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What is the MOST significant story to come out in this very busy news week?

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Mike P.
1 year ago

I think the most significant unreported news was the proof to all Americans that the Dims want to destroy and subjugate everyone who does not support them. To take away as many non-Dim jobs, 75,000 at last count and rising. Opening the borders to illegals to take away more non-Dim jobs. If the non-Socialists are struggling to survive in a Biden/Obama/Soros America, they are less likely to notice the destruction of America. We now have proof of the Biden/Obama/Soros planned destruction of America.

Cynthia L Holmes
1 year ago

There is nothing more important than our nations ability to have a fair, free, and transparent election. If this election was tainted by fraud and illegal voting, our Democratic Republic is finished. We are no better than any third world country and will be destroyed as they have been by leadership that is unfit to be in control. So far the Judicial Branch has, so far, skirted their responsibilities to look at the evidence with rulings on technicalities instead of the merits of the cases. It is now up to the Legislative Branch to decide whether this has been fair, legal and transparent according to our Constitution. Don’t see how anyone of either party can ever have faith in an election again after this disaster.

B. Kelly
1 year ago

What? No news on the latest drama that is Bigfoot and Batboy? Surely tabloids can be more in tune with the important things in life. I mean the Bigfoot – Batboy drama has been ongoing for decades and has been augmented by clear sightings of UFO’s and grey beings with big buggy eyes showing up at voting places in Cali, Illinois, PA and Boston. Georgia also but that has been unconfirmed as the big buggy eyes could have easily been misinterpreted as Stacey Abrams.

Its just like Faux News to avoid covering this.

John Radmacher
1 year ago

Joe Biden is an extortionist. All the proof is available. Our corrupt government won’t arrest anyone. The United States of America is gone and every democrate in washington is above the law. We now have an American government that is run by money and labor associated with something other then the Freedom and Democracy of the previously United States of America. Beyond sad.

1 year ago

If the Chinese Communist Party infiltrated our government and operatives are sitting on congressional intelligence committees, then it won’t matter who is President or how long the pandemic lasts, our country will be dismantled from within. I think all members of congress who have taken money from China, Russia or any organization associated with Islamic Terrorism should be investigated and impeached.

Antonio Salazar
1 year ago

So if any Conservative agrees there was enough fraud to overturn the election, and I DO, how many votes did Joe Biden steal?? And if these votes were the reason he was “elected”, wouldn’t it also follow that President Trump won the popular vote too?? And if that is true why would anybody believe the 2016 popular vote was won by Hillary as the MSM would like us to believe?? So if Biden takes the reins on Jan 20 will we in fact be allowing someone who represents the minority lead us?? I think so!!!

Dos Cuervos
1 year ago

Your poll is woefully inadequate. The most significant story in the history of this country is HOSTILE TAKEOVER OF THIS COUNTRY by election fraud and rampant corruption in all government agencies and branches, including the Supreme Court. This is bend over and kiss your country goodbye. The fake Covid pandemic was just a tool to scare people into illegally voting by mail, because fear is the best manipulator there is. Did you know that hospitals get paid for listing deaths as Covid results? I know. My husband works in healthcare. So if someone died of heart problems but also had covid at the time, doctors and hospitals are instructed to list the death as being from covid…. THE SURVIVAL RATE IS 99+%, PEOPLE.

SCOTUS are a bunch of cowardly weenies. This is not going to end until the Conservative Right goes out there with some camping out on doorsteps of their own that politicians, big media and judges are just as scared of. There comes a time when you can no longer afford to be patient and civilized. It’s here.

John W. Fisher
1 year ago

Obama;along with the c.i.a.;f.b.i.;the Dept.of “Justice”;and who knows who else;have conspired to destroy President Trump,his entire family;and anyone who supports or who has ever associated with him;ever since he first came down the escalator at Trump Tower. I would rather lose with President Trump than “win” with the cess pool dwelling Democrats !!

John Hancock
1 year ago

The bottom three will amount to nothing because the Left will bury them. The vaccine is and will be significant. Course Maybe–The democrats won’t get the vaccine because that would mean President Trump did something significant— TRUMP SPEED.

