As some states begin to reopen, which of the following has been the MOST baffling aspect of the entire closure to reopening process?

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Teresa Lowe
10 months ago

I love President Trump’s positive attitude about the pandemic. The Dems are just pushing a socialist agenda so they can keep everyone on lock-down for more control. They do anything that is considered mean and nasty to their people. They also don’t want to push a stimulus through for those who need it unless they can put their “pork” in it too.

Rob Hunt
1 year ago

How the Left can accuse the President and us deplorables of carelessly transmitting the China Virus as we obey the overstrict mandatory orders. Meanwhile rioters freely destroy our country and murder with support from the MSM and encouragement from Democratic leaders, stating racism is more important than the virus.
As our esteemed Cruella Pelosi stated, any organization supporting and practicing racism should be by law illegal.
That would include the Democratic Party, ANTIFA, BLM, KKK….
They all should be designated terrorist organizations.

1 year ago

Other. That protesting is ok but church gatherings are not.

Roy Duval
1 year ago

Counting virus increases is a farce! People are being counted multiple times, deaths are being reported as virus caused when they are not, and in general e erything is being reported as the virus just to get MORE MONEY!

1 year ago

The Communists never pass up an opportunity produced by a tragedy, crisis, storm, or false narrative.
Democrats are not Democrats anymore, I know, I was one for four decades, never again! They are Traitors.

1 year ago

“Essential” means anything the Democrats and the Swamp deem necessary to their cause. This includes rioting and looting. The virus doesn’t discriminate – but the Dems do. They supported and were complicit in joining and encouraging the mobs. Then, lo and behold, they scream about the numbers of Covid 19 going up. There you have the crux of the Democrat philosophy: there should be no consequences to what they do. It shows up in the 2-tiered justice system we have – Republicans are punished, fired, ousted, ridiculed, shamed, blocked, jailed. Dems have a perpetual ‘get out of jail’ card.

Cory Sexsmith
1 year ago

I agree with all three statements

Brenda Vaughn
1 year ago

All of the above. It’s been high jacked for leftist gain. The main aim has been to harm the economy and subjugate the citizens and normalize government tyrannical control through propaganda and fear mongering.

1 year ago

I agree with Brian B 100% but I want to add my thoughts as well. The closing of doctor offices, and MUST needed surgeries placed on hold in my small town such as NEEDED heart surgery, etc., their dying but calling the cause of death Covid-19, what a lie. Then the suicide rate is high because PAIN MED theorpy for chronic pain patients such as backs, etc , have been cut off. AND gyms were closed. Most all our vet’s and first responders go there for post tramadic syndrome reasons. I personally know in my small town the suicide people, wonderful people, that needed to simply go to a GYM. No I don’t own a gym, but OPEN the gyms at least for our vet’s and first responders for the sake of these families that have given so much. The gym is therapy for them. Treat them like adults for the sake of saving them NOW, as they have given much and their families that have also sacrificed much to just end in suicides and brokenness. These Democrat governors and mayors, city councils, county officials, etc., ARE out of control and should be investigated. This originally was for two weeks, but REMAINS out of control at least in my County and State. So many people in my city have lost their businesses and it’s heart breaking. Why did our church leaders take a knee to the government and they continue to do so? What would Jesus do? I will get off my soap box but my final word is government is the killer. The government has killed more of my loved ones than this Covid-19. OPEN UP EVERYTHING and STOP the fear bashing.

1 year ago

Since this poll was started we have seen states starting to open up, and with this a resurgence of Covid 19. This maybe due to people not following the guidelines. In MN resurgence, young people going to bars has been the recent culprits.

Bethany Young
1 year ago

All three are equally baffling. Nothing about the COVID-19 crisis makes any sense and behind all of the most confusing things seem to be liberals. Few of them seem to really care about our country or our people. They are openly pushing their own agendas and causing irreparable harm to the American people. They are so desperate to unseat our President that they are throwing away the very tenants that our country was founded upon and betraying their own countrymen.

John Gannon
1 year ago

States and Democrats want to use this to get Federal Government to bail them out for years of deficits under Democratic Control and wasting our money as if it was theirs – in the meantime the economy in area may not vome back- Coronavirus will be like the flu and not go away – Congress who want others to shut businesses need to give up their salaries and pensions and not get a cent until others can work

Last edited 1 year ago by John Gannon
Nedra Olson
1 year ago

Should have had “All of the Above” as a choice.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nedra Olson
1 year ago

WE HAVE TO VOTE! It’s almost criminal that so few excercise their most sacred right given to U.S. citizens! Come on people, get out there and VOTE to keep the Dems from regaining full power.

Cindy Holmstrom
1 year ago

I agree with everything Brian said as well. But wanted to add that while there should have been an option for all of the above; I personally think what is over and above ridiculous is the fact that Pelosi held this Country hostage for well over a week sitting her (their) fannies at home while hurting people needed them and they still got paid for doing it. And yes; trying to fulfill their other not covid related interests is utterly shameful and should not be ignored. Couple that with the fact of the proxy by phone! But we are supposed to believe wearing a mask is safe! The teater-totter rules of this lockdown and the lockdown its self. The American people under the guise that we thought we would be helping by going along and then we did nothing to stop their abuse of it and the tyranny. We sat back in cowardice fear – our ancestors would be ashamed. The soldiers who died for our freedom would be ashamed and yes probably because we were actually not taught what to do we did nothing! (And yes that includes me) I think our President (who I absolutely stand with) was deceived by the Who, Fauci and the CDC and in the end they will be found to be entirely; by the actual facts 100% wrong and all of this was for nothing. I pray for our country and not to be dramatic by may God have mercy on us all.

1 year ago

Why are “low level” inmates in jail being let out to prevent the spread of the virus in prisons if masks worked? Why not just give them masks??? Oh wait, you can’t vote while you are incarcerated….. My bad…

Bryan Walker
1 year ago

The numbers don’t add up. From start to reopen.00279 to .00310. Do the math cases, and deaths. Never should have closed business. Social distancing and mask were enough.

1 year ago

This whole thing with the virus has been a huge liberal scam from day one!!! I will not tolerate the government telling me what to wear, when to wear it, where I can and cannot go, how far away I should be from other people, etc, etc. Don’t you get it? Please do some research into all of this made up hype and learn what to do or not to do on your own. A “mask” does NOTHING to protect the wearer from a virus that is smaller than 1 micron in size. I can go on but do your own research. Since when does a non elected government official have the authority to tell me how to run my life???

Neil R
1 year ago

The PLANDEMIC is just another attempt by the closet communists in the democrat party to further erode our constitutional liberties. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that looks like a plot cooked up by the democrats in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party. Oh wait…….

Jerome Simons
1 year ago

There should have been a choice for “all of the above” because that would have been the correct choice. None of what has happened makes sense except to a Communist/Socialist/ DemocRAT.

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