Thinking about the largest technology companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google, with which do you most agree?

Thursday, December 5, 2019 Dec 5, 2019 252
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Charles Sayles
8 months ago

These big social media companies are censoring speech and have an undue influence on limiting mainly conservative speech to influence elections in favor of the Democratic Regressive candidates.

8 months ago

Personally I don’t like the government sticking its nose into business. However, one remedy would be the courts and making it easier when they have decided to ban or take some other measure to stifle your free speech right. A few good lawsuits may have a chilling effect on their political activism. If they come out openly – as Zuckerberg has, and stated they will stifle free speech then perhaps there should be some heavy fines and some type of special oversight with the company NOT THE TAXPAYER picking up the tab.

Pamela Kelly
8 months ago

The problem with the big social media companies is that they, like much of the mainstream media, are propagandists in the pocket of the political Left. I have always believed it is the job of the journalist, be it online, in the newspapers, or on television, to remain politically neutral and to give everyone a chance to speak their minds regardless of whether they agree with that person’s point of view or not. Freedom of speech as well as freedom of the press are as important as our other freedoms that we as Americans are guaranteed through our Constitution and… Read more »

8 months ago

The more government gets involved in things the more screwed up they get. The only thing regulations do is to get our elected officials more money from big corporations. They don’t help the citizens.

American Believer
8 months ago

We still have a choice to not subscribe to Social Media. Currently only 30% of Americans use big companies like Fakebook. CHOOSE where you get your information, be educated.
Government involvement has already provided ample proof they screw up everything they touch.

8 months ago

I left social media three years ago and I am very happy I did! I was attacked on my FB page which was closed to the public for sharing 2 Devotionals which I did every day.I was told by some faceless communist at FB that I was a threat to their Global community and Globalist agenda! I took that as a sign that it was time to leave for good,I closed my account.Well then they sent an email wanting to know why you close your account. I burned my bridge. I told them I never want to be part of… Read more »

8 months ago

These companies have unwittingly become the modern day public square. As such they should be forced to comply with First Amendment guarantees.

8 months ago

Seems that anytime the feds get involved in a business it makes it worse. We have laws and all they (govt) should do is enforce those laws.

Vicki Entrekin
8 months ago

As much as I don’t like the influence that these companies have, the government needs to stay out of it. If ‘the people’ don’t like their actions, then they have the freedom (at the moment anyway) to start their own companies to compete. I’ve heard the big tech companies are hoping that the government does step in and regulate, since they are already established, it would be harder for a new company to try to build and compete with them. The federal government has too much power as it….. do NOT give them ANY more. Let us, the people, come… Read more »

Robert Anastasia
8 months ago

Agree with Charles Sayles. Congress needs to protect the First Amendment while making these platforms responsible for the content they publish.

Press ONE for English
8 months ago

Social media is purely optional. If you don’t like it don’t use it. I don’t, never did, never will. I email my friends and that is enough but even that is far from perfect from a security perspective. For now, that’s the answer. Boycott those providers you find objectionable. But note I said “for now”. The real answer here is to develop competing forums and electronic gathering places. We’ve left this much too late and now the bar to entry is very, very high. But continuing to do nothing will only allow things to become worse. One approach that is… Read more »

Gene Stevens
8 months ago

Most everything the federal government gets involved in trying to regulate turns out to be a disaster.

8 months ago

The government should enforce the laws that exist to protect privacy and expose false statements.

Maurice D
8 months ago

Praise to AMAC; Pamela K.; Cookiepress and Charles S. Americans are wise, yet, how can we benefit – realize true freedom and joy – when we’re misled by foolish, faithless, warped Tech-Execs; propagandists; lawless lawmakers, mendacious “reporters,” phony celebs, “lawyers” and “judges” void of fiduciary duty, fidelity and integrity?

8 months ago

If enough people don’t buy their stuff they will have less influence. Don’t do Facebook. Buy some other phone or notebook other than Apple or Google products. In most cases there are alternatives. But unfortunately most people don’t put their money where their mouth is.

8 months ago

If one supports government control over private industry, that person cannot call themself a political conservative. Use the free market to move these companies’ behavior. Or Start your own company to profess conservative ideals.

Ralph Pinney
8 months ago

While I despise these companies and how they are getting away with censoring conservative information I also don’t like the government trying to run this.

Skip Hellmig
8 months ago

Add to your list pharmaceutical companies and energy providers as groups to watch.

Robert J Stitt Sr
8 months ago

I did not answer any of the options because they were not appropriate.
I do not think the federal government should have any more power than they already do. The companies are too big but there has to be a better way to solve the problem rather than turn it over to the feds .

8 months ago

Looks like the liberals are in the lead once again.
For this site to be an alternative to the AARP leftist site, there sure are a lot liberals here.

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