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This week, President Trump announced the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) replacing NAFTA. Do you support the USMCA?

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The Freezing Senior

President Trump fulfills yet another campaign promise and negotiates a fair trade agreement on behalf of and benefitting all Americans.
Unemployment is at a low that has not been seen in decades and the economy is booming, all this in just over two years into POTUS term.
And soon we can expect that Brett Kavanaugh will be appointed to SCOTUS.
Meanwhile , the Leftists are foaming at the mouth insane with TDS – ain’t it great to be WINNING !

Now do not forget to get out and vote in November so we can CRUSH the America hating Leftist degenerates like the parasites that they are – WINNING/MAGA !

Harvey B. Rich

Promises made- Promises kept!
They laughed when Donald Trump said we were getting a bad deal from NAFTA. They said Trump has no experience in dealing with foreign countries and he would fail in getting our trading partners to give in- but they did.
What a shame that the media doesn’t give him credit.

William shaw

Trump is truly making America Great Again. Every Voter should vote Republican in our incoming election and give our President the power to get things done. He is a proven leader.

John Hinman

President Trump may be the Greatest when it comes to being Honest with all these Countries that have taken advantage of America for Decades and getting fair trade agreements, and reducing regulations to keep more work in America! He needs to now most of all get China to be fair with trade and Europe, the World has been abusing American wealth for way too long!

Tom Baker

Thank you Trump Administration. In just two years you’ve accomplished more than Bush and Obama did in 8 years. MAGA

TJ Dolotina

This President follows through with his campaign promises time and time again, unlike past presidents. Fair trade and reciprocation…..yes!

Philip Stiehl

I support everything that President Donald Trump is doing. He, in my opinion, is doing a fantastic job as our President. We definitely voted for the right man for the job.

Dr. Henry Sinopoli

This President is proving to be a very rare politician…One who keeps his campaign promises…Thank you Mr. President for withstanding a tremendous barrarge of negative, ignorant and ungratful publicity from the ‘grounded’ meritocracy of the very deep State…God Bless your family & you…

Don Smith

Anything the socialists are against is good for America!


Keep up the good work. Conservative polls are easy to answer….if the liberals are against something, it is most likely great for America.

Daniel Patterson

The best part of the deal is how Trudeau folded like a cheap suit.

Daniel Boone

Thus far, President Trump has done a masterful job of retooling or replacing all the failed, foolish dreaminess of the prior administrations. I’ve every reason to believe this agreement will be no different. As yet, however, I simply don’t know enough to have a valid opinion.

Robert E Peterson

I know nothing about the agreement, I do know our President. I trust him to only sign agreements which are good for U.S.

Leonard Brown

This story reminded me years ago…Walmart claimed most of products sold in their stores were made in America. If you shop today and pick up any items on the shelves, they are made by the CHICOM’s (Chinese commies.) President Trump should increase more tariff’s against the CHICOM’s forcing our retail giants, to stock the shelves with more American or allied products of Europe or anyone friendly to this country. We the people of America have the power to force change…it is called the American DOLLAR. Money makes things happen good or bad it’s been that way since the beginning of time. Most of us with AMAC remembers those early days when America was the power house of the world in about everything. The last 70 years we have watched our nation go down the tubes, the rich is getting richer…the poor are living everywhere. President Trump is the change….we may… Read more »

Patrick Foy

It has taken 50 years for us to get this deep into a regulation that has closed our factories, stopped our farmers from growing food and taxed our middle class citizens to the point of choosing between retirement and sending their children to college or living a life above poverty. Its going to take time to fix this mess. Let’s just pray that we hold on to America….

Mike thomas

The bigger issue than the Canada Mexico agreement is now getting more countries involved in other agreements. Which puts more pressure on China to come to the table


President Trump has a lifetime of successful business ventures. Hence, a millionaire status. He has had more experience with businesses than many other presidents, thus knows how to make informed intelligent decisions. Don’t expect these demon-cats to ever give him any credit.


I know NAFTA was bad. I trust Trump so m happy to see a new deal. Time will show the results


No wall no deal!!

Jim brown

You guys are off to a good start