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Which tax reform initiative is most important to you? (you may choose two)

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248 Comments on "Which tax reform initiative is most important to you?"

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What about all of the above? More importantly, review why we even have income taxes. Weren’t they supposed to be temporary? The more I look into how and why things changed over the centuries, the more I want to go back to the Founding Documents! We ought to be repealing laws, not making new ones to compensate for the old ones.

I was reading an article about people who have pigs as pets. They need to restrict their food intake so they can stay a manageable size. Got me thinking about Government and taxes.

Kevin, that’s a great analogy! Anyone can see that a big, fat pig is not desirable and how to avoid it happening!

I forget which tax founder said we should Never pay more than 3%!!! If we quit giving my our money to the rest of the world, and our Govt quit giving it to others in the form or redistribution, and quit blowing more and more of our money, we’d all be living good.

I submit that the pensions of elected officials are unstainable. That would put ALOT of $$$$ back in the budget. Also, if bills didn’t include so much BS and pork, they might get something passed!
I’m fedup too.

I would submit that elected officials are meant to be temporary and should not collect a pension of that temporary service.
Elected positions were never intended to be a career!

I totally agree. Our politicians are living high on the hog and we taxpayers are flipping the bill. Most of them make more then my husband and I do put together. They take months of paid vacations every year. They know that when they leave office they will continue getting paid for what? They do not pay federal income tax and they should. How many of you are getting paid for the rest of your lives from past employers? I know I am not, so why should the politicians get to keep receiving money from taxpayers when they leave DC. We need to end this career politician crap, because that is not what our founding fathers intended. There are some that have not forgotten what they promised their constituents and have upheld the constitution, others have broken every promise they made to their constituents and have not honored the oath… Read more »

A Big Amen, Hurrah, for your comment Nan! Now if we could just get the Lilly-livered “Conservative Congress” we voted in to enact our ideas & quit trying to save their “P0RKY” behinds, we’d be a lot better off.

Eileen has it right.

yes she is right
all of the above

yes why not all of the above

I agree most of those proposals are good. My favorite is a flat tax 5% no ifs ands or buts! All income taxed the same!

Captain Frank L. Davis, Jr., MBA USN (Ret)

Why tax income?

Tax consumption!

I agree with Eileen also.

All of the above is correct! Flatter tax no deductions .paperwork and saving receipts is a lot of work

Flat Tax, bla, bla, bla, bla! With any adjustment to the current tax system, you still have the IRS snooping in your business, and as we saw before the last presidential election, using their power to intimidate and coheres political rivals! GET RID OF THE IRS!!! FAIR TAX; FAIR TAX; FAIR TAX!

well said. the FAIRTAX is the only way to go.

No matter what taxation system is used, there will still need to be some sort of regulatory agency to oversee compliance. Call it whatever you want.

Captain Frank L. Davis, Jr., MBA USN (Ret)

Read H.R. 25 – IRS is abolished. Instead, the states will collect FAIRtax and a mall federal government agency (NOT NAMED IRS!) will oversee the states collection efforts.

Captain Frank L. Davis, Jr., MBA USN (Ret)


amen, amen, amen.

Are you talking about a flat tax or the so-called “fair tax”? They are not the same thing. A flat tax is a uniform rate across all types of income, and it simplifies what to expect and how much reporting you have to do. A “fair tax” is a political hammer that means nothing specific- it implies that the speaker promises to soak the wealthier people for the benefit of the people he’s talking to. It means whatever the listeners want it to mean, but generally speaking that is “more out of someone else’s pocket and none out of mine”. It’s a nice daydream, until you wonder who gets to decide if you have too much money.

Eileen, you are not far from the truth. As far as banking is concerned, you have to understand first. that banks do not loan you anything, and they never loan the interest. Additionally banks may loan more than they have in reserve. Another thing to think about is, imagine one bank and two people and both people want a loan of $100. The bank loans both at a 10% (the rate is immaterial to the question) to be paid back in one year. Now imagine these are the only two people on earth and this is the only bank. At the end of the year both loans are due. but since there is only $200 in circulation where is the 10% interest going to come from? This is the monster that was created when the Federal Reserve was created. The FED never loans the interest and while there are more… Read more »

Correct. I voted ‘other’ simply because there was no ‘All of the Above’ option (AMAC take note). Given that our bureaucrats are now working overtime and stifling the ’16 vote outcome, we definitely need a smaller bureaucracy – and better pink slip laws! Tax rates should come down a lot, and across the board.

