On Tuesday, the House passed a bill making it illegal for doctors to perform an abortion after 20 weeks. Do you think the Senate should approve it?

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89 Comments on "On Tuesday, the House passed a bill making it illegal for doctors to perform an abortion after 20 weeks. Do you think this legislation goes far enough in criminalizing abortion?"

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How about another bill that permanently eliminates Planned Parenthood!!

I think you assume that Planned Parenthood is some sort of government department or agency. It is not. Planned Parenthood is a privately owned company, so Congress can not “eliminate” them. They merely receive taxpayer money, LOTS of taxpayer money, to partially finance their ongoing operations. What Congress could do, if the GOP actually wanted to, would be to eliminate all federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Which would severely impact the company’s ability to maintain all its locations and services. Thus they would be forced to close down a number of locations or severely scale back operations across the board. The problem is with the current make-up of the members of the GOP controlled Senate, any such bill passed by the House would never get the required votes in the Senate. Too many progressive GOP Senators masquerading as Republicans, when in fact they are merely RINO’s.

But we should certainly eliminate the $400 million in tax payer funding going to them and arrest the abortionists that violate the law (selling baby body parts, letting live birth babies die after botched abortions, etc.), which would have the same effect as “shutting them down”.

In order for something like that to happen, Aardvark, the Law needs to get in there and round up everybody and into court. I’m all for not spending any of my tax money on them as it would mean I am condoning murder and the sale of body parts. Abortion should only be between a doctor and patient and no one else, not even the govt. Abortion clinics only make it easy for women to abort unplanned pregnancies for whatever their reasons, instead of allowing for their babies to be adopted by people who would love to have children but cannot have any, and giving them a chance to have a live. Girls and women should be taught how to take care of their bodies and not have them violated in any way, and not dress inappropriately to invite problems…a number of ways a female can be safe from unwanted… Read more »
Yes PP is an NGO that does get a lot of taxpayer money. Of course, it is with the stipulation that it not “fund abortions” (so it can be sold to the taxpayer that way). And PP ostensibly uses it for checkups, prenatal care, birth control, and other health related costs (so they can tell us it didn’t “fund abortion” and liberals can wield it as a weapon to say “if you cut off funding, you’re cutting off prenatal care and disregarding the health of the mother”). But even if it really didn’t DIRECTLY fund abortion it (a) funds a company whose main business is abortions and (b) frees up funds from other sources, so THEY can be used for abortions. It’s not dissimilar to the Iran nuclear deal: We boost your economy and let you carry on your business (enriching uranium) as long as you promise not to use… Read more »

PP doesn’t do prenatal care except in five California clinics. They also don’t do mammograms. They do abortions, contraception, STD testing and “counseling”. They are the nation’s largest abortion provider, doing 33600 per year, receiving 524 million dollars of taxpayer money. We mourn for the 58 people killed in Las Vegas, but abortion has killed 55 million babies since 1973. Roe v Wade.

What people do not understand in the “Pro Choice” camp is that not all of the women who seek abortions have a choice. Their family or friends pressure them to have the abortion even though they do not really want to have one. Thankfully almost all of them who come into our Pregnancy Resource Center choose not to have one, once they see the 8 wk old baby in the womb kicking their legs and moving their arms. Even though in some states, abortion clinics are by law forced to do an ultrasound, they explain the baby away by saying it is a blob or something, not getting the best picture they can of the child.

No, they do have a choice, and the choice is between killing an unborn human or coping with the frightening realities of carrying a child to birth. What they need is the kind of services that your resource center seems to offer, and I’m glad you work with them. Some churches also help. That’s where our tax dollars ought to be spent- offering non-murderous options to girls with unwanted pregnancies.

They also make millions. No more taxpayer funds.

PaulG, some would qualify registering as Communists. About the same difference as were the Communists and NAZIs of the 30s and 40s.

Planned Parenthood is registered as a 501(c) 3 CHARITY, look it up. Why should the government contribute to a charity not of my choosing, with my tax dollars?

If PP continues to dupe America into believing it is just protecting women’s rights, they MUST DO IT WITHOUT TAXPAYER FUNDS! PP is an American holocaust of innocent babies who are chopped up or sucked to death because their mothers in 99% of cases fear inconvenience at having to take care of a child, period. These children could be adopted and loved. PP is a FOR PROFIT SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

Plan Parenthood purpose is to wipe out the less fortunate soals. It’s pure evil

This is just the reverse of what you saw in “Soylent Green” for adults. I think you are spot on, It, in my opinion, is a way to cut back on government spending. Shuffle the funding.

It is so disgusting when those in Congress, the House and the Senate cannot see what abortion is…..a form of murder….and by not cutting off federal funding to Planned Parenthood, they are also “accessories” to murder as they are making it possible for women to Kill their unborn children. What is it going to take for those in Washington to see the truth about abortion….perhaps they should go to a PP clinic and actually observe an abortion in the process. I’ll bet most of them would end up on the floor in a dead faint. Maybe then and only then, will they realize what murdering an unborn child is like….that poor baby who will never have a chance to grow up and make something of her/himself later on in life. Take those lawmakers to a PP clinic and watch them observe an abortion and if it does not shake them… Read more »


Whatever works, I’m all for it.


