What do you believe to be the greatest threat to the United States of America right now?

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Cathleen Clair
1 month ago

All of the above are destructive forces which cumulatively are destroying our country both from within and from outside.

3 months ago


Doug F.
3 months ago

This was a trick question because all distractions are correct.

4 months ago

I had a difficult time choosing between 3 and 5. I chose the lesser of the two evils.

4 months ago

Biden’s War on Fossil Fuels is my #1 concern. This could put USA at the mercy of the rest of the world & freezing in the dark.

4 months ago

Our government, to borrow from the Old Testament, is sick and covered in sores from the top of the head to the soles of the feet and no sauve is healing it: America must turn back to God.

A Grace
4 months ago
Reply to  Gary


17 days ago
Reply to  Gary

Totally agree!!! MARANATHA

4 months ago

All of those in order of:
1 Biden
2 radical left
3 media
4 china
5 Russia

5 months ago

ALL the above but all are caused and made continually worse by leftist dems.

5 months ago

Without the Spirit of truth working in one’s life, all the voting and legislation is temporary at best. No Prince of Peace in a person’s life, adds up to no permanent solutions.

5 months ago

FIRST I want to Share a FEW REMINDERS about this ” IMPOSTER ” ” CHARLITAN ” that isn’t Fit to be Anything other than a Janitor at some Warehouse or Factory ..

(1) Point Number One —

Disgraceful Obama Center Gets Lot for $1, Sticks Taxpayers With Bill for Almost $200M

He was a THIEF to the American People. Gave Iran 400 Billion Dollars without Congresses Approval and he is a Communist / Socialist .. OBAMA BANNED THIS VIDEO – GEE, I WONDER WHY! it’s time to uncover the coverup impeach the imposter

Here’s the last one on Obama .. Things Changed after he GOT into the President’s Office ..

This Guy even went so far as to “Confess” his Loyalty to a Foreign God, and Not to Our God, he Changed people from Worshipping Jehovah to Allah, passed laws to Protect LGBTQ and encouraging All Americans to Except and Embrace the Gay Society when in FACT Our God Gave Us a WARNING in the Bible NOT to DO THIS, GOD Destroyed “Sodom and Gomorrah” because of their Gay Lifestyle and Here We are “Thinking” it’s OK. When God Clearly points Out that it is Not ..
SATAN is Clearly at WORK in AMERICA and as FAR as I can See and Tell, he’s Using the BIDEM Administration to Do His Worst on All America and Our Religion “Christianity” are People NOT being Turned Off to Christians, JESUS, The God of the Bible ?

The Very Same that Destroyed the EGYPIANS through MOSES ? Whether You Believe in this GOD / or his Son JESUS CHRIST and the Bible or NOT it WON’T STOP from being “TRUE” and What it says that will HAPPEN in the “LAST DAYS” is TRUELY Happening and Satan is Our God’s Adversary, he (Satan) is Known to be the “LAWLESS” One (DNC Party) he is also Known to be the FATHER of All
Liars (DNC Party) he is also Known to be a “HATER” of Anything Good, Christ, Christians, Jews, Order of Things, Freedoms, he wants People to bow down and Praise and Worship Him over Worshipping “The Son of God / Jesus Christ” So Yes I am “AWAKE” to this GOD “JEHOVAH” and He will allow AMERICA to be Destroyed by these “TYRANTS” Why because of the “SIN” that runs Freely in this Nation ..

We have Grown “COLD” to this ONE TRUE GOD, the ONLY ONE that WE NEED as a People,
it is Known that “ALL” THINGS EXIST Only through HIM, and it says so in his Holy Bible given to US
through the HEBREW People, His Chosen Remnant of the Human Race, it’s through His Mercy that Any of US can become His Children and call Him Father God ..

America has been BLESSED since it’s “CONCEPTION” he excepted US as a People because the Jewish people provided to US his “Holy Bible” and WE Learned WHO this Holy God was and Excepted Him as OUR GOD and Worshipped Him and He Took Care of Us as a Baby Nation, We became a
Little Giant among all the other Nations of the World, We were taught to Love and Care for other Nations and PROTECTING “ISRAEL” them being a Little Nation too and Since they were Directly Responsible for Us having “God’s Holy Word” informing Us How We were to Live Unto Him and Excepting His Son as Our Lord and Savior, He was Happy about this and So he has Watched Over Us All these Years and Has Provided to Us Everything that We Needed to be “Independent” from other Nations ..

It’s SAD what America has BECOME from Ignoring the Evil that was at Work in Our Government, we have Allowed these Politicians to Turn Our Home / Nation into a SESS POOL of Disgusting Sinfulness and Corruption .. Every Sin Known to Man is being DONE right here in Our Backyard through these that Call themselves “Respectful Citizens” Politicians ..