Need to eliminate the tax on social security. That is the most unfair tax there is.

It’s not the Govt’s job to make sure we have a “retirement” pay check. If you can’t figure out what is going to be important to survive in your lifetime, then go beg on a street corner. Work, Save and Invest.

Fedup – Yes, that’s true today! BUT, the Social Security program was Supplemental Retirement Income Act! SUPPLEMENTAL!!!!! Then, over the Roosevelt years and beyond, politicians “conveniently” forgot the “SUPPLEMENTAL” bit, while campaigning to stay in office forever. But, at least, the SS fund was a separate Trust Fund, that could not be used for General Treasury spending and was not a part of the whole Federal budget debate. That is, until Democrat Lyndon “Birdbrains” Johnson and a Democrat majority in both houses of Congress, stole all of the money in the IRS Trust fund in ~1965 and substituted I.O.U’s for the money. The SS funds that are debated in the budget today, are not the funds from the SS Trust Fund, but the overdue I.O.U.s due to be repaid. Thing is, the liberal/socialist/progressive/communist in congress today, have lumped this SS debt in with all the social welfare programs that are… Read more »

We tried that Fedup, then along came a world wide depression, everyone needs help some time. My Mom and Dad had an awful time of it.

I agree with Eileen. The Fair Tax is something that should be on the top of any list/poll when it comes to tax reform

Yes … we should not have to keep all these records for the IRS. They are none of the government’s business.

Hear, hear!

No country in the world relies entirely on revenues from sales taxes. They almost all rely on at least five forms of taxes.; individual income taxes,corporate income taxes, social security taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes. 17% of the taxes collected in the US are already sales taxes at the state and local level.If the US goes over to a federal sales tax of 23%, it will be in addition to the state sales taxes and income taxes, and also probably in addition to a federal income tax. A lot of people will be paying a total sales tax of 32% plus property tax and social security tax and federal income tax as well.For example Denmark derives 54.8% of its revenue from individual income tax, 18% from corporate income tax, and 28.4% from sales tax. Germany gets 26.1% of its revenue from individual income taxes, 4.9% from corporate income taxes,… Read more »

Who cares what other countries do (most of them have worse problems than we do)? Let’s try returning to a world LEADERSHIP position vs. the Obama/Left model of following along to get along…

“All of the above” should be part of comprehensive tax reform. Let’s get this economy moving!

“All of the above” will require a revolution in thinking. Our current “public servants” are not up to that task.

I agree with Eileen. The tax code is too cumbersome and complicated. Too many loop holes, and takes too much time to complete taxes. Eliminate refunds to illegal aliens. Cut back on IRS staff with simpler tax code.

Also eliminate refunds to those who paid no taxes.

I agree 100% with Sharon….eliminate refunds for those that PAY NO TAX! The ONLY way a refund should ever be issued is when someone has actually given money to the IRS either through estimated payments or through withholding from wages! As a tax professional nothing irks me more than to tell someone they are getting back more than they paid in because of tax welfare! It’s nothing more than a Socialist/Communist method of wealth redistribution

I agree, Everyone is taking and not contributing. Something should be done about that. Too many people on welfare,food stamps and free medical. All of us that are paying are paying for those that do not want to work and contribute their fair share

This is a complex issue in the broad scale. Much of these payments are Earned Income Tax Credits (welfare). If you compare the EITC versus mandated wages higher than productivity the EITC is more focused and reaches the low income, but working poor. The stealth tax on all businesses by the govt using its threat of force to order businesses to pay more than employees produce ($15 hr minimum wage) mostly goes to the un-needy. The social problem is that now the Dems want double benefits –(1) order employers to be taxed to pay employees more than they produce and (2) keep EITC.
My vote is to federally prohibit ALL minimum wage laws and keep EITC……..but I know that is not likely. (((There are nine western countries with no minimum wage (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland.))))