Yes 100%

Don’t want to have a baby? Don’t get pregnant. Don’t want to get pregnant? Use reliable contraceptives or don’t screw around. There. Problem solved. See how easy that was? And it didn’t cost billions of economy crushing dollars. But, Liberals MUST complicate everything so they can solve the “problem” by piling on layers upon layers of new laws, regulations and rigidly controlling government bureaucracies. For lack of a 75 cent condom they put the tax payer on the hook for thousands of dollars and murder the unborn human being. And tear apart the country a bit more. Communism at its finest. This bogus bill is just a sop. It should read “No abortion. Period”. Human life begins at conception. There is nothing else that the egg/sperm combination can possibly become. The human life cycle: conception, gestation, birth, growth, aging, death. Interrupt it by any means other than natural causes, accident… Read more »

Remember the morons who said “abstinence doesn’t work”?
Other than the virgin, Mary of Nazareth, there has never been a person who didn’t “have sex” who ever got pregnant.
Abstinence is the only guaranteed method of not getting pregnant. It’s totally effective, never fails, and is absolutely 100% free.

Oh, wait.

That’s why it’s not supported by Democrats (doesn’t give them any help with their tax-’em-more platform), pharmaceuticals (no profit to be made), and the godless and selfish “if it feels good, do it” crowd (limits their “personal freedom”). I guess that’s what they mean when they say it “doesn’t work”…it doesn’t work for THEM.

PaulG, this is such a good comment and so right on that it brought a chuckle and warmed my soul.

That’s true, abstinence is the perfect solution. But consider this day and age. There’s just no way to convince the youth of America or anywhere else that not doing it is the answer. Unfortunately it will be that way till the Return.

To stop making contraception available would just make things that much worse.

Contraception isn’t the perfect solution, but in today’s world it’s the next best thing.

The Bible says to be “fruitful and multiply”. Too many, including most churches, claim that the “fruitful” part means to have babies till they’re spilling out the nursery windows. In fact “fruitful” means to have the means to be able to support children. That’s another cause of abortion in the so-called third world. Too many unaffordable kids adding to already grinding poverty.

The abortion issue comes into play on a multiple of levels, political and religious as well as social.

There is so much out there as far as education and preventative contraceptives, that abortions used as birth control is ridiculous. Tax payers should not be forced to have there tax funds used to support so called Planned Parent hood. Life is preciouse children are a gift from God.

Why do the yes and no questions have qualifiers. Why can’t it just be yes or no. The senate republicans are a bunch of wusses.They can’t come together to pass anything.

I don’t know, they pass a lot of gas.

For the 95% who voted “yes” on this poll: contact your 2 Senators and let your opinions be known! Polls are interesting, but we need to let the ones with the power to change things how we feel.

I would hope that AMAC is already sharing this information with Congress. If not, they should be

I do hope that AMAC will take this to Congress so they can see how the American public really feels about PP and how we oppose to having our tax dollars go to pay for abortions when it is a form of murder and therefore, making us “accessories” to the murders.

I wonder if all the Senate Republicans are married and have children of their own??? If they are and do, then not supporting PP wouldn’t be problem to them, would it? I rest my case.

Instead of performing numerous abortions for the same woman, perform sterilization. Very cost effective , prevents pregnancy and no longer kills fetuses.

And exactly what Margaret Sanger, founder of the American Birth Control League (now Planned Parenthood Federation) recommended, and helped popularize (yes, they were done) and sought to make them compulsory for certain economic, social, and “handicap” groups.
Problem is – once they’re sterilized, you can’t make any more money off of them. Abortion and abortifacients are BIG BUSINESS.

Oops. Can’t edit a reply…
I was not agreeing that we should force sterilizations on anyone. I was simply trying to point out the irony of the whole thing…

That will happen when pigs grow wings. It is a great idea in theory, because it makes sense. However, does anything the government does make sense?

Abortion should be illegal at any staage of fetal development. The “right to choose” argument apparently does not apply to the fetus who cannot vote on the matter for 9 months. How can anyone, male or female, argue that a fetus can be killed due to “a right to choose”? How can you have a right to choose killing another human?

After all, if someone kills a pregnant woman and the fetus also dies, they are charged with double homicide. How can it be different in abortion?

What’s next, euthanasia?

Euthanasia has already arrived, my friend, in many ways.

Killing babies is never a good solution.

Don’t stop now! End the entire legalized murder.

