AMAC has written extensively on both the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” and the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bills. Which statement most represents your opinion on both spending packages?

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7 months ago

Some of the politicians are going to get wealthier off of this bill and many states will have pork projects designed to keep Democrats in power. I feel if any politician can;’t be elected based on their own merits then they shouldn’t even be in office. But my thought has no bearing on politicians. They re dumping illegals into red states to offset the Republican influence so they’ll be in office forever.

8 months ago

This is slight of hand, playing with the price tag. The policies are more destructive than the numbers. They can play with the numbers, and get them “low enough” to look good enough to pass. But, the socialist direction of the policies pushed on America would remain the same. Change the bill to subsidize X for 3 years instead of 10, and the optics may improve, but the same progressive policies are being shoved down our throats. Don’t take your eye off the ball.

9 months ago

When most people find out that only a small percentage of this bill is actually going to infrastructure 10% it starts to look like more Government lies. Look passed the title they give it and examine the actual content. Our government has no problem lying to us. Question everything and do your research, hold these people accountable. They work for us! Keep reminding them! Demand it!

Max L. Mangelson
9 months ago

None of the possible poll choice responses really covered the poll question. One discusses the debt incurred. Others covered the individual bills. There was no response specified concerning both bills.

jim fiske
9 months ago


9 months ago

I thought it should include the option of not passing anything at this time. An examination of the current financial situation (debit & credit). A reexamination of the infrastructure projects needed to address current concerns and new technological advances. Only after all of this is studied should there be a new infrastructure bill or policy considered as needed. Those policies should be made transparent for all to see and done only if the American People Support The Bill!!!

wade mackey
9 months ago

speaking of term limits……

9 months ago

Are you kidding me? Total insanity and all sponsors should be “put away” forever.

William Edward Kelly
9 months ago


Maurice D
9 months ago

How are we more sober about incremental harmful ideology and destruction of our income, savings, pensions, speech, association, and personal security – all to perpetuate collective and divisive Alinsky deceit and harm – via all means within diabolical imaginations? Who will gain most from an “infrastructure” slush fund to build Afghan-Tajikistan wall, while destroying walls of US sovereignty and citizenship?

Steve Mather
9 months ago

These bills are just piling debt on debt on our kids and grandkids. This must stop

7 months ago
Reply to  Steve Mather

Unfortunately, once the monies are chosen for whatever, there is no way back. This country is bankrupt and no amount of taxes against the rich will help. Once Americans figured out they could legislate money, the country is doomed.

Steve Mather
9 months ago


Enuf Said
9 months ago

So the 2500 Biden fools in this survey continue to follow the fool down the yellow brick road. Out of 45,000+ responses, these people still can’t see the forest for the trees. I bet when Trump was calling for his 1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, these SAME people were AGAINST it!! Once a Democrap–ALWAYS a Democrap–regardless of HELL or HIGH WATER!! Apparently these 2500 don’t care about the future of their children or grandchildren. The “It’s all about me crowd” could care less!!

9 months ago
Reply to  Enuf Said


Denny P
9 months ago

Sad. These ” leaders ” have never read a history book or have such a large ego that they actually believe they can fix an issue that has always led to failure – EVERY time it was done. Or they have read and understood history and for some reason they believe that by bankrupting the United States, they will gain ore power and money. Regardless of what they say, power and money are their primary goals.

Fr. W Patrick Resen
9 months ago

It will ultimately cost more like $5T. It should be called the Bankrupt America Bill.

9 months ago

Amazing how the Bonehead Biden keeps moving the focus on the scandals, border invasion, hunter’s laptop, coronavirus, the Afghanistan disaster (and the Afghans who are being fast tracked to citizenship without working with us) and now lets spend more money …
I am sure I missed a scandal or two.

Steve Ridgway
9 months ago

Again..confirmed: biden should NEVER…EVER..BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE WHITE HOUSE!!

Enuf Said
9 months ago
Reply to  Steve Ridgway

I would NOT let that fool in the “OUTHOUSE”!

9 months ago
Reply to  Enuf Said

What I left in the outhouse this morning would make a better President than Biden!

Bob R
9 months ago

I still want to know what happened to Obama’s TRILLION dollar infrastructure program. For those of you with short memories Joe (sheriff) Biden was supposed watch over it. Sheriff Joe Biden is what Obama called him. Of course I doubt Biden would remember. after all its only a trillion.

9 months ago
Reply to  Bob R

Yep that was for the shovel ready jobs as I recall. They spent it shoveling BS.

9 months ago
Reply to  DanM

My thoughts exactly! I remember the “shovel ready jobs” line like it was last week. WHERE did that money go? Why isn’t the “press” asking this question?

Jim Eubanks
9 months ago

Our legislators have ran rampant over fiscal responsibility for too long. It is well past time to bring an end to blatant pork spending. They are delusional if they think we do not see past their catchy words and promises. 2022 is barreling towards these crooks.

Paul Hudek
9 months ago

The Democrats’ spending plans don’t scare me. What does scare me is their social agenda: Critical Race Theory, a woke military, ESG, and government-approved Big Tech Censorship.

Rosco S.
9 months ago
Reply to  Paul Hudek

Government SPONSORED Big Tech Censorship. Unlawful monopolization, limitation, blocking and censorship of public information.
Unlawful interference of election information and contributions of material value and collusion with specific candidate campaign organizations.
Government produced Propaganda within the USA violates federal regulations.
Use of Government resources, offices, elected officials and staff, while interfering with or colluding with others to interfere with the conduct of candidate’s campaigns is a significant violation of federal and states regulations. Blocking and censoring access to public communications platforms, broadcasts, and editorial censorship based on content is unlawful if interfering in the conduct of campaigns for elections.
Censorship and Blocking of public communications based on criteria NOT allowed by regulations places any owner of such communications platforms under the jurisdiction of FCC regulations on broadcasting, editing, and specifically collusion with government officials. Use of classified information and government investigative or intelligence personnel and assets is unlawful and requires judicial processing as such, and may constitute charges of Treason.

Jeff, CPP
9 months ago

No to both! This liberal Democratic REGIME is out of control!!!!!

Enuf Said
9 months ago
Reply to  Jeff, CPP

They never have been in control–SATAN is controlling THEM!!

Z e e
9 months ago

You have 1.1 Trillion Covid $ ~ Unspent ~ ! Call THAT $ BACK, and use IT

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