I agree that the Earned Income Tax Credit should be eliminated.

Absolutely!! That is just another re-elect me give away program. The people who receive this “rebate” would get out and make more money if the couldn’t depend on the government. Not to mention become much more educated when it comes to the voting booth!

David, it’s not just loopholes. There are conflicting rules that are just waste. Incentives for electric vehicles vs. tax breaks for farmers to buy SUVs. What sense does that make?


We were not given enough choices in this poll. “Equality under the law” means just that: NO tax brackets; everyone should pay the same rate EQUALLY! I support either eliminating all tax brackets and implementing ONE FLAT tax for EVERYONE or eliminating the IRS and implementing the FAIR TAX. Why should we be penalized for working to earn more money just so we can enter into a higher tax bracket? Often times just a few dollars earned over one tax bracket forces you into the next tax bracket just for your paycheck to have less money than if you had stayed in the precious tax bracket. What that does is kill our desire to work harder since more of our money will be taken in the form of taxes for the government to squander and redistribute to others.

I agree with a FLAT RATE tax system but not with the so-called “Fair ” tax. In my opinion it is not fair since the rates are not the same on ALL sources of income. My favorite “fair taxer” was Steve Forbes from about twenty years ago. He would have eliminated the tax on interest, dividends and other forms of passive income (think things such as rental income or profits from “S” Corps) but would have had every wage-earner paying into the system

The fairtax is fair because everyone pays the same % on everything they purchase everyone has to buy goods to live and of course income tax will be abolished

Sorry Donna, my previous comments should have been directed to Rich!

No problem! I have been a supporter of the Fair Tax for years. I prefer that any day to taxing our income, our retirement savings, our death, etc., etc. Earning income should not be penalized.

You need to do a little personal research on “The Fair Tax, because you evidently have no understanding of it!” Number 1; It eliminates the IRS! That in itself is reason to support it. The Fair Tax is on consumption (what you buy) not on any sort of income!!! Even drug dealers and other people who pay no income tax now, would have to pay the consumption tax on new merchandise! People, based on their income, would be paid pre-bates to offset the higher (13%) Federal Consumption Tax!

Fairtax. NO INCOME TAXES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER. It is the most equitable form of taxation. It is also the most effective means of reigning in the out of control spending by politicians, thereby forcing government to get smaller.

The Congress appears to be hopelessly corrupt. I have little faith that they will do the right thing. The democrats are useless and the RINO’S may as well be Democrats. We need to throw them all out. Get Trump a body that will help him MAGA!

Right on Brother!

Then lets DO it Michael! Unfortunately, there are more parasites than producers in this Country today and it’ll never happen. Join the discussion

Save Ted Cruz.

All the above except Flat fair tax rate of 15%, end of loopholes and most tax deductions.

Yes, a flat tax rate of between 12 & 20% , simplified tax filing, & a required BALANCED FEFERAL BUDGET

Hasn’t it been over 20 years since they even had a Budget? Why do we have to put up with this?

Why indeed! By allowing Congress to avoid establishing a budget it’s much easier to erase the line between needs and wants and thereby load up as much pork into any bill they say is necessary. And when a ‘crisis’ arises, well, as someone once said, never let a crisis go to waste.

I spent my career as a Construction Manager for large industrial projects. The worse way to contract work is a “time and material” contract. It’s almost like handing a contractor a blank check and it is terribly difficult to manage. Congress is operating in this way. There don’t seem to be any controls over them. Even if they have a budget they will attempt to cram in pork barrel projects. Each congressman/woman or thing, should be held accountable just as in industry. You either meet your goals in your plan, or you find another job. It’s call voter controlled term limits.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” — William Pitt the Younger, in a speech before Parliament, 1783 AD.

If Everyone paid a fair flat tax it shouldn’t be more than 5%. If our Govt quit overspending on social progams.

No income tax, just a sales tax (except food and clothing under a dollar amount). This would significantly shrink government by eliminating almost all of the IRS, make everyone’s life a lot simpler.

The tax rate (%) should be boldly printed on the receipt and show the fed, state and local separately.

