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What Concerns You the Most About Health Care? (choose 3)

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2 months ago

The correct answer is Lack of Competition.
The other 15 problems are the result of this.

1 year ago

Big pharma systemic lies, such as (1) WHAT EXACTLY IS IN THOSE MANDATED VACCINES? (2) Do they care more about their obscene profits than about the American people (especially children?) and (3) Why is NO TESTING done on vaccines, except post-injection health records of vaccinated individuals?

John L Rabbitt
1 year ago

My wife has had to go through 4 minor surgerys for potential skin cancer. The total amount of time in surgery for all 4 was less than 1 hr and all out patient. So far total medical cost over $60,000 incluing one lab test that they want $8500 for. Medical cost must be brought under control. There seems to be zero control over escalating costs. Proper management, shared disagnostic centers, and accountability are a must if there is any chance of affordable health care no matter who pays for it.

1 year ago

Government involvement is what’s destroying the healthcare industry. It increases costs and reduces coverage for normal Americans while giving increasing freebies to vote-selling Democrat constituents. The private sector and states are a safer place to work out health care priorities. The federal government masterminds destroy everything they touch.

1 year ago

The power of Big Pharma to squelch research of
natural medical treatments ( such as stem cell)
and medications.

Joe M
1 year ago

Total control of health care by Big Pharma buying votes to pass a law so your doctor cannot use anything to treat you with except something made by a Pharmaceutical !
Most of the time these drugs are not studied long enough to be safely used ? This has to be changed ! New discoveries made by medical Universities have forever been ignored !
There have been many discoveries over the years that cure almost anything that are being hidden from us ! Cancer is being cured with no side effects in other countries ,not this one !
The FDA is no longer working for us ,at least two thirds of their funding comes from Big Pharma now ! We need to educate people about the lies. Wake up America !!!

John Bothwell
1 year ago

If competition between hospitals and competition among Doctors occurred prices would drop. Just like regular business. If insurance companies were allowed to cross state lines and let us pick and choose between all 50 states it would lower insurance costs. Choice only matters if the above happens.

1 year ago

that the government would have their own and separate healthcare insurance. they must have the same co pay, deductible, and out of pocket expense as I have. but now the crooks steal from the taxpayers.

Morris E Meacham
1 year ago

My review of all previous comments leads me, and perhaps you too, to believe that no currently talked about plan is best for each individually. Reason being the same reason why one shoe will not fit all feet! What we all would like to see is quality healthcare for each of us at no cost to me individually. This method of providing supply to meet demand does not work and the result is always the same regardless what industry or trade. Supply will disappear, quality first followed by quantity. The demand for most products and especially healthcare will grow. The result is catastrophe! What I believe is quality healthcare will be available to each with an acceptable cost to each and to all (government) if combined with proper regulation of the supply side and of insurers and especially lobbyist. Space will not allow for details however this plan as I envision it would be designed very much like the Medicare Advantage Plan. Suppliers will be paid by private insurers. Private insurers will receive their income from fees from each covered participant with subsidy available to those in need similar to that currently available to current Medicare Advantage participants (This is the only area of participation I envision by government). There will be no additional cost to participants or government! I am not affiliated with any special interest except by membership in Amac. I am not a lawyer and not a politician; just an American, currently receiving my healthcare via Medicare.

1 year ago

Medicare has been around since about 1968 (Johnson) & is very important to most retirees especially the middle class (as I understand the lower class can get Medicaid ??) . Therefore , the percentage of medicare taxes should be raised now to keep this program intact in the future. It is not so much as an entitlement as some money back from taxes I have paid. Also, I would take the ceiling off wages that pay into Social Security plus raise SS taxes a small percent to keep this available in future. Again, this is not an entitlement as I have paid taxes on this my entire working life.

Denise Welder
1 year ago

The drug companies, and all of the corruption.

1 year ago

What no one addresses is that Medicare, as it stands now, is not “FREE” for seniors. We pay a portion of Part ‘B’, as well as some sort of supplement plan. And we have WORKED for years to get this benefit. What the crazy Democrat Socialists are proposing is MEDICAID, which will literally put many doctors and hospitals out of business. It would be a disaster

1 year ago

I agree with my brothers and sisters who are concerned with Government Involvement or Government Control. I’ve worked very closely with a branch of the Federal government for over 30 years now and I have observed the absolute destruction, inefficiency, inaction and waste that a federal bureaucracy contributes to program management. The Feds are very much like a Union, power and control to very few at the top, enormous egos and the rank and file working on their own agendas.

Nancy Anderson-Morris
1 year ago

Too many options to this question
Giving top three concerns would have helped to more clearly define concerns

1 year ago

Quality, cost and independence from government control…….We as individuals need to control our own medical needs and government should distance itself so as not to intrude…

1 year ago

All of the listed items concern me. I am also bothered by the fact that many supplemental and advantage plans are only available in or able to be used in certain areas. Any plan bought in the USA should be able to be used /honored anywhere in the USA.

Bakos Anna Angeline Angel
1 year ago

Most of us are very aware that all the negative decisions & actions are caused by Members of Congress who barter & trade their votes to lobbyists!

The ordinary American citizen cannot compete with the compensation they provide Congress to vote in a way that benefits insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies & the AMA!

Congress is corrupt, crooked & incoming members must vote with the majority or they will be shunned or never be allowed to get a bill through!

Americans are being sold down the river & nothing will be done for fear of reprisal.

America will go down & it will be a ‘One World Order’
eventually. It makes me regret having children & I sm 80 years old!

If President Trump does not win in 2020, all is lost!

Get government regulations out and let all insuran
1 year ago

Get government regulations out and let all insurance companies compete across state lines. This will make insurance affordable for all and get government out of the insurance business catch up except for disability Social Security Medicare Medicaid

1 year ago

A concern not listed is free health care for ALL! As a retired US Military member, one of my main reasons for staying in over 20 years was for the guaranteed health care such as TRICARE and TRICARE For Life. If the Democrats have their way, everyone, even those that did nothing to earn it will receive free health care! What a direct slap on the face for all US Military Retirees that sacrificed over 20 years of service so that they could EARN medical care coverage at virtually no cost to them.

1 year ago

Keep our Goverment out of health care. They screw up every program that I can remember in my 80 years. Let competition reign. Have Gov’t set common sense standards for quality and transparency only.

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