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Telemedicine is the practice of providing healthcare for patients remotely using technology when physician and patient are not physically present with each other. Which is most accurate?

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Michele Fry
1 year ago

I have participated. It would be nice if this speeded up doctor visits, but it does not. How ridiculous to have to wait 2-4 weeks for a doctor visit, then if you have 6 problems, they say they can only address 2 of them so pick which is more important. ALL OF THEM ARE IMPORTANT!!!!! I am sooo frustrated with medical care today.

1 year ago

I’ve read a lot of the comments and feel that the video visits are good for discussions only. For any real issues, you need to be seen in person! There is no other way for a physician to truly assess your condition. As the nurses on here have commented, seeing and touching is necessary to some conditions. I am fortunate that my health care provider does not charge for video visits (yet!). However, I am sure they will start charging at some point.

I also believe it is a cop-out for some hospitals… there is so much fear porn about COVID that it just strikes me that people are getting stupid and not trusting their own knowledge of science.

1 year ago

A coworker tested positive for COVID. Company rules mandated seven days confined at home and negative test. Health provider has virtual urgent care. Used it to set up the test. It worked great and cost a third. Still, in person for majority.

Jacquelin L Honeycutt
1 year ago

Having an appointment over the phone is hardly comparable to a visit at the Doctor’s office.

Peter Giger
1 year ago

My rule of thumb is to follow house rules wherever I go. I’m 69 and retired and was caught up in a situation recently that mandated a physical. Upon retirement in 2013 I swore off physicians and their RXs which I claim reduces God given natural immunity and forces dependence both on substances and physicians. I hadn’t spoken to a physician since 2012 and came through the physical with flying colors. The MD ordered blood draw and later gave his recommendation virtually. His comments was “thumbs up”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Peter Giger
Lynda Petrilli
1 year ago

I think that there are too many things that your doctor needs to check to make sure that everything is okay. I think this is just another way that the medical monopoly can increase their profits.

1 year ago

The only time I would use it is for a follow up or where I just needed to talk to the doctor. If I need a diagnosis, I think the doctor needs to actually see me in person.

Johnie W Zimmerman
1 year ago

I believe there are times the virtual visit is Ok. I am 74, take 6 Rx I’ve been taking for several years, am in good health and I’m always offered the option of a virtual or in person visit with my family physician since we typically review my Rx, I’m asked how I feel in general, if I have any new issues, and she watches as I take my BP/pulse on my ‘certified’ monitor. You may wonder how my equipment is ‘certified’? When I visited in person I took it with me and we compared mine to theirs. My and their equipment read within 100% acceptable readings of each other. I have done the virtual visit twice and one in person visit over the previous 12 months. I’ve had 3 specialist visits in the same time period, those were in person. ** I have no issue with paying my $15.00 family physician / $50.00 specialist co-pay be the visit virtual or in person. Our doctors are professionals, our hospitals are healthcare business’, they must receive pay for their services or there cannot be such service. Bottom line, virtual visits save exposure for the patient and for the physician and are good when appropriate.

1 year ago

I prefer Natural Paths because they build the immune system, they tell you what you need to change in your life to get well. . Doctors don’t make you well; they put people on medicines and don’t tell patience how they can get well. Sorry, but the medical profession is corrupt due to wanting to make money. Example: diabetes it can be cured. I know several people who changed their diet, exercise and meditate and show no signs of diabetes. Doctors should be telling patients how they can get well. There is money to be made in keeping people on meds. I prefer Zoom for that reason: a drive thru or tele-med – there are times I can’t figure out what is wrong and I need a starting point. If doctors tried to help people get well to get them off meds: then I would have more respect for them.

Michael Adams
1 year ago

Telemedicine is the biggest ripoff they can have. Did it twice and they told me to go get over the counter medicine an charged me 35 copay both times!

1 year ago

I do not as a rule use a zoom call as a visit but sometimes it is ok. However, there should be a discount for a visit like that. Just as you shouldn’t have to deal with a PA when you asked to see the doctor.

1 year ago

None of the options answer the question of “Which is the most accurate?”; the question matching the answers should be “What do you think if telemedicine?

Dennis Miller
1 year ago

So impersonal. I prefer face to face. Banks, doctors, restaurants. I do not use drive-throughs of any sort if I can help it. I would probably change doctors before using telemedicine. I can make my own food. Why do pickup and take it home? All the cost and no service

Bill Bates
1 year ago

It is rather hard to get examine via a computer. Maybe someday in the future, when there is a robot assistant living in your home, to take you temperature, BP, O2 Saturation, etc. and report it. But a MD, Nurse, PA or anyone else depends on seeing and touching a patient. Suzanne says it perfectly below. They need to SEE you in person.

