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What Concerns You the Most About Health Care? (choose 3)

Thursday, November 7, 2019 Nov 7, 2019 157
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Government involvement bothers me most. They destroy everything they touch.

V. Gamble

Medicare for all bothers me the most. If this happens seniors will be at the bottom of the list for care or certainly have less freedom than we have now to select care givers and when to seek care.


What concerns me the most about my medical care?
The possibility of the Washington, DC, bureaucracy running the entire U.S. medical services sector.
That choice wasn’t on the poll, but would result in the lion’s share of the listed concerns.


My top choice isn’t on the list…Government involvement. The ENTIRE problem with our health care system is government involvement. Get government out (they constitutionally have no authority to be involved in the first place) and the market will smooth out all the rough spots.

Calvin Baker

What really scares me is how many people are willing to allow the government to control their health care when all models of socialized medicine have failed to provide people with good quality health care

Dan W.

What concerns me most about my future healthcare is ending up with a medical condition that requires some type of custodial or nursing home care and not having the money or sufficient long term care insurance to pay for it.


All of the above have some relevance. We definitely DO NOT NEED OR WANT the government handling all of the health care. Then again that would be great for all of the bureaucrat flunkies that would benefit from all of the “positions” needed to run the program.

Helen Corey

What bothers me most is voters have right in front of their eyes how government controlled health care for all would work. BSanders, a government official loyal to his party, got his heart surgery in a day. Under health care for all, the ordinary working class person, would be sent home to die. Let them take an aspirin would be government solution or wait 6 months.


I wonder how our health care system will fare, under any Socialist plan, when doctors suddenly realize they work for the federal government for less pay than they receive now. That’s all we need—surgeons with a grudge and a scalpel!

Darlene Landberg

I am frustrated that we are not able to find the doctors we need to see for thyroid care and back and neck pain. We are having to wait for months to get an appointment. Then we have to travel to other cities to receive the care that we need
If you go to urgent care or emergency care, they never give you medication for your recovery. You have to see your doctor for the medication, which takes 3 to 5 months to see. We have a huge shortage of doctors in many areas of the country. I also think that Obama care gave all the power to the insurance industry and we have lost much of the treatment we had before. We are an insurance poor nation.


E – All of the above…..

Carol M

Government control

Kathleen McIntyre

My experience has found medical care has morphed into “self serve”. I almost always know what is ailing myself or family member, If it is not treatable with home care, I just need the medical staff to confirm it with a diagnostic test. I have also researched any prescription drugs and doses that may be necessary to treat the issue. Our current health care system needs a fix, for sure.


Reading about too many mistakes made by Dr’s and nurses. Like, a nurse giving 10 residents of a group home insulin when it was supposed to be a flu vaccine or worse.

Hoss Smith

Easy answer to what concerns me; Socialism/Democrats (means the same thing) and anything the government touches.

L Beam

The biggest concern I have is: What or Who are behind Pharmaceutical design and development; why are their products the only tools physicians are using, (Best Evidence tied too closely with huge pockets – alternatives such as acupuncture too foreign for mainstream).
Why is the aim to ‘control symptoms’? Physicians are scientists. They used to aim to cure. Our system accepts diseases and in turn, lines the pockets of an ever growing medical “norm” that is completely insatiable.


It wasn’t a listed choice but my main concern today is the Leftists Democrats destroying Medicare by attempting to give it to everybody in American, including Criminal Illegal Aliens.
Or at least that is what most of the Democrat candidates for POTUS are supporting today.

Les Jones

So agree with Arnie that the biggest worry is that the government (who recently “lost” my federal tax check, although it was debited from my account) would take over everyone’s healthcare. I lived in two countries with socialized medicine. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Gary🚜 Bennett

I just had an experience with medicare for the first time in 2019. Actually it was also my first hospital experience too. I had good care but it is shocking how incomprehensible the billing system is!!! What a mess!! I’ve received a few summaries from medicare during a three month process but it doesn’t make any sense. I expected to receive statements itemized like going to a Menards store. Such and such service costs such and such dollars. Medicare pays for this or not. No such itemized bills seem to exist. With poor statements comes inefficiencies!!! We don’t seem to have any choice about any procedures!! The doctors say do so and so , they do it, but we never really know what’s being charged for each procedure at all!! Then the medicare statements are terrible to explain any details either!! My care and the staff were fine but I… Read more »


As Big Brother becomes more involved in healthcare and health insurance red tape goes up and access/quality goes down. This has been true since the invention of Medicare—supposedly insurance (so lousy that you need supplemental coverage from the private sector) but really another “transfer of wealth” (read looting) scheme. Theft and fraud is rampant, but Big Brother counts these as “benefit payments” whereas private insurers would have to account for such losses as operating expenses. As usual with government programs the solution proposed for incompetence and mismanagement is expansion of government control. The whole of what DC masterminds have created needs to be reconstructed along constitutional lines, but we are so used to DC usurpations we don’t even bother to discuss limits on its power anymore.