What is the most likely outcome of the election on Tuesday, November 8th?

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7 days ago

Have we all ignored Venezuela and the election of biden and the 2seats in georgia? It’s as bad as seeing a poll with conservatives saying they still are waiting to see who to vote for when the store shelves were bare!

Penny Sabath
14 days ago

We’re the ballots found in a mailing bag in a canyon get counted?

17 days ago

Clearly those who count the vote decide everything.

Perfect Sense
17 days ago

Lots of corrupt cheating.

Timothy Yorgan
22 days ago

We are a “republic” (Article IV, Sec. 4, US Constitution) NOT a democracy and the constant repetition of calling us a democracy by the socialist left, has our people brain washed into thinking we’re on the verge of losing something we’ve never had and if we really understood what it is, we don’t want. This has been the most successful con job since the “Pledge of Allegiance” and Constitution was written, where we are clearly a republic. A Republic and a Democracy are NOT the same, in a democracy your rights can be voted away by a majority vote, in a republic your rights are guaranteed by law and our representatives swear an oath to uphold that law.
The biggest “take away” of this mid-term election is…no matter how sophisticated the cheating is, we were still able to eek out a majority of representatives who will maintain or return to original constitutional intent. Then we will return to the prescribed constitutional election process…one election day start to finish, with voter I.D.’s and hand counted paper ballots (which has always been the process that works). Telling us there are too many votes to count by hand in one day is a con job for cheating with machines. Massive populations like Florida did it, why can’t Maricopa, Co., AZ?

22 days ago

The biggest biggest takeaway from the election was that Democrats are focused on counting the ballots until they win, while the Republican leadership can’t string together a cohesive and concise national messaging campaign nor show any real drive to win. Republican leadership seems perfectly content to coast through elections and be fine with being in thr minority, as long as they still have their jobs in D.C.. That is as simple as I can make it for everyone.

Ignored by almost everyone on our side is the effect of the continued flooding of the country with illegal aliens. This is where the counting of ballots comes in for Democrats. We now have approximately 45 million illegal aliens now residing in this country after years of looking the other way. Every single illegal alien is given an ID card and is automatically signed up for several federal benefit programs, What is overlooked by many is that illegals can also get a state driver’s license. In almost every single Democrat run state in this country, part of the process of getting a driver’s license is the ability to automatically register to vote. Once these names are added to the voting system, the default selection being registered Democrat, the Democrats can use them to generate bogus ballots much in the same way the Democrats get out the deceased vote every election cycle. The illegals themselves don’t need to show up or fill out ballots themselves. The Democrat party has operations in each state that crank out ballots in the name of the illegals and the deceased. From there, it is just a matter of feeding these ballots into the vote tabulation system and bingo…magically a lot of at risk Democrat candidates end up eeking out a win.

The MSM begins their usual dance of “who to blame” on the Republican side for the stunning loses, which just serves to deflect the public’s attention from real elephant in the room. That since the vast majority of states in this country did little to nothing to eliminate the “emergency voting rules of 2020” and thus enshined the ability of the Democrats to generate massive numbers of bogus mail-in ballots to be easily fed into the system, we are suddenly surprised by how well Democrat candidates did in the wake of what the Democrats have done to this country in the last 22 months.

Next up will be the usual “The Republican Party has to experience a period of introspection to ensure this doesn’t happen in future elections” and “We need to move back towards “more electable, traditional Republicans” like the RINOs that used to dominate the party. All while the Democrats remain solidily focused in growing the ballot generating and counting operations that will produce similar results in 2024 and beyond.

22 days ago

Answering hypothetical questions is not going to fix the damage being done to our once Great Nation. Until the so called Conservative party is totally united with a contract with Americans for America in faith, as our founders envisioned; we are doomed. Being a Politician was never intended to be a profession. It has evolved into the most corrupt class of self serving back stabbing individuals at our, the taxpayers, expense. Anyone who dare upset their game is the enemy and must be degraded and eliminated at all costs. News reporting aimed at getting to the truth has deteriorated; now they are free propaganda outlets for the far left wackos. For the most part they ignore news worthy conservative ideals while they distract from all the damaging policies and results of the democrap party. Let’s be hopeful that we have at least a minimum majority that we can build upon for 2024. Let’s get or butts in gear an mass mail our representatives with concerns and pump them up to make the best use of their office for the good of the USA.

