There are calls for the U.S. to boycott the Winter Olympic Games in China in February. Which most closely matches your view?

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Dante Baldwin The Great
1 day ago

China should have never been awarded the games to begin with. The fact that the Olympic committee would award these games to a country that is currently practicing genocide and running a human organ black market says a lot about the committee.

2 days ago

I find it insulting, that the Biden administration refuses to hold China responsible for the Covid-19 Pandemic that has KILLED Millions around the globe but instead with every breath… they blame Pres. Trump!
CHINA must be held accountable for these deaths! Yet, here we are, helping them usher in the openings to the Winter Games. The Chinese Government must be sore from laughing at us! We are continually handing over money to the Chinese, for ridiculous studies and experiments. They see no reason to stop, Pres. Biden doesn’t appear to be preparing to turn off the cash flow to these criminals either!!

I am sickened, ashamed and down right MAD at our Government Bodies; Congress, Senate and the House for allowing this President to continue to behave in this manner, allowing the Chinese Government, Freedom to host these games, to reap financial rewards from this hosting and act as if they have had no part in this global pandemic!
I have decided to give up on the PATHETIC choices we are given in the form of ” PARTIES”. Neither side servers AMERICANS any longer. They no longer listen to the workers who PAY TAXES. Neither party serves the American Taxpayer that wants a decent life for their family!
As I watch them, like children, yelling at one another over pieces of pie that they didn’t get, while the rest of the us, don’t have or CANNOT EVEN AFFORD A PIE…. Watch the name calling continue until time is up and NOTHING EVER IS RESOLVED TO BENEFIT THE AMERICAN WORKER; the left blame the right and the right shake their heads at the left, while the average working Americans discuss how they would Boycott not only the Winter Olympics, but put huge tarriffs on Steel, Ore, any export to China! Talk to other countries about doing the same and add the pressure until China releases Valid, Scientific information about the accident wherein the virus was released!!
I demand more from THIS Government!!!

2 days ago

Boycott China Olympics this year cuz Covid is still rampant & more variances all the time. Plus the time & money for Olympics important to the wellbeing of USA at the current time.Spend the money on Americans and not the Olympics. Plus, I thought we were worried about foreign travel spreading Covid.

Robert Zuccaro
2 days ago

There won’t be a boycott when the Biden’s business dealings could be jeopardized… where’s the FBI now?

2 days ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

Where are the republicans, if this doesn’t qualify as a conflict of interest nothing does, and this is with an enemy of the USA. I think he should be impeached. The demo-dummies attempt to impeach Trump on charges that were based on a phony report which had been paid by Hillary. Give me a break lol. It appears that if you blatantly ignore the law as a Democrat, there are no consequences!!

Darla j
1 day ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

You are SO right Robert Zuccaro!!

Zoe Frost
2 days ago

A) American athletes should not go to Communist China, their safety is in jeopardy, who knows what the ChiComs will do, they cannot be trusted. B) The woke idiots allow cheater, coward men who couldn’t win against other men, to declare themselves a women to compete against physiology weaker women…actual woman will be CHEATED out of the medals they deserve. C) The harm of boycotting is to all athlletes who will lose four years of hard work… blame the woke politicals running the Olympics…into the sewer…it’s what the expletive traitors do with anything they get their filthy warped hands on!.

3 days ago

Fauci and gates are the covid problem

4 days ago

Don’t care about olympic games.

5 days ago

The Olympics should not be held in a communist country

5 days ago

The Olympics have been use for political reasons for decades. I do feel bad for the athletes. However we should not support the CCP in any way. they are very bad with human rights and if you’re into global warming the CCP won’t do anything about it. they steal everybody’s intelligence either directly or indirectly.

5 days ago

Have no interest in olympics. too political and the alleged “athletes” have little respect for our country. Maybe if we just don’t go these folks will wake up and realize it’s original intent was athletic competition and not for personal gain or politics.

James Slover
5 days ago

The issue over the Uighurs plight in China is a reason to boycott and you might add the possibly of another virus spread to all nations. But I am undecided. The athletes should choose to decide. Maybe hold a virtual Olympics in home countries with global viewers. Isolating by country might be wise during a pandemic.

Annette G.
5 days ago

I’m sorry, but I believe that our Olympians work very hard to go to the Olympics. I believe that they should be able to represent the United States of America. If the majority vote not to go, then none should go. But at least give them the choice. I’m sure that they are made aware of any dangers but then that would be any country they go to.

5 days ago
Reply to  Annette G.

Not sure you are aware of this- in 2019 we had close to 400 Olympians in Wuhan that were there during the release ( accidently or on purpose?) in September/October. They returned back to the States at exactly the time covid went global.I think it is to dangerous myself

6 days ago

Why reward the ccp? They need to go down not up.

6 days ago

Losing face is particularly distressing to Chinese. No shows may prompt the Chinese to consider improving their global citizenship.

6 days ago

I want to boycott the Olympics and our Chinese ran Government all at the same time. That poll wasn’t offered though

Denny P
6 days ago

Regardless of a boycott or no boycott, China will saber rattle or more over Taiwan before June. The Communist Chinese Government’s plan is world domination. Read books written by people who have lived under the communist rule and sympathize with the average Chinese citizen who must live under such an oppressive government. Many, if not most, taught what the government thinks they should be taught – since birth.

Ken Brady
6 days ago

Olympic Boycotts only hurt Athletes who spent years training and then find themselves forced to be excluded from the very goal of their life (I was around in both 1980 and 1984). At the same time, holding the Olympics in China serves to ignore what China has been doing to its people and the world (e.g. Covid). After much thought, I find myself favoring the needs of the dedicated athletes over ineffective political “punishment”.

2 days ago
Reply to  Ken Brady

If they are so dedicated, let them use their abilities in service to the country. Join the military!

David B
6 days ago

With all of China’s human rights violations and the genocide of the Muslims they should never have been awarded the Olympics in the first place. Now with Covid the CCP intentionally spread on the world in no way should the games be played there. Sorry for the athletes but a stance has to be made.

2 days ago
Reply to  David B

David is right on. No Olympics for us and other countries need to know and should follow suit

Mark L
6 days ago

Boycott is our only way to assure our Athletes are not murdered. If the they want to go unprotected by military they must go on their own! We can’t get into another War for the sake of Athletes poor decisions! I know that sounds cowardly but Americans are hated in that part of the world now.

Bernie Connelly
6 days ago

Where I fall on the side of not wanting the Athletes to miss lifetime opportunities… I put most of this on the IOC. Allowing China to host the Olympics is the real issue here.

Henry Carney
4 days ago

Bernie you’re absolutely right. Why the IOC would even consider
any country that violates human rights is beyond me. You just never
know what bribes it took to have the games in China. So many in power
for reasons of their own seem to abuse that power. Biden is a perfect example with his
son. And there are so many others…

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