We wish to assess our member knowledge, use, and views of social media and technology for a possible future article. Check ALL with which you agree.

Thursday, January 2, 2020 Jan 2, 2020 224
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Tom M

Many times I want to go back to caveman times. I don’t agree that technology is the best thing to happen. You cannot trust it and those behind it. It’s more about manipulation and control than anything else.

Brian B

As cell phones have become ubiquitous it’s not surprising that social anxieties and suicide among youth have increased exponentially. Living a life that is filtered through the deceptive eye of social media isn’t living at all. I use my cell phone every day, but resent having this appendage dictate my routine. I use it as a tool ……not a master. Americans have become like cattle in a stockyard. We indolently feed upon the convenience of technology.

Adam Christianson

Social media is destroying our nation and society.

They have taken our money over the years and suppo

I’m glad there is a competitor for AARP. They have taken our money over the years and supported liberal causes and I don’t understand that. However I haven’t seen as much of that liberal garbage coming out lately.


Have dispensed with Facebook back when they started controlling replies to posts. Don’t tweet for the same reason. I’d don’t allow others to have control over what I say.


I have never used or subscribed to FB, Twitter or Instagram. Do not believe any of them are a good thing. I do live rural, so must shop on-line for needs as there isn’t much in our little town. Do use a cell phone in case of emergency, but only when we leave. Still have a land line in case we lose electricity. Do not trust media news, so read conservative news on line. Am grateful for AMAC and am disgusted that AARP contributes to left-wing anything! Pray for our president and country every day.


Do yourself a favor and find Dr. Robert Epstein’s interview with Glen Beck on Utube. He is an expert on social media and their political bias. He asserts they will be able to shift public voting in Our 2020 election by as many as 10 million votes. It is chilling…


If you trust modern technology, you’re putting your trust in the hands of fools and LIARS. You think your information is safe? Think again…

Kathleen McIntyre

Life is about choices. 😀👍


My I phone is my business phone number. My tablet is how I receive my job confirmations. My laptop is my tool to look at load boards. My PC is to play games, and read articles. All except tablet are used for E Mail and texting. It has always been a changing world, but as a professor once told me back in the 70’s “any communications with others is always bias, but if you know that bias you will seldom be fooled unless you are a fool”. You can not put your head in the sand or someone will kick you in the other end that is sticking out (that is from my quote).


I noticed that the questions didn’t include having a desktop computer. When my old (in computer years) laptop needed replacing, I returned to having a desktop, mostly because my laptop was used at my desk almost exclusively. I have a bigger monitor – which I need at my age – and more capacity, all at a lower price. If I may be allowed to tell a story, I was in a store where the salesman was one of those great guys who remembered everyone’s name and was always friendly. We were passing the “Contractors Desk” when he heard an older fellow say something about “just too slow and the memory’s not like it used to be.” The salesman said something like, “Well, Bob, we all do that when we get older” and “Bob” said (the area I live in has lots of German descendants, many still speak with a German… Read more »


I shop online because our small town leaves me no option any more.

Robert from Naples

Changing technology is a fact of life that we will have to live with and adapt. Unfortunately “The Few” abuse it and cause mistrust.
I will not use Facebook, Google or Amazon. I realize that they can gather whatever they might want in the way of personal data, but
I am not going to help them do it. The almighty dollar and control is what governs, so to that end we must steer our monies to the
news and financial sources that have the best possible reputations. Hopefully those sources that don’t get this message will dry up
and disappear.

Edward Vaughn

I think social media is invading to many people lives personally it is a invasion it will lead to the rights we have and also it is to easy to steal from you to much of your information is out there big tech companies do not protect you


The possibility of the current technology to be abused scares me. Security systems that listen in to your home 24/7, the same systems can be armed and disarmed via radio signal (Smart phone) that the FCC has mandated is public domain. Our cars can be interfered with remotely by companies like “On Star” and its equals. We have seen videos of police being able to request remote braking of vehicles being pursued. The “Blink and Ring” cameras can also be remotely accessed electronically allowing any hacker to watch the schedule of the residents coming and going to plan a break in and remotely turn off the alarm. I just don’t trust that these things will not be misused. And for people to knowingly install open microphones like “Alexa” to listen to their every conversation or intimate moment is beyond me.


No conservative should be on Facebook (who owns Instagram, YouTube and wechat). Facebook has assigned all users a score as to if they are conservative or liberal and then sell data , share it and attempt to manipulate users. Twitter controls, manipulatesand censors free speech also. Email content from hotmail, gmail, etc is scanned and monitored by libs. Should support conservative alternatives like prontonmail. The more users they get the better product it will become.


I have no use for social media. My wife uses it daily to connect with family and friends and to argue with idiot strangers. If it’s important I’ll see it in the newspaper or on the local broadcast news. Otherwise I’d I want to connect with family or friends I’ll see them in person, give them a call or (God forbid) write them a letter.


I use an iPad daily even though I have a laptop. The laptop is used for projects requiring. Spreadsheets or graphics. I only look at Facebook occasionally to see family and close friends posts. Unsubscribed to Twitter.

E Stahl

The items that got the most votes coincide with my answers, So I must be normal

Phil Robertson

We’ve been working down in a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico for several weeks now and have been amazed and somewhat disquieted in observing the use of cell phones by the indigenous people here. 20 years ago these people talked to one another and such technology was not to even be imagined. . .