22 days ago

we are over run with imported people that don’t understand the constitution and how America became a free country. If they did the democrats would build the wall in a week and enforce the law. This is the results of invasion.

John Broughton
22 days ago

We demand the Republican party of Trump and Reagan but they keep giving us Shemp Howard.

Arlen G Te Slaa
22 days ago

Why is it that all the states that are slow in counting are Democrat. Are they trying to figure out how many votes they need to manufacture in order for thier candidate to win?

john hoffman
22 days ago

To many RINOs in the Republican party this is it done with all support financialy untill they get them out of the party we won’t have one; looks like Ill go to the independent party the murkey middle so
they leave me alone!

22 days ago

Propaganda works on women. Most women absolutely hate to be lied to but for some reason there is a disconnect when Democrat politicians are the ones doing the lying.

15 days ago
Reply to  Allen

Don’t think it was the women. GenZ believed the lies and voted accordingly.

Jerry L Johnson
22 days ago

Candidates and voters no longer matter. It’s the ballots, stupid. The Republicans have spent the last 6 years trying to win the hearts and minds of voters while the Democrats hid in their basements, refused to debate and overall hidden their agenda. Meanwhile they have built a massive ballot collection machine. Doesn’t matter if the ballots come from dead people, people that have moved out of state, illegal aliens, incapacitated, or people that would never vote on their own. The result is millions more ballots in swing states which enables them to elect morons and dead people. Changing the rules in some of those states would require getting rid of some of those entrenched democrats in power and they have rigged a system to prevent that from ever happening. Not to mention the voting machines that seem to conveniently have “glitches” and counting errors. We are totally screwed…

Trish hickey
22 days ago

I think the main stream media is not reporting truth about the border and the economy . I am shirked that democrats are so blind to the truth

22 days ago

More stolen elections. We will just have to vote harder next time. The criminals will continue to cheat until they are stopped.

15 days ago
Reply to  Jeff

That’s what I said after the 2020 election. So, we worked harder but it still wasn’t enough to overcome the fraud. Support Judicial Watch. At least they’re trying to clean up the election rolls so there won’t be (as many) dead people voting.

22 days ago

The democrats control all the large population centers and too many people still vote as a block. African-Americans suffer from rising crime more than any other group but they till vote 90% democrat. Conservatives have more territory but fewer voters. Independents will NEVER support Trump, therefore he will never win another election. Unfortunately his extremely negative personality traits became the issue. Time for him to retire. If he doesn’t he will take the Republican Party down with him in 2024. I will NOT vote for him again. We need candidates that can win over moderates and independents if we are to win.

22 days ago

Republicans have got to stop being stupid. Once again, we have allowed the left to dictate who we vote for. This wouldn’t be as bad if we had a clear, firm message.
I watched attack ad after attack ad go unanswered. If you don’t want to answer with attack ads, answer with solutions not just “I’m going to do” such and such. People voted Democrat because we didn’t give them a good reason not to

Dave H
22 days ago

Just a thought. It seems like the last 4+ election cycles there are a few states that cant get their acts together with a timely and accurate tabulation of the vote. Arizona and Nevada are the worst with another handful of Democrat States following suit. Heres what I propose. Election day and the day after are get your act together days and let Americans know who won the vote. Every day after that the offending State gets 10% of Federal Funds deducted per day up to 100% deduction of funds until they do. I think we would see their archaic election laws change in a hurry and not hold America hostage because of their short sightedness!

Pauline Heck
22 days ago
Reply to  Dave H

I live in Arizona and I’m as frustrated as everyone else. They were supposed to have corrected this after the last mess. My guess is that since the Democrats are ahead at this time and have managed to take some of our counties, some border ones which is a surprise, I don’t think they care. Check out who the Dem Governor is on the ballot. ????

James McKinney
22 days ago

Although our side should have had a blowout, we didn’t do as badly as we could have. We won the House, and that’s enough to stop Brandon’s leftist agenda cold. Besides, several States elected Republicans to supermajorities in their State legislatures, and Republicans picked up several governorships. Lee Zeldin won 90% of New York counties; Hochul only won by carrying the black vote in NYC and other metropolitan areas. They are too worried about losing taxpayer-funded monthly checks–runaway crime is less of an issue for them than handouts. We’ll see how the Senate turns out, hopefully Walker will pull it off.

22 days ago

It just goes to show that the democrats there cheating down to a science.

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