With the summer travel season upon us amid record-setting fuel prices, do you plan to alter your vacation plans due to these high costs?

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Steve Ridgway
1 day ago

biden….do ur job or resign…”big guy”.criminal! You worthless tit!

Mrs Vic
2 days ago

We have been being warned about this for YEARS! If your not prepared, then you have been asleep. Sorry for you! Not being affected and doing as planned.

3 days ago

The thing that bothers me the most about all of this is the reality that Electric Vehicles are not all that good for the planet in the long run.

  1. The batteries are toxic time bombs that take a huge amount of energy to be recycled, if they actually are recycled.
  2. The batteries lose energy just like any other battery does. So if you don’t use the charge right away, at least 20% of the charge is lost. Almost 75 percent is lost if you let it sit for a couple of weeks in cold weather.
  3. The energy used is only as planet friendly as the source.
  4. The resources used to make these vehicles could be used in much better ways.
  5. Hydrogen would be a much superior energy solution, but alas, it isn’t as profitable to the greedy globalists who are pushing the battery manufacturing.
Will Eskridge
3 days ago

Joe it’s fault for the gas prices for closing the pipeline. Make us even more dependent on other people like Russia and meddle east. Russia war is causing the rise in prices.

3 days ago


Will Eskridge
3 days ago

Yes they should be taxed. Electric Vehicles are not good enough yet and still have a lot of problems to fix. And they don’t help with keeping the Earth clean. The battery’s end up in land fills.

3 days ago

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:
“Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States”. Congress must pay for their own transportation and security. THAT WAY, WHAT THEY LEGISLATE, AFFECTS THEM TOO. AND THEIR CHILDREN MUST ATTEND THE SAME PUBLIC SCHOOLS THEY LEGISLATE. NO MORE PRIVATE SCHOOLS FOR THE RICH POLITICAL ELITE.

    Each person contact a minimum of twenty people on their email address list, in turn ask each of those to
do likewise.

Martha Hurd
3 days ago

Definitely planning my shopping trips carefully, reading the food ads carefully as well. I just don’t go out two days in a row. Good thing I am old enough to know lots of ways to conserve. Don’t know yet if we’ll have to sell a car. One of my neighbors could not pay her rent and moved in move with her kids into her Mother’s home. So people ARE feeling the squeeze. All because the cretins in the White House have no clue what they are doing. Their inability to run the country on any level is really scary.

Rev. Andy Levine
3 days ago

Have no summer travel plans

Ken B.
3 days ago

Between the high cost if gasoline and the resurgence of Covid it is prudent to stay home and watch my budget. I voted for other for the stated reasons

Vern G,
3 days ago

I have no Vacation plans as I live in Paradise anyway.

Robert Bertelli
4 days ago

I’m So Broke… I can;t afford to pay attention, 2024 can;t get here fast enough !

Scott Christy
4 days ago

My Wife bought Airline tickets in March. We are lucky. They have more than doubled since.

5 days ago

Vacation? You must be kidding. I already conserve to an extreme. Dr visits are scheduled on same days if possible. Grocery shopping is planned to cover 3 stores in an order of farthest to closest to home. Gas is purchased before the tank is 1/2 full or 1/2 empty…it just doesnt seem to hurt the pocket as bad unless I wait til its practically empty. Even with the current admin asking congress to drop the federal tax for the next 3 months, that doesnt much help the fact that gas is still at an unbelievable high. And no, we wont be taking a vaca this year :(

5 days ago

Although I can still afford the gas it’s really hurting what I’m trying to save as I near retirement.

5 days ago

We saw this coming in January, 2021 and traded our car that required premium and bought a car that uses regular. It turned out to be a great decision, and actually got a nicer car, for less money.
I’m in agreement with Jack, FJB and not only the morons who voted for him, but all the crooks who cheated for him.

Raymond E
5 days ago

We will not surrender to Biden’s federal war on fossil fuels.
His reckless reversal of every one of Trump’s policies is killing this country.

5 days ago

FJB and the morons that voted for him!

5 days ago

Yes, we are changing our travel plans this year. The economic turn down that started in January of 2020 has stayed in the red and by all indicators will contine effecting most people’s budgets through the end on 2022. If the November midterm elections don’t secure a Republican majority in both the House and Senate, the U.S. most likely will enter into a solid ression, until the 2024 Presidential election. So, cost cutting and savings at this time is much more important than any vacation plans this year.

6 days ago

WHAT VACATION? I watch everyone come up to my touristy town and gateway to Rocky Mountain national Park, Estes Park, Colorado And I simply shake my head. Where has all this wealth come from, TOO many credit cards in use, Too many people just don’t give a darn they just want to escape from reality! Well I can’t escape the reality because I have to eat and put fuel in my car! God bless them all in their debt! In reality,I really worry about all of them, their life journey, their inability to realize that they need to “tighten the belt!” It just ain’t getting better kids!

6 days ago

We’re not going anywhere long distance this summer. All are errands or shopping will be organized and condensed for maximum fuel savings. Going to weekly Mass or more is not negotiable and a must do. Jesus is our King and will always be our number one priority. Dining out no matter how small is cancelled. We are stocking up on ammo, paper products and non-perishable foods. My faith in our government has never been stellar and now there is no faith in D.C., democrats and republicans. The political elite do not care about the daily issues we are facing. We need to start from the beginning to re-establish our lost constitutional republic.

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