There's been some talk of economic pessimism lately; 38% (down from 42% in February) of economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics expect a recession in 2020; 34% expect a recession in 2021. Which comes closest to your view of the economy over the next 12-18 months?

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The Freezing Senior

First it’s :
Then it’s :
After that it’s on to :
And when that failed :
And now it’s :

Do I detect a pattern of mass psychosis here ?
The deranged DEMOCRATS are afflicted with terminal case of TDS – a form of incurable insanity.
Better them than us !

MAGA/KAG/GBA #TRUMP2020 Deus Vult !

Brian B

The Democrats have made a science out of producing “experts” who follow exactly their Marxist Playbook. I am very skeptical of anyone claiming to be an expert in anything, especially if that “expert” is endorsed by the Democrat/MSM fraudsters. President Trump understands the vicissitudes of the world’s economy better than any President in my lifetime. There may be some bumps ahead, but I am very positive about our nation’s economic future. MAGA

Big Niez

Regardless of what happened in the stock market yesterday, there are so much good news about the economy that isn’t being reported. The indices are over weighted to global companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook, not companies that are in business to serve Americans and interested in promoting America. Therefore, this trade war will affect them more than our American companies.
We have record low unemployment, companies are making profits, the major key to grow of companies. We have low inflation.
But, even more important, we have the GOD who controls everything and HIS promise to believers is that HE will provide all our needs according to HIS riches in glory in CHRIST JESUS our LORD and SAVIOR. Read Philippians 4:9.

Rick Kauffman

If the liberals/progressives/socialists have their way, they will do everything they can to make the economy go South. It’s about their power, not the American people.


We live in perilous times . You must seek the truth yourself the media refuses to tell Americans the truth . I’m not saying all but most democrat leaders want the country to fail . Open borders murdering babies, corrupt officials, failing cities this is what you see in our Democratic Party . Tb


Russia, Racism and now Recession. Next week it’ll be the “R” word best describing a split between Trump and the EU as he strengthens our unity with Boris Johnson and the English people for Brexit at the G7. Going to be exciting, so pay attention.


If a Democrat (Socialist) is elected President in 2020, I expect a recession in 2021, because companies will expect more regulations, higher taxes, increased minimum wage, and changes that affect their health care insurance.

Robert White

The Dems have a History of “ telling a lie loud enough and long enough it becomes the TRUTH “.So beware of the Media.


NEWS FLASH!! Dog hit by car while chasing a cat. Trump blamed.


I trust the president a 10,000 times more than the lying, back stabbing, stealing, cheating, bribe taking, commies and America hating liberals in congress!


The next “R” word will be re-elected


The Democrats are the problem they refuse to pass immigration reform and are putting American people in harm.



Tamara Chapman

I think AMAC has the American people at heart.

John K

In politics, just like in comedy, timing is everything. Remember the mini-recession in late 1992? It cost Bush 41 a second term, and it was over before Hilliary picked out her pantsuit for Bill’s inauguration. Trump is risking his 2nd term, with the China trade war. But it’s the right thing to do, as they have been cheating us for 30 years. Besides we can take a little hit while we are riding high. While the economy is always interesting, just watch the Democrats panic as more news of RBG’s declining health is known. I wish her the best, but you know the Dems are planning the sequel to “Weekend at Bernie’s” to avoid a third Trump SCOTUS pick.

Rick Kauffman

If the liberals/progressives/socialists have their way, they will do every thing they can to make the economy go South. It’s about their power, not the American people.

Michael E Miller

If you worry about recession and react accordingly, it will be a self fulfilling prophecy.


I’m remaining positive, the market may be pulling back but overall the economy and unemployment are strong. My concern is with the Federal Reserve, the rates have been going up too fast when the economy has not normalized.


This is all the DEMON CRATS doing. Recession what another joke by the DEMON CRATS

Lee Glidewell

Here’s some more letters for the dumb-o-crats & the MSM…DDSS… different day, same s***! GBA, MAGA,KAG…TRUMP 2020!