We wish to assess our member knowledge, use, and views of social media and technology for a possible future article. Check ALL with which you agree.

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John Gannon
1 year ago

Today’s technology is great but to depend on that entirely is crazy, Solar flares, natural disaster, all the technology you have then that depends on computers won’t help you serve – need basic knowledge- example when power goes out many store employees can’t even open registers or take cash money back without calculators- Computers etc should never be totally depended on

1 year ago

Social media –proven to be a “downfall” to many.

Ron Adame
1 year ago

Don’t forget health care, at least, have a plan

Concerned Larry
1 year ago

Google search engine manipulates political search results (affecting elections), but Bing and Yahoo do not.
See Robert Epstein, American Institute for Behavioral Research & Technology, article in Politico dated Aug 19, 2015,
Or download the National Academy of Sciences paper “The Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME) and Its Possible Impact on the Outcomes of Elections” dated Aug 4, 2015 [use Bing to find it, NOT Google],
Or watch the Life, Liberty, & Levin interview of Robert Epstein aired on 09/08/2019

Keith M.
1 year ago

I do not trust any of it. Seems every day you heard some company or bank gets hacked into & all your personal info has been stolen & then sold on the web. I do not trust the tech crap at all…….. You just get screwed & loose what you had, bank account, 401K, IRA if you have one you can even loose all your health care benefits. In todays world you cannot trust anyone at all. I’d rather have lived and died at least 300 years ago.

Kathy R
1 year ago

I use almost everything. I decided that as long as I am aware of the risks involved I can make it work to my advantage. The common thread of people changing their views from liberal to more conservative is curiosity that leads to independent research. It is those who blindly follow without checking facts that are deceived.

1 year ago

Mass Media invades our privacy.

Michael D. Gillis
1 year ago

If you don’t want something out there in social media forever, don’t post. it’s that simple. Treat everything you do on your computer, smartphone emails, etc as going public.

1 year ago

When cell towers are busy or down, I communicate with amateur radio. Medical support group for the Minnesota to Wisconsin Aids Ride found this useful when going through a remote section of the Elroy Sparta trail.

Bob H.
1 year ago

I don’t social media anything….E-mail only and occasional phone call via my flip dumb phone. Social media providers rob people of their personal information then sell it for billions of $$. What a scam…and people suck into it. 5G is a JOKE!! 5G transmits at such a high frequency and speed that it can only travel about 1-city block, then needs a repeater to retransmit another block. So, how many repeaters does it take to call from N.Y. to Cal.?? And at what cost?? #1 US problem is FAKE NEWS media from lying Democrat politicians and their followers. This is a BRAINWASHING technique from Hitler’s propaganda machine. It worked for Hitler and is working for Democrats. All hiding behind “Freedom of the Press”. SORRY, brainwashing is NOT FREEDOM of the PRESS!!! FCC needs to pull their news broadcasting licenses.

1 year ago

Cancelled my Internet connection because I was essentially paying to be harassed and wasting too much time housecleaning my accounts. My experience with Facebook? Way too invasive. After joining to contact an old flame, I started receiving phony email from friends. Very unsettling.

Sylvia Bigham
1 year ago

not a single one of these question apply to me.

Christopher W Hoyt
1 year ago

The results above are useless because AMAC did not say how many people voted in total. What we need to know is the percentage of total voters that voted “YES” on each of the questions – for example- the total number of unduplicated respondents to all questions was 21,125. Of these, 9,872 or 46.7% shop for products more on-line than in-stores, while 14,531 or 68.8% use a Smartphone near daily. Without this benchmark, all is a waste of time.

The worms eye view
1 year ago

I do not use any social media, use text and e-mail very little. The grand and grandchildren are forbidden to use phones while visiting. Most adults lack critical thinking skills and are incapable of developing independent thought. Intellectual conversation is a thing of the past. Most adults argue opinion rather than discuss the facts.
We have a responsibility to correct this behavior or lose this great nation and our freedom to the leftist ideology.

1 year ago

I do not trust devices that work on voice recognition and will not have them in my house. I used to work in IT and know how bad things can be done wit it. I am disgusted with all the totally irrelevant ads that have been popping up on Facebook and have been considering getting off of that SM.

1 year ago

Facebook, etc., are new version of Mao’s “Little Red Book.”

Helen C
1 year ago

Since MSM is biased, I trust my selected podcasts for news. Once was a Twitter user. No more. Twitter and Facebook are as biased as MSM. Also I read more books. Use OAN for cable news, although lately it is carrying Dem spokespeople more and more lately.

David P. Nelson
1 year ago

Our, present, Society is headed down a slippery slope. We Americans have got to reverse this Mind-Set.

1 year ago

Watching iPhone zombies walking into pillars, stepping in front of trains, causing auto crashes, or sitting on a bench with a friend only “speaking” via text on their respective devices, I decided that this fad is just like drug addiction: they can’t/won’t give them up. And I detest looking cross-eyed and rubbing my fingertip repeatedly across a glowing screen–I can’t tolerate either. Most of the stuff being seen or texted doesn’t rise to the level of important information; it’s just stupid babble and gossip. For those who hate American society, liberty, personal industry, and morality, the IPhone is the opiate of the masses. It takes only one message to cause widespread distribution and utter focus drawn to one spot…what a great way to hypnotize and cause lockstep reaction across a wide segment of the gullible population. . .George Soreass is pleased. NOTE: visit Whatfinger.com, an excellent news aggregator, easy to find everything!

1 year ago

There is nothing wrong with social media, main stream media, and all other forms of communication except for the lies and propaganda and manipulation. We need to attack those who abuse those systems. For example, in 1776 newspapers were the only forms of communication and lies and propaganda were fraud and not permitted. Whether private corps or not Trump should create an Executive Order that stops censoring and allows those corps to put up warning pages for content they normally would remove.

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