What is the single worst mistake that you believe the Biden Administration has made since assuming power in January?

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9 months ago

The was no comment, about the pipeline shut down at the very start of his time in office, which I think was the begining of the “Inflation Domino” .And I think there should have been All the above choice. I can’t think of anything he has done that has helped our country or our citizens.

1 year ago

Biden couldn’t run a 1 car funeral

1 year ago

Taking office was his first mistake!

1 year ago

For the life of me I don’t understand how so many get away with the crimes they commit. They are all crooked in this administration! Old Nancy should be in a nut house. Trumps downfall was not having these people locked up while he was in office.

1 year ago

Every thing sloppy joebiden has done is destroying America and he is a trader and has the complete sloppy joebiden regime has committed treason

David R
1 year ago

I feel like a kid in a candy shop, there are sooooo many flavors of disastrous mistakes by this administration (some on accident and many on purpose). How can you possibly pick just one?

Kathy rick Draper
1 year ago

Needed an All of the above option!

T Swain
1 year ago

Afghanistan, border, corruption, energy, (believing green new deal hype), Hunter Biden deals, inflation, supply chain, keeping phony Fauci, (no recognition of acquired immunity), vaccine mandates,…
Go back to bed Joe, till Nov ’22, so you can witness your impeachment!!

ronald hancock
1 year ago

i cant stand the bidens

Jacqueline Cook
1 year ago

Sorry I couldn’t chose more than one because the top 4 all hold true

1 year ago

Really all of the above.

Stephen Ellison
1 year ago

Why isn’t there an option for ALL of the above?

John B Gardner
1 year ago

All of them should be allowed to be picked. But the first is the most important because we only had three Presidents send illegals out of the country. Hoover after 1929 crash, Turman because the men were returning from WW2 and Ike because men were returning from Korea. I will vote for the man who promises to catch and return all illegals in our country.

Lisa Skinner
1 year ago

I would like to have picked the first 3 questions. They are all equally important to this country. Lets Go Brandon!!!

1 year ago

The singlest worse mistake of this administration IS assuming power.

Alan Gross
1 year ago

There really should be an “All of the above” choice. The top 4 choices are really interrelated and demonstrate that Biden is the worst, anti-American, traitorous President in history. He makes Benedict Arnold look like a Patriot.

1 year ago

Missing Choice: Ending the brief (but wonderful) Energy Independence we’d achieved under President Trump. Gas prices have doubled & will again under the idiotic Green New Deal. Diesel prices effect everything you consume; food, consumer products, medicine, everything because nearly 100% moves by truck. There is NO possible way that wind (decimating birds & only works IF wind is blowing) & solar (not usable at night) can power America (or anywhere in world). The Anti-Nuclear Energy nuts keep us from having the ONLY possible dependable, noninteruptable, & simple way to provide electricity to the nation. You want 100% clean air from power plants? Build Nuclear plants! This option should be included.

1 year ago

Assuming that he was the President to begin with! he is the PINO (president in name only) committing acts of treason against the United States and all Americans

1 year ago

Why isn’t there an ALL of THE ABOVE? He is the worst and it is ON PURPOSE!!!!

1 year ago

I don’t view any of these as “mistakes”. I think every single one of them is purposeful, designed to drive America into the ground.

Victoria Kramer
1 year ago
Reply to  Deb

I agree Deb.

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