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What do you think of President Trump’s forthcoming meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in May?

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Douglas LaGier

Trump has the experience of making deals. He knows he is meeting with an lying Degenerate Intolerant Sanctimonious Hypocrite but, he has dealt with the democrats so he has a lot of experience.

David Senn

I believe that Trump knows what he is doing. It was his tactics as a “no nonsense,” “put up or shut up” leader that brought the N Koreans to the table in the first place. Trump knows who he’s dealing with and knows how to deal with bullies – unlike our last 3 presidents. I only wish that our media and the Trump critics would just let Trump work his magic and stand with him and cheer him on instead of trying to stop him at every turn and question every move he makes. He knows more about what he’s doing than any of his critics realize. Let’s let our president help us “Make America Great Again!!”


I think he should not forget Dec 11 1941..Japan was talking with the US when they bombed Pearl Harbor


Never trust a commie .


The main stream media (Pravda) declared that Reagan was pushing The Soviet Union to war! They were wrong then and are wrong now. History will show Trump as one of the most important Presidents in our history, turning the government back to the “people” and away from the ruling class.


Despite Kim Jong Un’s intention, whether honest or dishonest and deceitful, Trump earns a ‘Win For The Free World’ by making the effort to discuss nuclear weapons ambitions and related dangers posed by KJU’s radical behavior and threats against several nations. If Un doesn’t agree to disarm and stand down, Trump walks away with a lesser win because he put forth the effort to discuss the matter, face to face. In turn, more nations will align with the US and Japan against NK, possibly including Russia. It is still unlikely China would turn against Un, but they would have to back down from any support they might give him if they faced a stronger alliance against KJU, seeing the results of the honest, respectful negotiation discussion by Trump. If Un realizes he cannot win against the Free World, and especially against The Art of the Deal-er, and sets aside his… Read more »

dr. Michael J. Deeb

Pre-conditions should include release of all Americans held in NK jails. POTUS sb willing to walk out on NK if necessary.

Dean Alan Schrickel

I think if Clinton had ignored him in 1993 the Kim dynasty would have ended up on the ash heap of history and many Korean lives would have been saved! The problem now is they have technology and no currency! What group will they try to sell the technolgy to?

John A

If Trump ignores KJU’s offer to talk, that might be NK’s excuse to fire missiles at someone, probably SK. Of course NK isn’t sincere, but it will be interesting to see what comes out of the talks. Obama ran around the world talking to any crazy regime that he wanted to…Cuba…Iran…the Palestinians….and the media loved it….because it was their precious Obama. He only did it to put himself in the limelight; it had nothing to do with furthering the interests of the US or of mankind. (How much have living conditions improved in Cuba?) Trump isn’t Obama (Thank God!), and he won’t give away anything unless KJU gives up something of value to us and the rest of the world. All Obama cared about was how his actions placed him in history. Trump, despite his various shortcomings, wants to GET THINGS DONE….and, while there are no guarantees of success in… Read more »

Brian B

I am uncertain that a meeting between President Trump and Kim jong-un would be productive for American interests. It would give leadership credibility to Kim as the media makes it’s usual attempt to portray Kim as earnest and reasonable………and persecuted, while ignoring the truth that he is a slave-holding butcher and war-monger. Kim will most certainly capitalize on the publicity with his usual deceit and propaganda.


Un is a sly character who looks for prominence on the world stage; the Olympics gave him his latest opportunity and he reveled in it. He has proven unstable, untrustworthy. Had he not acted as he has, firing missiles all over the area and having his stiff-legged marches with armaments, he would never have been considered for a meeting with President Trump. He is happy to go so he can have sanctions lifted (after all, he fooled Carter) and to show the world how very important he is. Whatever comes of the meet, this one has things wrong with him that are not susceptible to fixing. I think the President knows this.

John G.

The first order of business is to absolutely trust no one. Looking back in time , to December of 1941 while purporting to make nice with America, the Empire of Japan was launching an attack on our naval and military forces in Hawaii. The meeting in May should be held in a neutral venue and there should be negotiation not only for total denuclearization of North Korea’s weapons, but also a formal peace agreement between North and South Korea. In its present state North Korea is in no position to make demands. Simply stated, North Korea has to comply or suffer the consequences.

Bob L.

Harry Truman got it wrong while he was potus. He followed the UN’s direction and allowed North Korea to exist when he fired General MacArthur and pulled back to the 38th parallel. As a result, millions of Korean lives have since been lost to a vile, repressive regime and the war only on hold to this day since it has not been formally ended.

Elena Tellez

I would NEVER trust Kim Jong Un — he is an unstable, murdering psychopath. I recall Japan was in conferences with the U.S. when they hit Pearl Harbor. BUT I trust Trump, Gen. Mattis, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will take everything into consideration and be prepared for any eventuality. I believe in dialogue with the enemy, but hope we don’t give in on any points which benefit America. Kim is cash-poor; we need to squeeze him and his puppet regime even more. Actually, someone needs to kill this evil one — maybe one of his own people.

George Brodrick

I believe some good will come out of this meeting. Our President is a great negotiator so I say peace may rule over nuclear arms buildup. Kim may want to be rid of all the economic sanctions
The question remains whether Kim will build up his agriculture, infrastructure and citizenry. Or use the sanction relief for further nuclear buildup. Whatever the negotiated agreement, it must be enforceable and maintained with consequences written, agreed upon and signed.

Jon Floto

I would like to see South Korea included at some point


Three out of four are true statements. While I hold little hope in the Norks giving up their nukes, the country is suffering mightily and I think the time is right for pressure on L’il Kim personally. I know his intentions are to retain power, let’s see what he is willing to give up to survive.


North Korea has never lived up to any agreement, they will take the cash and continue developing nuclear weapons.

Marvin H.

Once again a poll with options that are too narrow and somewhat leading. Unlike too many elections where the choice comes down to voting for the least wrong option I chose not to vote. I think there are pieces of multiple answers that could ultimately be the outcome but we’ll just have to wait and see. Has Kim proven to be unpredictable? Absolutely! Could an agreement be historic? If it works out then yes, but I personally don’t think the odds are great. Is Trump in a position of power to negotiate the reasonable resolution? I would like to think so because of the sanctions and the position of strength we have used in handling this situation so far but with Kim, who knows? I’m just going to take a wait and see attitude but honestly none of the outcomes will surprise me. At the least I feel more confident… Read more »

Hal in Houston

Send Special envoy Dennis Rodman to the PDRK with the bad news. Trump will not throw you a lifeline, the sanctions remain while you are in charge. However, he is willing to let you and 50 of your favorite family members (and generals) live in exile for the remainder of their lives. In exchange for your departure, we will forgo the trails at the Hague for crimes against humanity and you won’t end up like Gaddafi, Mussolini, Ceausescu or Saddam. The US taxpayers will provide a yearly stipend of $10 Million dollars, while any of your designated members are still alive. (So don’t take too many folks or your lavish lifestyle will suffer.) Would you prefer Russia, China, Cuba or somewhere else? What do you say Dear Leader? We can send 3 C-17 next week to pick up your designated people. Without that out of the way, we can start… Read more »