I would favor a straight 10% tax for ALL those living in the U.S. and earning an income, regardless of the amount of a nual income and NO tax on Social Security since taxes were already paid during the working years. End loopholes and most tax deductions.

I voted “Other” simply because there is no “All of the above” choice. I know it’s difficult to imagine but if our elected officials can’t walk and chew gum to handle “All of the above” then we need to replace them.

That’s why I voted ‘other’.

Same way I voted and for the same reason.

I would like to see 0% federal tax on all SS income just like my state allows.

In order to manage and control certain segments of populations, in lieu of personal responsibility, the government decided to invent and impose social engineering projects designed to provide groups of people sustainable incomes and sustenance—noble ideas, all. Unfortunately, many of those groups took full advantage of those programs and learned, were taught, to demand more and more services from the government. Happily, government obliged. Vote for us, we will take care of you…with their money. “Their” is YOU, taxpayers.
This country needs a movement focused upon restoring the dignity and respect which evolves from self-reliance, people taking responsibility for their own lives. Nothing less should be tolerated.

This is so very true. And, growing worse. Third and forth generations of people have learned to live off of the gov’t and us.

A lesson from history that has NOT been learned: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed for a lifetime.”
This could be continued to say: “Give a man a fish every day and teach him to be dependent.”

Not sure why we have to Settle for just one. DC cannot multitask? They cannot work on an entire plan? What can they actually do? They are ineffective at everything except for Pulling Pork.


DC can’t do just one thing nevermind multi-task!!

The Federal Income Tax was originally just that. A tax on “Federal income”. During WWII we were asked to “voluntarily” subscribe to it, most did. The charge to the IRS was to get as many to volunteer as possible. It was called the “victory tax”. Congress continued to “invite” us to continue and, as we all know, it is now “considered “law. President Reagan said “No one understands it”. The judge in my “tax” trial said the same. The Supreme Court ruled that any law that can’t be understood by someone of average intellect is “VOID FOR VAGUENESS”. President Carter said it is the worst law ever instituted by a civilized country. JFK said “It was supposed to be TEMPORARY and it’s bad for the economy”. The Supreme Court also ruled (The Cheek case) that anyone who believes they are not subject to the Income Tax, no matter their reasoning,… Read more »

Remember who finally got Al Capone! It was the IRS, not the FBI or police. It needs to go!

Touche ‘ we need to go to the Fair Tax, it repeals the 16th amendment ,shuts down the IRS,taxes only new goods,u pay at the time of purchase ,all underground $,is now taxed,you keep your WHOLE PAY CHECK, April 15 is just another day,no death tax,every family gets a prebate,VP Pence was a sponsor in Congress, Would straighten out the country in a heart beat

If Trump would implement the fair tax all those issues will be covered.

Agreed. But Trump cannot dictate it. That’s not how the Republic works. It’s necessary to call out our representatives and if they are unwilling, force them out of office and into the lobbying profession, or better still, throw them out on the street where they likely belong.

Flat tax, across the board after a healthy (say $40,000) exemption. It’s the only fair way to go. Government doesn’t pick winners and losers. Government doesn’t get to use the tax code as a social engineering tool. The only losers are the lobbyists. Of course, I mean across the board. No home mortgage deduction, state sales tax deduction, charitable, etc. Gone. We all win!

The only reason I don’t agree with you is that I believe EVERYONE should pay some tax, even if only a few percent. Otherwise, it just encourages takers and discourages producers. If everyone is sending something to the gov’t, they’ll care a lot more about how it’s spent – and vote more responsibly! There would be a lot less people voting for who promises them the most if they realize how their money is being wasted.

Eileen has my vote

I also agree with Eileen. The income tax was suppose to be temporary, to finance World War I, i believe. But when was the last time the gov’t enacted a temporary revenue stream that actually was temporary? The politicians get money and they can’t wait to spend it. Heck, they even spend money they don’t have. If not eliminated, at the least, our income tax code should be reduced to fit on a two-page pamphlet. Now, back to reality, you know and I know that these things are NEVER going to happen. There are a few good politicians, but not enough to do anything. Most are in it for themselves and their special interest groups. WE NEED TERM LIMITS!