USMCA tax cut

This week, President Trump announced the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) replacing NAFTA. Do you support the USMCA?

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2 years ago

All free trade agreements are backed by globalists to first unite the economies, then the government, see EU. The USMCA was created by CFR and the Deep State to form a North American Union, eventually with a single government ruling it. Eliminate NAFTA with no replacement as we should with McCain Care.

Leslie Fajardo
3 years ago

Twitter has been a great resource for the President to communicate to us what is actually happening
as well as his accomplishments. Something we could never rely on with the fake news. The libtards are having fits as he leads America to a better place.
Please get out to vote, take your grandson or granddaughter with you. Drive an elderly Republican neighbor or two to the polls. Let’s keep
this train rolling; support our president and give us a conservative majority in the House and Senate.

Michael Tirrell
3 years ago

President Trump is keeping his word and keeping his promises! All this while being attacked from Democrats, MSM, RINOS, & György Schwartz aka George Soros and his many organizations are responsible for these rallies and protests even in the United States Senate judiciary committee hearings…
God bless America God bless President Donald J Trump ??

Upstate Andy
3 years ago

Back in1992 against Clinton, Ross Perot said of NAFTA, “When NAFTA is signed there will be a huge sucking sound of thousands of jobs leaving the US!” President Trump, another non politician businessman understands the reality of these politically contrived deals created by politicians without a modicum of intelligence on the ‘mechanics of the deal’ or understanding of the long term effects of any of them. The mid term elections are a time to thin out the ‘old guard’ of politicians who are completely out of touch with their constituency. We conservatives in NY have “no representation” to talk to or ask about political items. Neither Schumer nor Gillibrand understand the concept of representing the voting public of NY, just NYC and protecting ‘rent control’ and their political careers. They have no idea what a senator should, do so consequently, ethics or ‘job/responsibility of the office’ has never occurred to them. #TermLimits for Senate & House.

Roger K
3 years ago

Sounds good but our Sovereignty is not protected.

Roberto Hoffman
3 years ago

idea muy bueno!

Michael Benson
3 years ago

Don’t forget to absentee vote or early voting if available in you state.

Norma A. Vincent
3 years ago

I don’t know what the trade agreement is so I cannot comment on this poll at this time.

Michael E. Brinson
3 years ago

I believe in the new trade agreement and everything that President Trump has accomplished

Carlos Deschapelles
3 years ago

I am absolutely sure that Trump would not sign any agreement that would not be beneficial totheUSA!

Richard Meyerson
3 years ago

The important things are that President Trump is standing up for America, is not a globalist, and is not apologizing to everyone about everything. Given half a chance by the anti-American left, he truly will make America great again for years to come. Republicans and people who care about the future of America for their children and grandchildren (if not for themselves) must vote against all Democrats all the time everywhere. Democrats vote as a bloc and will follow the lead of the radical left of their party regardless of whether or not they call themselves “moderates.” Democrats will destroy America if given the chance.

john koo
3 years ago

Nothing will change the minds of people who voted for the phony clinton.

Wanda Dorsey
3 years ago

How are we going to stop illegal immigrants from voting?

Paul McManus
3 years ago

The details of the agreement with Canada and Mexico have not been published anywhere that I have seen, I have only heard a few snippets here and there. Would like to know all the bulletpoints for all three countries.

Martin Steed
3 years ago

Although it wouldn’t have been hard to make a “better” deal than NAFTA, the President and his folks have really done a fine job of renegotiating what was a give away, especially to Mexico. Promise Made = Promise Kept!

Fred Roach
3 years ago

An expert on NAFTA opined on a local radio talk show that NAFTA needed updating badly. He said the USMCA does this admirably. He was closed lipped on just how better a deal it was for the US.

Kenneth Paul
3 years ago

Trump is the greatest. He should win like 100,000,000 to zero :-)

Louie Mellardo
3 years ago

The congress and senate don’t care how our money is wasted. They are all government workers,they get wealthy while they are there and when there done they keep getting medical that we pay for and a nice pension like all other government workers . While the citizens that pay them have to work and save to make it to retirement. Thank God for President Trump.

3 years ago

This deal replacing the disastrous NAFTA pretty much solidifies the Western countries and increases pressure on China to also reach a new trade agreement. The communist Chinese are not going to like this and will throw some tantrums – we see that already and will likely see more before it gets resolved. But the Chinese have too much to lose and will eventually have to come to a new trade agreement with the West. Their economy is already suffering the consequences of the tarrifs. How much longer they will hold out and what sabre rattling antics they will do remain to be seen.

Culturally the Chinese cannot stand to be embarrassed or admit they are wrong or lost anything, so Trump will likely need to find a way for the Chinese to “save face” when they capitulate. And when he does the Trump-hating anti-American press will jump to tout it as a victory for China over Trump, regardless what the facts are.

P & J Gerber
3 years ago

We support our President and pray for him daily. He works hard and like most hard working Americans, it is nice to see the fruits of ones labor. God Bless President and Mrs. Trump and our Vice President and Mrs. Pence. A winning team for sure!

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