It is horrific that an innocent baby be given the death penalty for the convenience of a woman who does not want him. Further, she most likely wants to avoid having to face the consequences of her indiscretion. There are solutions to this situation which are less traumatic and healthier. Many contraceptives are available to prevent a pregnancy–these range from pills to intrauterine devices,etc Another method is to “just say no” Reports are that this latter approach is 100% effective. One can’t be assured that after the abortion the patient won’t experience any complications either physically or mentally. Once I was caring for a young woman in the hospital who had been transferred from an abortion clinic. She lay in her bed screaming, ” I am going to burn in hell because I killed my baby.” Medication helped briefly but when the effects wore off , she resumed her agitated… Read more »

Don’t totally agree with 20 weeks ( 5 months) … I would be more agreeable for 12 -13 weeks (3 months), never into the 2nd Trimester!!!!! At 20 weeks the baby is fully developed … hell, some Premies live after being born or taken after 5 months … duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to win the PR campaign that PP is about abortions not womens health!

Abortion is murder, according to the Bible and medical science. At the moment of conception, all 46 human chromosomes are present, which will determine everything about the unborn baby from height to eye color. All that is necessary is time and nourishment, and the result will be an adult human.

Shame on those who continence the slaughter of babies in the womb for convenience. The Almighty God will take the matter up with them at the judgment.

Get rid of that Margret Sanger opporation

NO. Life is at conception after that it is murder of innocent babies!

They start with the innocent and then they can justify anything.

Justifiable to everyone EXCEPT the Creator, Almighty G_d.

I read another proof that abortion is murder and that life begins at conception in a book I am now reading that includes people telling of their near death experiences. One person who told the author of their experience told of being met while they were on the path to Heaven by an older sibling who died as the result of a miscarriage, a miscarriage they had never been told about by their parents.

The religious fervor demonstrated by the pro-abortionists slams me like a sledgehammer. They cannot even stop shouting long enough to hear the science and the facts behind the physiological damage done to the mother during an abortion, much less the psychological damage. I am almost numb to this ‘conversation’ for all their the religious stances, and abortion IS a religion that requires no proof.

Looking at this from a VERY Christian point of view, life begins upon conception. Just as soon as the sperm enters and fertilizes the egg. Abortion, is murder. Period. Anyone that votes for any abortion, no matter the timetable involved, is condoning murder. I don’t care if the fetus is two minutes old, two days old, twenty days old, or twenty weeks old, murder is murder. So therefore, in conclusion, I DO NOT think this legislation goes far enough in criminalizing abortion.

I don’t like the way the 20 week question was ask. I don’t want the 20 week limit to reduce the number of abortions but to preserve the life of a fetus that is too mature to destroy.

The hypocrisy of prosecuting someone for murder who kills an unborn child of a mother who wants her baby, and then allowing abortions is a sign of the senselessness of this generation.

I am in favor of taking steps to reduce all abortions but I am not sure that the 20 week limit does anything more than shift a number of abortions from the legal column to the illegal column.

My question is how does limiting the availability of contraception reduce the demand for abortion services ? Wouldn’t providing greater access to contraception tend to reduce the number of abortions in this country ?

Dan, I agree, end abortion. But nothing limits access to contraception except the non-user’s unwillingness to avail themselves of it. It’s there. For all.

They just need to put down the bong long enough to go get it.

Tom, I agree. The more availability of contraception, the less unwanted pregnancies, and less abortions.

That is why I don’t understand why the Trump administration just issued a rule that further limits women from having free contraception coverage through their employers’ health plans.

Churches, nonprofits with religious affiliations and closely held for-profit companies could already opt-out of providing coverage for contraception for religious reasons under their health plans. Under yesterday’s ruling, other nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies, even ones that are publicly traded and colleges that arrange for insurance for their students may now also opt-out of providing contraceptive coverage.

Isn’t access to free contraception through your employer’s health plan a good thing ?

Maybe Trump is thinking that people should pay for their own fun and accept responsibility for their own conduct.

We seem to hear a lot these days about “rights” and “it’s my body, my choice”. Okay, then carry that all the way, it’s your body and your wallet.

Make it available, yes, but someone else help pay for it? Lots of room for argument there.

A condom is still cheaper than a baggie of street dope as far as I know. And a month’s supply of the pill is cheaper than that big multi-color tattoo on the butt that someone wants so badly. Choices, choices, choices.

Abortion is not contraception, even by the mere definition of the term. It’s killing an unborn child. This bill would be a great incremental first step, but I’m sure even if passed it would be stymied by lawsuits all the way to the USSC, for years and years. Planned Murder Inc needs defunded by all government entities, and forced to operate on its own in the private sector. That would also effectively dry up its large leftist political money contribution machine, and that in turn would dry up its large socialist- democrat support from politicians on the left. But first there will have to be more elected on the Right that believes all life is worthy. So far, we’re not even close to that point.

It’s alright if it gets challenged in court. We cannot fail to act because of that. And as it is tried it will force judges and abortion supporters to face unpleasant thoughts they don’t like to have. The process and publicity is more likely to erode abortion support than increase it. And I expect it to succeed eventually in the courts.