1 year ago

I am a retired nurse. When a patient is examined the MD. PA. NP, RN or whoever is doing the exam should use their senses. How can an examiner know what going on with the heart or lungs, abdomen without listening with a stethoscope? Looking at the skin, hair, eyes, nails and all visible parts can tell you a lot. Touching the skin, abdomen and other body parts are necessary. Some illnesses can be identified by smell. A good exam cannot be done by telemedicine, although there are some needs that can be met by telemedicine. The problem today is not limited to telemedicine. Providers depend too much on tests instead of doing a good exam. On many visits to the office some patients are never touched. In the old days doctors depended a lot on what they could see, feel, hear and touch. The tests are used to diagnosis but also to confirm a diagnosis the doctor already knows. Many times tests are used when a diagnosis is pretty certain just in case you get sued you can prove you did it all.

1 year ago
Reply to  Suzanne

As an RN (retired), I totally agree.

Nick Selembo
1 year ago

Reading the previous posting about the person who lost their sister Christmas Eve. My condolences. So things are probably not going to get better. China Joe Biden just nominated Ricky/Rachel Levin, the former Secretary of Health of Pa. to become assistance Secretary of Health for the whole U.S. OMG in Pa. there are billboards on the Pa. Turnpike with a picture of Gov. Wolf (Uncle Fester from the Adams family) and Rachel Levine(known as Cousin It) with a caption. Dont Blame Me I Voted for Wagner(the Republican candidate) Levine was widely known to have his/her mother in a Pa. nursing home and promptly moved her out of nursing home to a hotel for safety during the original months of the pandemic last year. So good for his/her mom and to hell for the rest of us right. One rule for them and ANOTHER rule for us Democratic Socialists wouldn’t be able to fool a lot of people except for the fact that they have the MSM on their side now. Trump was right. Thats why he got involved. If the Republican party doesn’t grow some teeth pretty soon the only alternative we will have is to leave it, follow Trump and create a third party with some balls and go after the Communist Democrats before everything is gone. Our leaders are failing us with some exceptions. If they were paid on a performance basis like in sales how many would still be working. Very few.

No Name
1 year ago

I attribute my sisters death in December to the fact that her personal physician would only see her by tele-visit. This was back in June of 2020. In July, I urged her to seek out another physician somewhere, anywhere, and she did, in July. He referred her to the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, and after a through battery of tests, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Could an earlier visit in person, in June, changed things? She lost her battle Christmas Eve.

1 year ago
Reply to  No Name

So sorry for your loss I was tested for the Chinese gift in Dec. they did give me RX for a Z pack and prednezone..I stayed in my home even though I was feeling horible, I was afraid to go to the hospital. I used tylenol and had another z pack from last winter. A few days later the health dept. called and e mailed me that I was free to travel etc….I had no more fever or unmentional problems but headaches,pain in muscles ,fell a few times, continued to stay home except to get on the line for the bank,went to post office and short trip to grocery store always using masks ,gloves and distancing.I did call my primary doc and he said many people that had the virus last yyear still have some leftover problems and he said no one knows enough about this sickness stay in as much as you can and get the vaccine..when it gets here???

Barbara Stricker
1 year ago

I like the Tele doctor visits. Saves me from an hour trip to the city .i have had all tests and bloodwork done beforehand. . just another tool to use..

Patti Hollifield
1 year ago

I work in a large health system with several rural hospitals. Telemedicine allows us to be able to treat patients at our rural hospitals much quicker than having to transfer them to a larger facility. AN example is neurology and infectious disease consults. If a patient shows up at a rural hospital with stroke like symptoms, a telemedicine consult could be done with a neurologist to determine what level of care the patients needs. Without telemedicine they would have to be transferred before being “seen” by a neurologist. For doctor’s visits, telemedicine is great for minor issues. This also helps patients who have limited transportation resources.

Larry G Turner
1 year ago

I have a couple chronic diseases & now, after +14 years of looking for & finding the best treatment, I only see the docs for meds and govt mandated docs and pee tests, about every 2 months. IMO, it’s silly to drive 50 mi RT in my case, to get my temp taken, BP taken and occasionally be weighed is a colossal waste of time. I know more about my body and my health than a doc who has spent 12 years being educated, maybe 5 min at most learning about my situation who and may have ended up graduating at the bottom of their class (someone’s at the bottom)! I prefer to manage my own health and go to a doctor only when needed, but that only suits me. I think people put way too much faith in strangers who often don’t know them at all, then pay them for med Rx’s that sometimes do more harm than good! Telemed is not the problem – it’s physicians who fail to be properly trained and sometimes are less than committed to their “practice”.

Steven Staley
1 year ago

Simply put, I view telemedicine as an overpriced and lazy way to see or be seen by a doctor. I think that it is a shame that it has come to an “overpriced video” to be seen by a doctor.
It rates right up there with mail in voting.

1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Staley

I agree Steve, I stopped several rx drugs and found I did not get any worse…sometimes you must advocate for yourself even when you are a senior citizen.

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