Thinking about the largest technology companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google, with which do you most agree?

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Matt Hines
1 year ago

There should’ve been another option in the choices. Congress is protecting the social media conglomerates with the Communications Act. Facebook, Twitter et al. are protected from liability as an ‘open platform’. However, they are not an open platform and violate those terms repeatedly by censoring views they disagree with. Also, they are violating the Sherman Anti-trust Act and Clayborn Acts. It is not a matter of government interference it is a matter of limiting their liability so they can not libel and censor conservatives.

1 year ago

The big tech have already proven themselves to be Marxist so how much more watching should the government do? Get rid of them once and for all!!!!

don draper
1 year ago


1 year ago

Having the federal government keep an eye on anything is a very stupid idea. They can’t even run the post office let-alone what over some big tech companies!

1 year ago

the government should treat amazon, google and all the rest as cartels and limit their power like it did years ago to the railroads, meat packing like armour, swift and others.

B. Kelly
1 year ago

Corporations run America and they are ruining America. The politicians are nothing but big corporation’s puppets in Washington. Do we really think a puppet is going to go contrary to the puppeteer?
Down with the bourgeoisie! Down with the bourgeoisie!

1 year ago

Ma Bell was a mess!

1 year ago

I believe the organizations should have to file as Political Action Committees, as their behavior indicates they have become so!

Michael C
1 year ago

Everyone should watch the film “The Creepy Line” to understand how powerful the bias of these social media giants is in swaying an election. Unfortunately, none of your three choices in this poll will do a thing to curtail that influence. Breaking them into smaller chucks just means multiplying the choices for propaganda. Congress needs to act to make it illegal to sway opinion by skewing search engines toward one opinion only, or other activity that is hidden to the victims of such tactics. At a minimum, congress should force admission of bias up front. Not sure what all can be done – but we’ve been losing this battle long before Google, Amazon, and Facebook showed up. Read your children’s ‘socialist-studies’ or civics books for example. (Make it easy – start with 3rd and 4th grade – any publisher – you can’t miss it.) Radical leftist ideology has take over all major sources of information – not just the Fake News media giants.

Doug Eaton
1 year ago

Apple has significant competition in the marketplace I.e Samsung, Microsoft etc
Amazon also has competition, Etsy, EBay, Overstoc, CraigsList etc.k. I am not as sure that their competition is as significant.
Google basically controls its marketplace and should be exposed to monopoly like restrictions.

1 year ago

If social media companies take actions on a political basis, they should be held accountable to equal time rules. If you suspend a post from one side, they should remove a post from the opposite side.

Sylvia Wilkins
1 year ago

I remember when ma bell was forced to break up because was too big and cable companies now companies can have monopolies and no one is concerned The tech companies brag that they can influence voting and they already influencee what is purchased and politics . and they do not monitor themselves

Dr. Scott
1 year ago

I remember when President Reagan said that the scariest words any American can hear is,
“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
That said, I don’t know the answer to this poll. I don’t have nearly enough information and facts about this topic to truly know what if anything is needed. I voted Not Sure.

Rob J
1 year ago

When these companies ‘ Offshore ‘ their jobs, especially to countries who are often hostile to the USA, then YES, break-them-up.

1 year ago

IMHO, the US government should not regulate such businesses but should be active in monitoring their operation where it might be advancing a corporate agenda rather than serving their customers best interests. This must include investigating private party complaints. When unethical operations are verified, significant penalties must be extracted. i.e. Google search results for popular conservative items frequently list the key results on page 6 or higher of the search results, while non-political search engines show these key results on the 1st page. At this point Google should be required to comply with Fair Political Practices and report as a political entity.

1 year ago

I’m sick of these companies screwing over conservatives free speech. They are a far greater threat to our republic than foreign interference in our elections.

1 year ago

Ordinarily I am against government involvement HOWEVER each of the referenced social media forums are ACTIVELY suppressing Conservative free speech ( I have personally experienced with two of them). We need both to stop supporting them and the government needs to put some teeth into an action plan to stop this suppression

1 year ago

The question should be what laws should be passed and who will be accountable when big tech companies create algorithms that are designed to influence voter outcomes. Try typing Obama scandals in google, no drop down selection appears. Then type trump sca, trump scandal appears in drop down selection. When I do the same for Biden 2 wiki page drop downs appear even tho there are numerous articles written about Biden’s dealings in Ukraine. By action the Obama administration is one of the most corrupt in my life time but you wouldn’t know it by Google, the most use search tool in the world.

William Chesson
1 year ago

Congress should take away their immunity from lawsuits, and declare them as the editorial entities they have become. This would solve the problem of stifling conservator free speech. Example: Nick Sandman, from Covenant high school. I could go on.

Greg shears
1 year ago

Social media sites like Facebook and companies like amazon are destroying our way of life. More and more people are sitting on their fat rears and spreading hate and lies on Facebook while amazon is destroying our brick and mortar stores. It’s the self centered me generation that’s helping these companies succeed. More and more people doesn’t know how to interact face to face with people or function in public. I call them keyboard warriors, they hide behind their keyboards and say things that they wouldn’t dare say to your face. I say bust them up. (TRUMP WINS IN A LANDSLIDE 2020)

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