What do you think of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s “Commitment to America” four pillar platform that House GOP candidates are running on?

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Doug Frevert
3 days ago

McCarthy is part of the problem and should be replaced as Speaker. The Republican party does covertly what the Democratic party does overtly. That is bring America to its knees under a One World government.The Republican party has to many RINO’s and lacks the backbone and cohesiveness to implement what their constituents want. But, that conclusion assumes they actually want the America our Founding Father’s gave us to survive, which I don’t think the majority does. Our Constitution is being shredded by both parties.

Patricia C Pavlatos
15 days ago

Mccarthy is not strong enough…he won’t go after fbi or Biden…talks big on border but if we don’t get rid of the evil. What is done on the border is not the fix

20 days ago

I think Mc Carthy is too weak. Not impressed with GOP roll out of plan. Need a stronger person and commercials. You cannot push a good plan and have people follow you if cannot get the message out. Mitch should retire after not backing good candidates. Why on earth would you throw an election for an bad Alaskan candidate?

Mary L. Vanderford
29 days ago

Going forward, those republicans that make it into office should be monitored by and be held accountable by the people. Currently there are just to many Rinos in DC. Every State should have an accountability oversight committee that oversees any and all of the bills that go through the house and relay that information to the citizens of each State. The actions of the Republicans should be monitored and after two years in office should have a tax audit done on each one individually and if we see they are not doing the job we elected them for, we should have the right to recall them through the oversight committee. They work for us!

John strama
29 days ago

I absolutely HATE OUR REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP IN BOTH THE SENATE AND HOUSE. McConnell is to close to China based he’s wife Chinese shipping company and McCarthy with the Lobbyist he works with. We need New blood in our Leadership.

1 month ago

I’ll say it again: Actions speak louder than words…if there is a Big Red Wave, I hope these ppl don’t sit on their hands as usual….

1 month ago

I don’t trust McCarthy. He was too aligned with Paul Ryan. He struts and makes big speeches but no follow through. He needs to be replaced by someone who has proven to stand up for our Country and Constitution on a daily basis, not just give lip service.

Blaine Nay
1 month ago

The GOP already has its “Commitment to America” and “Contract with America”. It’s called the Republican Party Platform. I really think all GOP voters and all GOP politicians should read and follow it. If they did, the GOP would be unbeatable.

Patricia Norris
1 month ago
Reply to  Blaine Nay

If only they would keep their word.

Christine Eckhout
1 month ago

I don”t care for Kevin McCarthy. Think he is too weak.I would like him replaced with Jim Jordan. I can barely tolerate Mitch McConnell. Want him gone. RINO! Another RINO is Lindsey Graham as well as Romney from Utah among others. They need to be gone!!!

Bob K.
1 month ago

I would much more rather have Jim Jordan as speaker.

Blaine Nay
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob K.

There is no requirement that the Speaker of the House be an actual member of the House of Representatives. I therefore propose that the next Speaker be a guy named Donald J Trump. It’d be hoot to watch all the “progressive” heads explode!

1 month ago
Reply to  Blaine Nay

I think that would be a GRAND day for America!! Like him or not, there is NO DOUBT he loves this country. He is not perfect, but unlike many other politicians, his imperfections have been embellished and broadcast by sinister partisan media and globalists. If they dod the same deep dive and exposure of ALL the Dems, RINOs, globalists, and greedy participants in our country, Trump would look like a Saint compared to some of them. May God sort this out and bless our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the good in America.

1 month ago

I am a hopeful pessimist. I believe in the practice of “trust but verify”. We give them the House and the senate as we did in the 90’s we must hold them accountable for their follow through with all of their campaign promises. They need to feel the heat of missing a beat. And likewise revel in the appreciation shown in their positive completion.

1 month ago

I dont trust Kevin “Luntz” McCarthy as far as I coud throw him. He is a finger in the wind politician, PERIOD. Establishment Republicans like him have no clue how fed up people are and this election is a crap or get off the pot election, not just a party switch. This Nation is teetering on the brink of a cliff and Democrats/Lincoln Project/Deep State/MSM/RINOS/Black Rock/Enviromentalist/Klause Schwab/etc are on one side trying to tip it to the side of failure and the CONSERVATIVIES are trying to save it. That is what this election is about. The USA lives or dies and without God and His Moral Absolutes its dead.

1 month ago

I’m going to quote an Old Retired “Salty” Senior Chief who, if he was the leader of the GOP, would have no problem weeding out the “skaters”, (a term used in the Navy for do nothin’s). He said, someone made a statement one time that the government spent money like a drunken sailor! Of course he took exception to it and replied to the offender with his response! That’s a da—–n lie and further more, I want you to know why! Because, I have been, in the past, a “drunken sailor” from time to time, and when in that pursuit of drunkenness, when I ran out of money, I had to quit my endeavors and go back to the ship! The government doesn’t and won’t and that’s just the FACTS! Throw out the skaters!

Linda McKay
1 month ago

McCarthy may be a likable guy but he’s always been wishy washy and that obviously doesn’t cut it in this political environment. I liked the Contract With America when Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House in 1995. He was tough and smart and I was especially impressed with the fact that he used the Contract as a foundation upon which the entire Congress could be held accountable. They would literally check off all the bullet points as they were reached and accomplished. I think if you want to American people to TRUST you again, this is the kind of thing you need to do. Hopefully, this new Congress will understand their responsibility is to We the People.

1 month ago

McCarthy is weak, I dont like him in the position he is in – should be someone else –

Ricky Johnson
1 month ago

I like it! Now let’s see if you republicans can get some real work done.

Cynthia Martinetto
1 month ago

I am reminded of the Republican’s previous Contract with America from 1994, by Newt Gingrich, and Dick Armey. It is sad that the Republicans in Legislative Branch have mostly just rolled over and played possum ever since. Meanwhile, Democrats steamroller over our Constitution and are enabled by RINO’s who’s priorities are only themselves.

Randal Stewart
1 month ago

McCarthy is a Calif politician…sooo…I’ll need to wait and seeI am so sick of politiciansWe need civil servants and statesmen

1 month ago

When, where, and how is this transformation to take place? Grabbing power needs to have a true plan. Please go back to the Transparency.

1 month ago

We need PRES. TRUMP back in office, WAY too many Rino’s in d.c. including McCarthy!

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