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Should President Trump challenge Chuck Schumer and the Democrats by vetoing any budget bill that does not include $5 billion in funding for the border wall?

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Cynthia Brown
2 years ago

I agree with shutting down the government if that is the best way to get funds to build the wall.

But I, Cynthia Grantham Brown, if I could know that all funds collected would go to either “building the wall” or to monetarily go to those not receiving their paychecks during the shutdown, I would personally start a GoFundMe Account to do this. Then those of us that are for building the wall can put our money where our hearts and mouths are.

I also want to see that EVERYONE being paid by the government while in office or has completed their term and are still drawing payments to have their paychecks withheld during the shutdown right along with all federal employees and that once the wall is built they too would once again receive their payments and back pay. Hit THEIR pockets and see what happens.

Merril Lane
2 years ago

If Congress can get paid, then keep the government shut down but pay the wotkers. Pay the workers, and cut off the pay of Congress! They can afford it more!

Toms Armstrong
2 years ago

the Dems want to send billions to the countries from which these folks are wanting to leave. We don’t have those billions unless we first borrow it from our grandchildren! This foreign aid has been tried for years and years and is not a solution. Their corrupted politicians will steal it as fast as it can be delivered!The wall WILL work! Hurry up and BUILD the wall!

Mary Lou Armstrong
2 years ago

Many have already pointed the great need for our country to do build the wall. AlanWH in his comment points out the FACT that heaven has walls. ” Revelation 21:21  And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.” You don’t need a gate if there is no wall. The Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, want to say that a fence is ” immoral”. God never did anything immoral. A fence is a protection for the people of the United States who are here legally. How many lives have to be taken by these illegals, how many women raped, how many of our population must die of illegal drugs coming over these borders because their is no wall, how many diseases will these people bring to our children because they have to be put in the classroom. How long will the tax payer be required to fund the bill for upkeep of these illegals to the hurt of their own families. These illegals have no rights in our country. They should not be allowed to vote, be on food stamps, medical bills paid,….etc. Many of American born citizens do not receive as good of medical care as some of these aliens. As has been pointed out the elite of this country all have walls around their homes. If they do not deter and most times prevent the element of people they do not desire to have there, then they would not have them. The truth is that they do protect. WE WANT THE WALL!!

2 years ago

I abhor the use of the term, “WALL”. I prefer the word, “Barrier”. We aren’t asking for the wall of China type of wall. We need a modern Barrier to show our border line, which says ; THIS FAR AND NO FURTHER. Words are very important. Replacing the word “Wall” with “Barrier” would allow the Dems latitude to grant money and allow Trump to “negotiate a deal”. Dump the “WALL” word and demand 25 Billion, as originally outlined, as a starting place. Better yet, bypass the congress and order the Military to build and fund the “Barrier”. Or, still better, offer Citizenship to any non-criminal, able bodied, non citizen, man or woman, (and his or her (immediate) family, after completion)), who agrees to help build the entire Barrier for bed and meals and $10 per day, (minimum 40 hour weeks). Must sign agreement allowing for on the job injuries and other loop hole plugs, etc.

Elmer T.
2 years ago

Do whatever it takes to get the funding. We have more than enough people dying from being murdered by illegal aliens. We must stop the overrunning of our country by illegals. Ship them back immediately. Put up a mine field at the border. Put up signs in about 15 different languages, stating that there are explosives buried under the ground and, that they are taking their own lives in their hands by trying to cross. If that doesn’t stop the, that’s their problem. Maybe they will see Allah earlier than they expect. These comments are not race driven. I am not a racist. I love my country. I want my fellow Americans to be safe.

2 years ago

Trump still holds the winning hand as POTUS can fund the wall from the military budget as it IS a National Security issue and $5B represents 0.7% of the military budget. Challenge Schumer and EXPOSE the leftist’s true agenda. Drain the %&#! swamp of ANYONE on either side who act UN-Constitutionally and send all the crooks to JAIL!! Trump WILL uphold his oath to the Constitution which gives him the power to do so. America voted to uphold the Constitution. TERM LIMITS!!! Lord, help us!

Lorraine Logerfo
2 years ago

Does shutting the government down mean representatives don’t get paid? If that’s the case, shut the government down1

2 years ago

I would also squash the Expedited Green Cards for new employees that Bezo’s,Tim Cook,and Bill Gates are requesting. I would go farther than just the Wall. I demand everything, Ending the loopholes in Immigration law,Anchor babies birthright citizenship,Chain Migration, any Federal taxpayer money going to Illegal Aliens. End Sanctuary Cities and State, Kate’s Law. Give them the DACA kids with a number and time limit, only after everything is passed by House & Senate. If not no more HB1 Visas for the Tech giants. Force them to train Legal American Citizens.

