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Supreme court Justice Anthony Kennedy retires reshape court Kavanaugh liberals block

President Trump will be selecting a Supreme Court justice to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. What is the most important factor the president should consider when making his selection? (You may select two)

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The Republic only survives through the Constitution.

The Freezing Senior

Let’s see if we can get Maxine Waters expelled from Congress – please sign the petition and help to MAGA !

Craig Hearn

We must mind that if we are going to be a constitutionally governed country we must place the Constitution above or primary to all other beliefs regarding governance.
We must mind that there are times when being constitutionally governed the Constitution will be at odds with our other beliefs.
We must mind that Freedom and Freedom of A, B, C and X, Y, Z applies to everyone. Period, exclamation point!
Freedom is not free, not easy and not fair because it is Freedom.

Brian B

The Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision of 1973 must be revisited. President Trump’s nominee for Associate Supreme Court Justice must be willing to overturn the abortion ruling that has since destroyed millions of the innocent unborn in America.
This horrible stain upon our nation is a holocaust on a par with the atrocities of Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini and Hirohito, wherein millions of innocent lives were destroyed via the tyranny of power-hungry war-mongers.
The mainstream media insist that the abortion ruling won’t be revisited because, no matter who is ultimately confirmed, the “majority” of Americans want the 1973 ruling to stand. And since the liberal MSM almost never gets anything right, the ACTUAL majority will most certainly prove them wrong.
The new Justice must be willing to revisit previous Supreme Court rulings, specifically those that have infringed on Constitutional guarantees.

Brenda E. Barry

The selection should be so amazingly outstanding the Left and Democrats would look foolish for not accepting the President’s choice.

Karen Domengeaux

Commitment to our Constitution and God’s word ; they do work together. Thank you Heavenly Father for your amazing grace and mercy You’ve shown to us all! Thank you for healing our land and bringing us back to the foundational truths this nation was founded upon! Amen!


Nominate a constitutionalist who is not afraid to rule against precedent.
Take the left to their lowest of low. Give them the rest of the rope that will completely define them for who they really are.
Problem is the coward RINOs in the senate; for job security Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski must pander to the left. Then there is the guys from Arizona one that killed repealing Obamacare, so vane, he won’t give voice back to the state for proper representation in DC and the other such a disgrace calling him RINO is too high of a standard for him.

If the republican record holds true to form, Garland will be our next Supreme Court Justice.


“… The free men of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise, and entangled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle. …”
James Madison


Stick to the Constitution! Our founders were some amazing men,they were a head of their time.


Adhering to the Constitution in the laymans terms in which it is written, NOT as they want to interpret it to say. What is says in its simplest form. PERIOD!

Bruce Viechnicki

Adhering to the Constition as written is important to the future of this Country.


If the new justice is truly committed to the Constitution (and doesn’t just parrot it during the hearings to get Congress’s ok), his decisions will take care of themselves: if a new law is repugnant to the Constitution, it gets thrown out.


Sen Ben Cardin believes the Supreme Court must reflect the will of the people. Sorry Sen but that’s why we vote for senators and congressmen . The Supreme Court Justice must reflect the CONSITITUTION and decide accordingly . Not make decisions based on what is popular. This is why judges are appointed for life and not subject to periodic elections ‼️


America is a nation guided and guarded by laws, not precedents.

Garland Young

It’s obvious we have had S.C. Members who were willing to overstep there authority and make laws rather than interpreting the contistution. 4 times come to mind. Prayer in public school Ten Comandments. Obortion Same sex marriage. I cannot find a place where our constitution spoke to any of these.

Mike H

One selection down three more to go!

Garland Young

It’s apparent we have had some in the Suprine Court who were interested in making laws than inrurpiting


While precedent is important, providing consistency and guidance, it is more important to always seek truth. Following error will lead our nation further from what is true and just.

Martin Steed

Since the Constitution is a very simple document, easy for any non-lawyer to understand, I would really like to see a non-lawyer appointed to the Supreme Court. Of course, that will never happen, but it would be a novel choice. FYI, there is no requirement for a judge to be a lawyer.

Linda Hutson

Commitment to the Constitution will include revisiting prior rulings!