What do you think of President Trump’s decision to fire National Security Advisor John Bolton?

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Dan Householder
1 year ago

The appointment of John Bolton as National Security Adviser was the Peter Principle at work. Bolton has connections, experience and some skill, which could be useful on the NSA’s staff. As long as he has no real authority, and his superiors know he is a war hawk, I could see him on staff, but to hold the NSA position himself? l think that was a bad move. I generally support our president, but the Bolton appointment was a mistake, in my opinion.

Corbin L Douthitt
2 years ago

It’s the Presidents house. His house- his rules. surround yourself with competent [people that support you AND tell you the truth. Making negative comments to the media is bad.

David Smith
2 years ago

As presiding officer in the executive branch, the president has authority to fire anyone in that branch of government. He was elected into office to preside over that branch and should be allowed to use his own discretion in the performance of his duties within the confines of the Constitution and law. The same standard should be held for any president regardless of party affiliation.

Paulette Whinnery
2 years ago

At first I was very sad, I’ve always admired and trusted John Bolton. But I knew the President had his reasons. In the meantime, more information has come out, and I completely agree with POTUS, and I understand why he did it the way he did. Bolton was actually undermining Trumps attempts to deal with bad parties around the world without going to war. Bolton was also being blackmailed by those who profit every time we go to war, either financially, a growth in power, or both. I won’t go into what they were black mailing him for, I am sickened and unbelievably disappointed in his past behavior. This information could have been reported years ago by journalists, but they are owned and controlled by the same people who blackmailed him. If it got out, he would no longer be a useful pawn in any administration.

Scott Phillips
2 years ago

I fully support our president. He is our commander and chief in change, that the Lord and the people, put in office. I will support him regardless of what the liberals or their iberal media say, to try to sabotage his constructive efforts.

Jeffrey L Ensminger
2 years ago

Bolton resigned first because Trump made bad decisions and the straw that broke the camel’s back was inviting the Taliban terrorist to Camp David. Mad Dog resigned for the same reasons and the tweet sent by Trump after a meeting with pro Russian radical Islamic Turkish President that stated the US would immediately withdraw troops from Syria was the final straw for him. No consultation with advisor or allies. Socialism and authoritarian leadership is not American.

this is
2 years ago

Perhaps Bolton could have also been a “plant” from the Obama era…….you know, a man with “2 faces” and in the end, he had to go as Pres. Trump was not too happy with him. I think Pres. Trump has a good judgment pf character and can probably see right through a person. As was prophesied recently, Pres. Trump was “purifying his Administration” and has every right to do so.

Shelley S.
2 years ago

I always like John Bolton when he was a pundit on Fox News, but I trust President Trump’s decision. He has not failed us so far.

2 years ago

I always respected John Bolton and liked his perspective in the past. However, IT IS A NEW DAY and i find President Donald J. Trump’s decision has Merit. It is A OK with me, Seems Like A Good CHoice.

2 years ago

I’m fine with the firing of John Bolton. It seemed as if John Bolton was ready to bomb, bomb everybody. I think this new man is much tamer has a better rationale, so I think he’ll do a good job. As Trump would say we’ll see how it goes. And I adore our president I just love him and his family. I think he’s doing a fantastic job he’s got to win next year.

2 years ago

Interesting, when they go to work for him they are the greatest & when they resign/fird then they are piece of junk. What a boss to have??? He should just not comment & in my opinion he has hasd some great people in his administration that have left. Wonder if it is not micro management ??

2 years ago

It was very disturbing to me to hear Trump say he did not blame the RocketMan for what he said about Bolton over Libya comment. The President should never side with our enemy against one of our own people. Trump does not have to air this for the whole world to see. What a nice boss?????

The OLD Warhorse
2 years ago

Trump is trying really hard to get us out of all of the conflicts that several previous presidents have gotten us into. Now that the US is pretty much self sufficient in oil, there is really no good reason for us to keep policing the middle east. Bolton never saw a potential war that he didn’t want us to get into. He is among the War Hawks that always want to send US troops into harms way. I learned a long time ago that you give your input to the boss, but when the decision is made, you salute and say yes, sir and carry out the orders. Bolton didn’t want to do that. Time for him to go.

2 years ago

Appears to me that the timing of Taliban visit to Camp David might have triggered this. Does this board agree with inviting the Taliban to a meeting on USA soil is a good idea???

2 years ago

Trump breaks one of rules of good leader again. No matter what happened, the leader should not bad mouth the person to the public the next day. Trump does not listen to his departments like a leader should. He said it all with “this is a very easy job because I make all the decisions”. Goes along with his statement of past “I could teach the generals a thing or two”. Big ego ????

Elizabeth Dyer
2 years ago

I support the President’s decision to fire Bolton. I’ve not been a supporter of Bolton as I saw him as too hawkish to listen to and make broad considerations.

Larry Wolf
2 years ago

Bolton is fantastic and tells it like it is. You clowns that voted the other way just do not want to deal with reality!

2 years ago

Bolton tried to put in his resignation before he had been fired. President Trump requested he wait until they could speak to each other in person. I believe President Trump did that as a protection for Bolton. He understood the impasse and respected Bolton’s integrity knowing we all must hold firm to our morals and convictions. Why keep him in a job he can’t work when opinions don’t mesh? What comes of that? No one gets anything done because they’re too worried what the other guy is going to do when they can’t agree! Ultimately, I feel President Trump wanted to be sure Bolton had a backup plan in place before he no longer would have a job. He knows Bolton is a good guy and you know President Trump has risked his own livelihood and life style to protect us all.

Jack Thomas
2 years ago

I doubt that the President doesn’t know what he’s doing. And I’m sure putting the U.S. into endless wars is the last thing John Bolton wants to be remembered for. I think it’s more a question of Bolton having had various differences of opinion with President Trump on foreign policy. If you work for the President of the United States as National Security Adviser you have to be on the same page in the playbook. You cannot override the President’s agenda by trying to force-feed him your own vision of how things should be handled. It doesn’t work that way.

Bolton is a smart, highly capable guy with a ton of foreign affairs experience. He’ll find a way to make the best use of his talents and background elsewhere. He’s not done yet.

2 years ago

Praise to AMAC. Well said Kathy F; Marie M; & Brian B. In a world of confusion, corruption and chaos, Who has more prescient, thoughtful leadership and management instincts – gaining concessions from China, Korea, and other diabolical agitators – for US, than President Trump?

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