2 years ago

For every argument about control on the immigration process, we get multiple arguments about how our country was created by people migrating here and developing the country. All fine and good, but they forget to mention that to enter the country was a process, especially after we developed into a country with a government. And yes there were some mistakes made in the process but we have a system of checks and balances in place. You don’t just come here to the United States and get things handed to you on a plate. You do need to get permission to enter the country. Even going to Mexico and Canada, requires proof of identification.
This is the big argument against border security, that inane idea that everyone is coming to America to get a better life—-very untrue–most are coming here for profit and don’t intend to make this a permanent stop, but they expect to be given benefits for free. Take the idea of giving Driver’s Licenses to undocumented immigrants. In case you haven’t noticed, within a few years (less than 2, now), we all have to have a driver license to fly domestically, etc. and to get this enhanced driver license, even if you already have a valid driver’s license, you need to show other proof of identification, which the DMV keeps updating. In my state of New York, they are already bracing for the even more long lines of waiting to process these. I had just renewed my license 6 months before they finally offered the enhanced driver license so I had to go back into DMV to not only pay the extra charge, but I had to show extra proof, plus take a new picture with the enhanced camera which digitally processes your face in a data program for face recognition.
I mention this because the new migrants that are trying to enter without having to be processed and the bleeding liberals are complaining demanding this processing is totally unfair. How about we send every illegal migrant who demands fast unprocessed entry passage to homes of these liberals where they can both take care of them and get them benefits.
I can’t wait to hear all the dragging feet arguments to be brought up when they get back in place after this week-long funeral for President H.W.Bush. It is time to let the family grieve in private and stop the big show.

Edward Moore
2 years ago

Our president has faced more walls than those who have entered and those trying to enter our country illegally, not only from the opposition party but those allegedly to be from his own party. Thank God we have a president, unlike some in the past, who has the brains, heart and determination to set a goal and see it through to the end.

Bob R
2 years ago

Its truly a shame This President is trying to get done what was approved by Congress some 25 years ago. Congress probably did it to shut up the “chattering class”.
(that’s us). With this past election at least some of the RINO flakes (pun intended) are gone. The Media will pound the hell out of the President (and me)
He should use his Pulpit to pound the hell out of the feckless Democrats. Yes, that means he probably wont sound “Presidential” to some of you out there.
For once we got a real fighter. He will get in the dirt with these folks and fight. The “R.O.E.’s” (rules of engagement) RHINO’s follow mean little to
this President. He is in a fight for the future of the greatest country in history! If I wanted a “Diplomat” I guess JEB(!) Bush would have been the answer.
No Thanks!

Less politicians=More patriots!

David Turton
2 years ago

they have to ban ear-marking all bills going through congress. Vote on each and every bill alone. that way we won’t get bad, stupid laws passed. Congressmen make an average of 180000 dollars per year, for working 6 months or less. the best medical plans (for life), and 3/4 salary for life after serving one term. Some get lifetime secret service protection for life. They won’t give us that, and we need it more than they do. And they want a pay raise? I say let them work for minimum wage like the rest of us!!! They can beef up medicare and social security with the extra money.

Patrick Vaughan
2 years ago

A government shutdown will not end society as we know it. Well, maybe it would when we find out how little we need some of the departments that stop.

Martin Steed
2 years ago

I think the President should actually hold out for the full 25 Billion. “The Press” is going to demonize him anyhow, so go for all of it. Of course our linguini spined Republican Congress Critters will fold like a cheap suit rather than stand up with OUR president.

Smart Girl
2 years ago

We shouldn’t even be having this conversation now. The WALL should have been built already! It’s ridiculous that this conversation is still going on half way through President Trump’s term. Shut the dam government down. Money talks as far as the Dems go! We need a wall NOW. I’m fed up with it being dragged out this long. Saudi Arabia has a fantastic wall. Look it up online.

2 years ago

The border wall is stupid. The illegals will use the tunnels or just climb over. We need to find another way to make our borders safe such as drone monitoring with real life deployment. And allow the border guards to actually protect our borders.

Bill Konnerth
2 years ago

amac, Thankyou for support our President!! And Thankyou President Trump for standing up for the American People.

2 years ago

If everybody would come to this Country that dos not agree with how their Country is govern we would’t have space left to bread and its a law for going to any Country you need to be excepted legally not just demand to let you in. This is like we see a bigger better house and we just move in and start telling the owner of that house to conform to our desires of living. All people on this earth have the power to change their situation by fighting for their rights and overthrow their government if they are corrupt. We came from Romania legally and the people killed their dictator Chaucescu and his wife and freed themselves from their tyranny.

2 years ago

Last chance for two years!

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