of economic pessimism lately; 38% (down from 42% in February) of economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics expect a recession in 2020; 34% expect a recession in 2021. Which comes closest to your view of the economy over the next 12-18 months?

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Corbin L Douthitt
2 years ago

The stock market is up some 5000 points over 0bama’s administration. Yet, when it fluctuates 200-500 points, the media acts like we are headed for another 1929 crash.

Stephen Harris
2 years ago

A recession is, for the most part a healthy reset of a free market economy. When recessions hurt the most is when the government interferes and delays the inevitable by manipulating the economy i.e. quantitive easing, price fixing etc. all of which are usually to keep political capital at the expense of We the People.

Jeannie Lajaunie
2 years ago

The democratic party, as a whole, hate President Trump because they can’t control him. They will do anything to discredit him. He loves America! He only wants what’s best for US, the people of this great country!

2 years ago

Trump said last week that tens of Billions $$ are coming in from China tariffs & that he is giving part of this to the farmers that are impacted. Do not believe this to be true & from what I know the $14 billion to the farmers is coming from taxpayer money. What is truth & how does US govt. get this tariff money. I think the farmers would rather produce their living rather than handouts from govt. Is this not a type of socialism to give me money not to work?? In my strong opinion, quit this trade war with China & start over with negotiations.

Victor Monroe
2 years ago

Economies are made or broken by policies. The policies from the previous administration caused serious downturns of employment by taxing small businesses out of existence. A socialist regime cannot survive with an economy that is thriving because people will not depend on the government to coddle them. There will always be the poor because there has always been poor people. The thing we can do is offer opportunities to better their situations not by college but by teaching skills that will boost their economic growth. Its a win win situation because people with money in their pockets pay taxes and buy things for themselves. Unfortunately there will always be those who have no motivation due to generations of government handouts that they have learned to manipulate the system put in place to give hand ups. I think it is a small population that does this so we must develop a way to have them do some kind of work for government pay outs. There are those who are truly handicapped in some way and we need to help them in their struggles to survive. A flat tax for all or a fair tax system that makes even the drug dealer down the street to pay. Let taxpayers keep all their money from paychecks and get rid of all hidden taxes in all products and charge a consumer tax on them. Like I said if people have money in their pockets they will buy things that will create an economy that would be the envybof the world. Unfortunately there are those in government who enjoy socialist power and will do everything they can to keep it. There is a lot of work left to be done but if we can sustain the policies that our current president has put in place and throw out the ones that are designed to keep economic slavery in place we can become a country that is self reliant and charitable.

2 years ago

Chicken Little effect. Good example is to watch Paul Harvey’s “Cure for Prosperity”, this will explain the Chicken Little that the dems and media are pushing for. After all, they hate the fact that a businessman came in and showed them up

robert collins
2 years ago

Absolutely ridiculous. This same scare tactic occurred with our computers. Millions were suckered into that claim. Our President is no sucker. He will hold true to his word which by now has become painfully clear to the left. Carry on and pass the ammunition!!

Richard Watts
2 years ago

It’s becomes clearer as tome goes by: Conservatives believe what they see, Liberals see what they believe.

2 years ago

Future looks good? $17 TRILLION of NEGATIVE-yielding bonds in the world. USA deficit and debt continue to get larger. The treasury bond inverted yield curve. RV sales down 20% so far this year. It goes on and on. A recession/depression is coming within 2 years. You can take that to the bank. But not the bank! Gold, silver, and bitcoin are up. And they will continue to go up.

Rob Williams
2 years ago

Too many Fed Judges are fearful of what will happen if we stop feeding the barbarians in our society. In the 1960’s the barbarians went on a rampage burning and destroying our major cities until we committed to giving them welfare payment. These animals will be unleashed again if we stop feeding them!!

2 years ago

Never Ever Vote for democrat, they are wrong about 95% of the time, plus the leftists have taken it over.
Anyone that thinks socialism is the answer is stupid and or ignorant of how bad socialism is

Edward Petru
2 years ago

The Dow is comprised of 30 companies. There are thousands of companies in the market that are going great. Why is everyone so freaked out when the investors sell and play this game. If everyone sold their stocks on the Dow they would only affect 30 companies. That money will only go back into something else. The stock market is nothing but legalized booking. I must be crazy.

Joy E Dannelly
2 years ago

I think a recession is coming because the heart of America’s Breadbasket has been devastated by flooding, hail, and on going devastation to both crops and livestock. As well as stored grain reserves. I’m worried this is too widespread to be absorbed.

Peter K
2 years ago

A trade war with China will do much more harm to them than the USA. And it’s about time someone stood up for the people instead of allowing US corporations to fleece us with low cost foreign manufactured goods and services all while they stuff their coffers. It is unfortunate that the American consumer is so spoiled always having access to the best products at the lowest cost. A little time in the real world, i.e. most Countries other than the USA and they would have their eyes opened wide.

2 years ago

We are getting fairly close to a recession but not likely in 12-18 months. Very likely in 2-3 years and a much worse recession if president Elizabeth or Bernie.

Vernon Kiehl
2 years ago

Liberals don’t know what to do next. It’s revenge for Democrats because they lost the presidency. I’m curious what their next conspiracy will be. The left wing progressive socialist liberal Democrats must go!!!!!

Wayne Gadow
2 years ago

The MSM ‘talking heads’ do not understand economics….Who ya gonna call?….DJT!

2 years ago

When I see a recession, then I’ll believe it.
I think it is very dangerous to put too much faith in what experts say.

Roger Knieriem
2 years ago

The stock market does not like uncertainty. I believe we will have somewhat of a downward trend until the trade war with China gets settled. Constant propaganda by the democrats and the media will also put pressure on the market to drive it down, as they will say and do anything to get Trump out of office, even to the point of destroying the country. In my lifetime of 76 years, I have never seen a more disgusting group of people.

Kay A Patriot in Texas
2 years ago

I hope you publish these results! People need to know that MANY AMERICANS wisely disagree with the agenda-driven who want everyone to believe a Recession is inevitable! The uninformed/under-informed need to wake up before they give away our Country and all that we stand for!!!

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