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This is normally a busy time of year for travel. How confident are you about traveling domestically for the rest of 2020?

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Joe S
1 year ago

My wife and I recently took our first car trip since Covid. We traveled through TX, OK, AK, and MO. Felt safe. In all states masks are worn, people are cognizant of social distancing, businesses are disinfecting like never before. We would travel this way again but are not as confident of plane travel yet due to tight spaces, recirculated air, etc. The most refreshing part of the trip – during one show, we sang the Star Spangled Banner. Everyone stood. Everyone sang. Refreshing. Emotional. Why. Because we are Americans. Because it is the right thing to do. At another show we sang America the Beautiful. Everyone stood. Everyone sang.

Bruce Marshall
1 year ago

My lack of confidence resides in little faith various local governments; we have seen so much Crazy King George style oppression, that I have little faith in getting and not becoming stranded by dictum.

Duane CALL
1 year ago

Once I knew how the virus was spread, I implemented protective measures for me, my wife and my 99yo mother-in-law. All of us are high risk, my wife’s mother is ultra high risk. The problem is that no one is confident in the instructions given. If one is to be confident at all they will wear masks and follow the physical distancing recommended. I say following these guidelines not because gov’t has mandated them but for personal safety. Requiring private citizens to wear masks and shut down their businesses are both unconstitutional. To my knowledge no businesses were closed in 1918-19. And physical distancing was not mentioned. Wear your mask to the ball game was the rule.

Michael D Lind
1 year ago

We go to the states and city’s that have unrest and riots. We do not feel safe driving or flying.

Mary Britt
1 year ago

I am in very good health and even though I am 77 I am very strong, I would travel by any means except cruise lines,. I have no fear of the virus, I think it is for the most part seriously overblown by a bunch of Marxist trying to destroy our way of life, and of course our President since he is fearless and is trying to protect our way of life for our kids future. Since they have no control over him they hate him. I am so tired of the lies of the Marxist left. We should be more concerned over the tyranny of the Marxist tech giants censorship than the virus. Those in poor health should care for themselves and stay isolated, but everyone else should go back to living and working. Down with the globalist Marxist,Democrats

Jane Chandler
1 year ago

Not worried about COVID, more concerned about our lunatic Governor COUMO & THE restrictions & penalties placed on anyone who is caught.
Summer season allows Family travel& reunion. Not this year, thanks To Lunatic Governors mandates. Has nothingto do with Covid, everything to do with Control,fear mungering politicians. COMMUNISM

Debbie D
1 year ago

We would not be afraid to travel because of covid19, but we are staying clear of areas in cities where rioters are controlling parts of the cities . Since the local city governments will not protect their own citizens & local businesses, we would feel unsafe. We have to travel in to Seattle at times, to see doctors, but we steer clear of known trouble spots & try to get in & get out quickly, to avoid possible personal random attacks on the street. We live east across the mountains from there & are seeing & hearing that many people are moving away from Seattle now, since the local government has gone crazy. Our state governor is also making weird rules concerning covid19. We have watched small businesses going out of business & people who have lost their jobs because of the governor’s decisions. We see most people who regularly go to church are staying home & the restrictions are making church gatherings weird. We see that people are either really afraid of the virus & are staying home or they are not afraid & with most respecting mask requirements in public businesses, are trying to get on with life & take care of their families, their homes & their businesses or jobs.

1 year ago

My concern is not infection by SARS-covid but rather civil unrest. Generally individuals I meet are friendly and cordial.
But I dread running into radical groups with no sense private property or private space.

1 year ago

I’m staying home because of the riots.

Tracy Pringle
1 year ago

Too much Nanny States now for some reason this has turned Into a political Charlie foxtrot in a big way. Quarantine from one state to another hahahahaha yes laughable absolutely no need. Maybe some of these so called experts (which are just drips under pressure) that cant even get the flu vaccine right and have to guess should ask OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) what there thoughts are about masks lol. They have been vewy vewy quiet these days. United we stand divide fall people wake up frogs in warm water

1 year ago

We need to wake up as to where we are as a Nation and what is evolving quickly. Like a “Red Dawn” screenplay, powerful , extremely well organized and numerous roving gangs of ( are you ready) Communist thugs are in every major city and many minor semi rural communities.
Seattle, Portland, LA, the go to vacation cities have nightly riots and ANTIFA/ BLM flash mobs with semi-auto weapons, explosives being used against Law Enforcement and bystanders and people just caught and assualted and murdered in the streets, andin their vehicles.
In addition, Leftist Mayors and City Councils even Governor’s of these States have made Police stand down and retreat.
You get little to no news of this on alphabet news networks, as they are in league with this insurrection.
Boycott all States and cities where rioting is pervasive and Law Enforcement has been hobbled.
Stay home and prepare and get ready to protect hearth and home. Pray for our Nation.

Last edited 1 year ago by Patrick
Charles Rezner, Ph.D.
1 year ago

I don’t fly because I think Airport Security is unconstitutional and should be applied to obvious security threats like foreigners and particularly muslims. picking on Americans who obviously are doing well is a waste of time for all. As far as the Chinese virus is concerned until things get better it is grocery, Pharmacy and Doctor. Of course Hardware store when something breaks and has to be fixed. No Hospital unless you are almost dead their Virus protocols make it an unfriendly place that only a fool would go to.

7 days ago

what about the muslims that paint their skin white and wear blue contacts and socks with sandals? better make sure to get everyone to not let them slip through

1 year ago

We usually do a road trip in the autumn sometimes cross-country. However this year, we don’t want to be trapped too far away. So if anything, we’ll go down the eastern seaboard hopefully with no problems.

1 year ago

I have no problems traveling whatsoever. However, if you must wear a mask on the plane, then I have no interest in traveling as I will not wear a mask. I can do whatever I want in my car.

1 year ago

I have a son-in-law who use to clean planes and he has advised me not to travel by plane.

1 year ago

paul m.
i want to go to Michigan to see my daughter and her family but when come back I would have to quarantine for 14 days and I’m not doing thqt.

Carla M
1 year ago

Live in a left coast state (in the saner east side) so am traveling locally this summer. Some of the places I would like to go have crazy written all over them. So staying closer to home and spending time with the g’kids. Thinking about traveling a bit later this fall or winter!

Jackie H.
1 year ago

I was considering flying into Orlando, but the crowded passengers on the planes made me reconsider. I would have been in my seat for 5 1/2 hours straight, and then the car rental counter would again expose me to lots of travelers. So…the alternative is to drive 3100 miles. whew!
The leftist politicians are taking away our freedoms left & right–each and every day. We need to fight each intrusion into our privacy and our right to live a free life.

7 days ago
Reply to  Jackie H.

actually looks like your fear of germs is taking away your freedom to travel

gerald r
1 year ago

with all the rioting and protest going on, why would i want to go on a vacation, so they can burn and loot but i will not be a part of it. so till the dems are out of office in 2020, will stay home.

Stephen Need
1 year ago

We are old with health problems.

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