Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before House committees this week. What is the SINGLE biggest takeaway as a result of his testimony?

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Emily L McFadden
2 years ago

We love the law. We Revere the separation of powers. However, Mr. M is a symptom of the sedition and corruption of the system by the criminal element placed there by former Clinton and Obama decisions. Finally, the Clintonistas, Progressives and Socialists and those who are being blackmailed have finally turned DC into a cesspool of American fraticide.
Individuals such as this will turn some Americans anger inward I dear.
We may very well be balkanized by individuals and political cadres to the tipping point. If history is any teacher,
we may in fact be seeing some form of civil war in the not so distant future.

The Count
2 years ago

Mueller is a dirty cop !

2 years ago

Tell a lie often enough, and the uninformed will believe it! The whole Democrat strategy against Trump is to keep the lies going until the next election. It is the Marxist’s belief that the end justifies the means, (lie and even cheat if necessary to achieve a desired outcome).

2 years ago

The left has lost there God given minds !

Mary Murray
2 years ago

Mary M. My only comment about this post is what Brian said about abortion. I believe that live begins at conception and I believe all life is sacred. When I hear that some women believe that their bodies belong to them and they can do what they what it sickens me. That being said, it also saddens me beyond words. Abortion is a tragedy, however, I believe in taking personal responsibility when a girl or a woman discovers she is pregnant with an unplanned child. My hope would be that the individual learn the facts about how a child grows and develops in utero. My hope is that she is aware of all of her options. I also hope she gives herself the time to talk with an unbiased counselor and to deeply consider (prayerfully, if this had ever happened to me, which it didn’t). Ultimately, just as my Lord allows heinous crimes to be committed and is lovingly willing to forgive those who repent, (I do not call abortion a heinous crime) the choice must be left to the individual. My Lord knows that person’s soul and loves her completely. He is willing to forgive all sins, even if it takes years for the individual to feel remorse. That is what I believe as a Christian and I know others will disagree and be angered by my belief.

Craig M
2 years ago

With Nadler in charge, the stupidity factor is play. The good news America is collectively smarter than Nadler.

2 years ago

I agree. The democrats are out of control..quit wasting tax payers money do your job

Rosanne Martin
2 years ago

These nut jobs are costing the American people lots of money and time wasted on nothing. Move Democrats to a socialist country and be happy.

2 years ago

Went just about no where, The man is loosing
His mind . No idea what the crooked dog’. Dems we’re doing. The double standard Dems!

2 years ago

it was obvious he was merely a figurehead barely able to breath coherently much less direct or lead any investigation. he will be in an assisted living home in not long. or else the Klintons will have him killed

Bradley McVey
2 years ago

There will be a revolution again white Christians against the thieves

Pat Williams
2 years ago

Mueller’s testimony showed evidence that he was seeing or hearing about the info contained in the report for the first time. It is obvious that Mueller was only a figurehead and that, probably, Wiseman was in charge, even to the point of selecting Democrat faithful to serve as investigators. The whole thing was a sham.

G. N. Klinedinst
2 years ago

Democrats wasted more time and money and have not proved anything except how stupid they are.

2 years ago

It is obvious that Mueller did not write the report and probably did not do any of the investigation. The Democrats in our country listen to only the main media stations. Because of this, people I talk with are very hardened already and nothing from the Mueller hearing changed their mindset against Trump. It is so sad that the average person in this country do not avail themselves the privilege of listening to other opinions and news station reporters and commentators so to form an educated opinion about Trump. I do not like some of the ways in which Trump voices his statements, but at least I know he is being honest and truthful to the common man/woman in this country. I graduated from college with an accounting degree and became an auditor which taught me to obtain all evidence before forming an opinion. Too bad people are so narrow minded and refuse to even consider an opposite viewpoint which is well documented and factual. I can only hope and pray that our President stays healthy and comes to no harm as a result of the hatred demonstrated by the Democrats. President Trump has his faults like everyone else, but his heart is in the right place which is our America and its people.

Les Heath
2 years ago

It proves that the whole thing was a gigantic waste of time and money!

2 years ago

That Mr. Mueller did NOT write or even read the report, & that he should have retired years ago!

John/Teralynn G
2 years ago

I am a retired Marine. It actually hurt me to watch a former Marine officer give such a horrible testimony before Congress! Any respect I might have had for his report was completely blown to pieces by his testimony! I came away with a feeling that not only did he rely on a bunch Trump haters to conduct the investigation, but never supervised what they were doing, and never really knew the truth about what really happened and what was actually in the report he signed off on. Such a shame that an American President had to go through such a travesty.

2 years ago

Dude is so clueless (or is he?). Total waste of taxpayer’s money and a huge loss of time while he hindered Trump’s administration from doing positive things for this country.

2 years ago

The democrats will continue to cry and stomp their feet in protest to a non politician winning the election and taking away their leadership!

Frank Frazier Jr
2 years ago

Robert Mueller is a cowardly dog.
Hillary and Obama were behind the whole thing. Democrats don’t seem to worry about look of impropriety.
Seating her Democrat Lawyers and Peter Strozk. Weinstein should be prosecuted and hung.
All those involved, including those in the House should be prosecuted.
Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and the crook from Baltimore. Along with the rest of the usual suspects.
Mueller delayed the report till after the 2018 election. So that the Republicans would lose the majority.

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