What do you think has been President Trump's best foreign policy achievement so far?

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TJ Rothmeier
TJ Rothmeier
6 years ago

I believe President Trump is doing a fantastic job on all fronts and I cannot pick one specific policy over another.He has stepped up to the hardest job in America and done it with style.I believe we are safer and more respected now than we have been in many years.God bless President Trump and God bless America. Together we can make her great again!!

Bob Ross
Bob Ross
6 years ago

It is a toss up as to the most important Foreign policy achievement so I choose The Iran Deal and Hot seat for N. Korea. Pres. Trump is taking charge where others have fallen in line. Immigration policy is also important but the question said “so-called”. What is that? Pres. Trump is working hard to reduce illegal immigration and that is important to the US.

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