Sharon K Rooks
1 year ago

I thought there might be the news that we can’t even trust the judgement of our Supreme Court Justices :(

1 year ago

I believe in 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV, If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. If Trump fails to retain office after a colossal win we the people have failed. I’m extremely disappointed in the way AMAC is reporting this as if the states just changed rules last minute – they did that, but they ALSO COMMITTED FRAUD/TREASON by entering FAKE votes, throwing away votes, bought votes (people voted multiple times, tons of dead people voted, they mishandled military votes) – this is the travesty. People should be arrested and shot for treason (literally) for these acts. They shouldn’t be ignoring the huge turnouts for the stop the steal events – these are the same people that will take action if this election fraud isn’t handled judiciously. PRAY PEOPLE PRAY! (& FIGHT!)

1 year ago

It is SO obvious President Trump won re-election. The Democrat/globalist one world government is evil and it’s blatantly obvious they criminally tried to take over our government from we the American people. JUSTICE must and will be served. Our God, the Creator & God of the Universe and Savior will have HIS way, God will continue to expose this demonic attempt to take over. The wrong side is trembling and afraid,the correct side is rejoicing. Don’t get into fear, trust God. Watch God bring forth His justice on His time table, He’s not bound by man’s timeline. We have WON and the Lord God gets the glory.

1 year ago

We ALL know that this election was a con job. Ppl committed crimes in cheating (I guess, as we’ve been saying, demoRAT cheating has BEEN goin on….. so much so that now they are so blatant in their arrogance that they don’t hesitate to consider the criminality). The fact that it has gone this far is outrageous and infuriating!! Hearing ppl say that they got away with it; there is nothing left to do, infuriates me even more!! Why r we so afraid of them and they walk all over us? Is it that they anticipate us being complacent? Is it that they have done it for so long, they actually feel it is allowed? Or is it that they have so many miscreants in their circle that they can count on (as in bribe) that they feel invincible? Well then SHAME ON US because if it wasn’t obviously far-reaching then, IT IS NOW! If it wasn’t flagrantly out-in-the-open then, IT IS NOW! So to know that we are right, yet do nothing about it is unconscionable and should NOT be an option!

David M. Tharp
1 year ago

The Supreme Court Can Not be this Short Sighted. If they Don’t Draw a Line in the Sand right now on voter fraud we will be a Socialist & 3rd World Country in a Decade. They Cannot Just Be that [email protected] Lazy & Unwilling to do the Job they Swore to Do !! Specially in Light of the More and More Brazen & Outrageous Mean Spirited & Spiteful Fraud in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin; not to mention in Nevada !! Do they want to be in the History Books as the Slacker Supreme Court of December 2020 ???

Jeff Parkis
1 year ago

Can there be any doubt that most of the major news outlets, and the tech companies are agents of misinformation with they’re bias news coverage, or lack of news coverage on the Biden’s and they’re pay to play. Makes you wonder how many other politicians are taking making from the Chinese!

1 year ago

Is not my advisor.

Finding a laundering violation,
Will not save our nation.

Bible principles we deny,
Overtaken by some foreign spy.

Deny the Bible and it’s God,
Ungodly laws through voter fraud!

Before in schools, Scripture was “required”,
Teach Scripture as truth today – you’ll be “fired”!!!

1 year ago

On the bright side, the media will continue to be exposed as the corrupt socialists they are. They will all have sleepy Joe brown noses now.
Joe will not last long before they turn on him for their real choice comrade Kamala. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Annie get your gun!

T Ritchey
1 year ago

The election needs to be rectified, and President Trump needs to serve the next four years. That is the only hope we, as a nation, have to return to the principles and foundations our forefathers started this country on. If this can be accomplished, then the other items listed on the poll should be accomplished in time. Otherwise, we are doomed. I know that eventually, evil wins out as per the bible and only those who have accepted Christ will survive. I view this battle for the presidency as a battle for the opportunity to win more people to Christ.

David Klingman Sr
1 year ago

It is amazing to me how many people have lost all ability to think for themselves. This goes hand in hand with the independent mind set towards making your own way, with a strong sense of commitment to our fellow men and women, and respecting the rights of all those who are law abiding people. This isn’t the first or only instance of a mass of people committing violence against people because they want their own way. We have cities in this country that are now cutting back law enforcement, and seemingly doing all they can to hinder our public servants from maintaining any law and order. It is sickening to watch this happen to a people in this country who have done so much to improve so much wrong in this world. Only prayer can break through this deluding influence. But it will take much prayer, by many.

Bob R
1 year ago

This is truly a turning point in America. “Justice” Roberts ETAL, have chosen to send this country into third world status. Some pundits say that Roberts is more concerned about his “legacy” and that of the SCOTUS. That fool does not realize there will be no legacy!

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