When WE as a People should of Required a Greater Accountability from those Elected into Office and Power but instead WE just Assumed that THEY would do the Right Thing and didn’t TAKE ACTION when WE Needed to Against their “Dark Deeds” So Now were All Paying the Price from a Apathetic
Attitude or Stance and believe Me God is Holding All of Us Accountable as Citizens and Followers of Christ Jesus ..

Its been misunderstood for Decades the Belief of “Separation of Church and State” it was Created to Keep the Church out of State Affairs but rather to Keep the State out of Church Affairs .. When it Comes to Worshipping and Giving to our God our Time, our Finances, Our Sacrifices, His Authority Rules over Any other Governmental Body in the Land ..

And ALL Politicians are Suppose to be Accountable to “THE PEOPLE” and NOT the Other Way Around,
Their Known to be “Public Servants” ARE THEY ? Their Darkness is so Vast and Controlling that They
Have People believing that WE are Servants Unto THEM ? ?

This ROLE is to Say the Least “TWISTED” and Un-Godly in Nature and Design, if ONLY the PEOPLE that Confess to Be Godly and Be Truly Christians would SNAP OUT of their FEAR and COWARDNESS
and STAND UP to this Present Darkness through Actions and Combined all Across this Nation in an
Attitude of Serious PRAYER on the Condition of Our Nation and those in Office, Could these Dark Deeds be Pushed Back to where They Belong (Hell) ..

Its a FACT that “JOE BIDEN” is Lawless, a Liar, a Deceiver, a Womanizer, he’s Everything but
Presidential Material and is Not Qualified to be in the Position of President, but Darkness has his
Back and will Continue to Destroy this Nation, Our Home through his Administration and others like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shummer, Obama, Clintons, AOC, these People have Sold their Souls for Greed.
Financial Wealth and Power, Total Control over others, and their Well Protected by Demons of Darkness but Our God has No Bars Held against Him taking their Lives WHEN they become so Vile with Darkness that He even can’t Recognize them any longer ..

It is Available Online (YouTube) that before OBAMA leaving Office he Shared with Joe Biden that
Americans “Hated” High Gas Prices ? ?

He literally (Obama) passed the Paton onto Joe Biden to Do His Worst to the American People and this Nation / Our Home through Communistic and Socialistic Agenda’s and by George he’s doing a ” Bang Up ” Job don’t You AGREE ? ?

Its in the Works that this “BIDEN” will soon have Us paying over $10.00 a Gallon for Gas, along with Inflation “Chugging Along” and its ALL Intentional by this Party (DNC) to Cripple Every American Citizen.
Either Believers of Christ Jesus Get “Jiggy” in Prayer and Action or PRAY that the Election of 2024
Comes Fast because This Party is on a War Path of Destruction before that Final Day !

Also HERE a PRAYER for ALL YOU that Believe : PRAY that All the BILLIONAIRES that are NOT
OK with “THIS” PRESENT DARKNESS in OUR LAND, Takes Action against IT by Using their
Disgraceful Obama Center Gets Lot for $1, Sticks Taxpayers With Bill for Almost $200M
Disgraceful Obama Center Gets Lot for $1, Sticks Taxpayers With Bill for Almost $200M

5 months ago

Our Southern Border wide open should have been a choice. We cannot financially sustain this invasion forever..

4 months ago
Reply to  Greg

The way to contain Southern Border is by adding a lot more people to guard the border and on 7/24 basis. The Wall helps in a few places, but these people know how to get around/through the wall.

PD Raoulio
5 months ago


Have a Stellar Day!

6 months ago

If we have an honest government that isn’t power hungry, we Americans can deal with anything else.

6 months ago

It all starts with changing the minds of those brainwashed/indoctrinated into the leftwing/progressive way of diseased thought. That change cannot happen with a corrupt and biased media that will not allow free exchange of information. Todays media is our biggest challenge, and foe.

Angela Patterson
6 months ago

I was torn between the Biden administration and the woke agenda, options. There is no doubt we have a dangerous President in office.

kim G
6 months ago

The media keeps us from open investigations and information on all the other items which are of EXTREME concern!! We need to have Americans know about the left agenda, the Biden abuse of power, the China factor coming into america and what is really happening in Russia. Where is fair reporting and investigations to get to the TRUTH!!

6 months ago

The media gives cover to every assault on our Republic. This administration could not get away with most of their harmful policies if the media would report facts with impartiality.

Jeanne Flanagan
6 months ago

Along with the current administration and it’s push of radical liberal ideals, the greatest threat to American is the animosity within the country and the division it is creating. Does the saying a country divided cannot stand ring a bell?? America can defeat enemies and overcome problems if we can get back to disagreeing without hatred.

6 months ago

Our porous border is a huge threat. Just recently a long time restaurant in a border town closed. In 19 years they had 1 break in. This year they have 5 committed by illegals.

6 months ago

The Biden administration is part of the redical liberal left. It is a subset of that category. They are all appalling.

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