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This week, President Trump announced his intentions to use an executive order to repeal “birthright citizenship.” In your opinion, who should receive U.S. Citizenship?

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Harvey B. Rich

A child born in the USA must have at least one parent who is a citizen, or be legally classified as under the jurisdiction of our country. That is common sense. Many of us had parents or grandparents who were legally admitted into the U.S. Their children should be citizens. But if a child is born from a visiting mother (tourist) or illegal parents- that child should not be a citizen automatically.
Common sense is needed here, we can’t have people abusing our laws.


The 14th Amendment was specifically designed to confer citizenship rights onto the freed slaves and their future offspring. Period. If you understand the history of the time, you would understand that the attempt to pass specific legislation via the Congress failed with President Andrew Johnson vetoing the legislation. Remember, the Democrat Party, of which Johnson was a member of, opposed conferring any additional legitimacy or rights onto the newly freed slaves, The so-called “unity ticket” of a Republican President (Lincoln) and a Democrat VP (Johnson) didn’t mean Johnson shared Lincoln’s position regarding the abolition of slavery. It was merely an attempt to create a sense of unity in a divided nation at the time. So ultimately a Constitutional Amendment was drafted to circumvent Johnson’s ability to veto ordinary legislation or future Democrat-controlled Congresses from simply rescinding ordinary legislation on the subject. No where in the 14th Amendment does it speak… Read more »

Jack Stricker

And another thing… If you aren’t a legal US citizen, forget about voting in our elections. This means local, state and national. The privilege of voting is vested in our citizens!!


A challenge to the 14th Amendment will undoubtedly arise. I don’t think the founding fathers would have extended the privilege of birthright citizenship to those families illegally crashing the gate, especially considering the fact that among those entering our country are some with nefarious intent. I could imagine a time when a few people here and there crossed the border seeking refuge from tyrannical regimes, and getting it. Women who have entered the country legally and who plan to make the U.S. their home are welcome, and their children will be citizens. But with many thousands of mostly young men, none of whom are pregnant, traveling together, and coordinating their arrival at the border….they intend nothing less than an overwhelming invasion of our country.

Linda Hutson

The children of Foreign Diplomats and Ambassadors born in the US are NOT given” birthright “ citizenship! Why in the world would the children of lawbreaking ILLEGAL Aliens be entitled! Ridiculous!


Up until the 1960’s this type of soil birth citizenship did not exist, why did we need to change when we did well without it for more than a hundred years?…The founders looked at loyalty, others attribute it to the emancipation under lincoln and some say it was for the sake of the American Indian…..I would like to see this recent thinking reversed and stop this chain migration based upon the birth of a child, it is economically one of the most stupid legal allowances we have concerning citizenship and immigration…..This is just another progressive deliberate deception that has finally been seen for what it is, another victimhood voting scam….


The unborn that was carried by an illegal is also an illegal, therefor they should not be given citizenship.

Forrest Gump

Why should WE be the ONLY country that permits “birthright citizenship”? We should be on equal standing with the rest of the sovereign nations. Also, if any non-citizens would try to bring a lawsuit against the USA, it likely will be thrown out of court as the non-citizens have no “basis” to sue us when they are not citizens or legal permanent residents.
That’s all I have to say about that.

Joann Webb

We should not take care of people from other country’s. We have people here that need help.

Terry McCann

The founders believed in the rule of law and thus illegal immigration would have never been in their thoughts on how the 14th Amendment could be used for these people. It will go the the Supreme Court and it’s about freaking time!

Cathryne Stone

According to the Founders, the 14th Amendment was to give, finally in writing, slaves the rights of any person born into the jurisdiction of the US. It is very plainly stated that someone under another country’s jurisdiction who gives birth to a child in the US, that child is not automatically a citizen of the US. There is no birthright unless the parents of said child are, at least one, a US citizen. No other interpretation has ever been given by the Supreme Court nor any other US court. No other country gives this right of citizenship either (for the Globalists). In other words, no citizen from any other country has a right to become a US citizen without going through the legal process of citizenship to assimilate in the US and adopting its laws and abiding by its culture and history, pledging allegiance to the US only. So take… Read more »


In 1972 our daughter was born in Singapore. We were both U S citizens. I was told to take the hospital birth certificate to have have it oficially approved by the Singapore government. The official stamped his seal on the birth certificate and handed it back to me and said that I would need to get her a U S passport at the U S embasy. NO DUAL CITIZENSHIP, period. In the years since, I have learned that this is normal procedure for nearly other country in the world. We were reciently in China on a tour. We took several internal flights. On each flight we had to fill out a statement containing our names, citizenship, passport number, plane flight number, city of flight origin and destination city, the hotel where we were staying, and the purpose of the flight. At our destination we handed over our passports and our… Read more »

Brian E

In my opinion, I think that any child born in the United States of a person LEGALLY in the United States should become a citizen. Those born from people ILLEGALLY here should not.

Jose P

I have always thought it nuts that a baby who by accident or by nefarious plan was born on USA soil, was granted full citizenship. This made a mockery of those who waited in line, passed tests and took an oath. The Constitution left out that the amendment was intended to grant citizenship to former slaves and their progeny. It does not mean that a citizen of another country giving birth can also confer citizenship by the location of the birth. That’s plain idiocy, always has been.

Joe Wright

Children of immigrants should be citizens at birth. Children of illegals should not have citizenship automatically.

John Morrison

I think if a child is born on United Stated soil of a parent who entered the U.S. legally, NOT ILEAGlLY should be considered a legal resident.
This would be the reward for doing things right!


If either parent is here illegaly no citizenship is my opinion


Only those who come into the country legally should have citizenship. We adopted our daughter from Korea and she became a citizen in the bicentennial year 1976.


This problem could have been solved years ago by declaring a birthing room in every border hospital as an ‘embassy’ of the foreign country the immigrant came from. Ease a flag outside the door and give birth to your new country of origin child!

F Michael Kien

Anyone whose parents are legally (not in a pending situation) in the US should have US citizenship.