green new deal breaking left apart

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has threated to force a vote on the Green New Deal in the Senate. Should Leader McConnell force senators to vote on the Green New Deal?

Friday, March 8, 2019 Mar 8, 2019 338
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Ted Organ

I believe the Democrats must be fought every inch of the way. Trump is the 1st Republican to hit back. Any Republican that does not support Trump should be GONE from government.


Obviously McConnell is trying to get the Democrats on record with their support for this fiscally and socially irresponsible pile of socialist trash. The Green New Deal is merely the standard communist manifesto wrapped up in the window dressing of environmentalism related to the fraudulent Man-made Climate Change hoax. However if the Democrats follow Chuck Schumer’s lead, they will all simply vote “present” to get around letting the uninformed public know where they really stand. Which is exactly what Obama used to do repeatedly when he was a member of the Illinois State Senate. Voting “present” simply signifies that you are there, but are neither supporting nor opposing the piece of legislation being voted upon. Of course this is ONLY done to hide one’s true support for such legislation and to keep one’s voting record clean when planning to run for higher office.


Climate change has nothing to do with the green new deal. It is totally about a government takeover and control of our lives.
Always follow the money and power. Ask any of them what solution they have and their first response is a carbon tax. I have never seen a tax that has solved any problem.

Steve Sybesma

It’s important to know which senators favor the Green New Deal even though we know it won’t pass the senate. Curious to know which RINOs would vote in favor of it.

Joe M

Personally I am tired of all of the political theater. It accomplishes nothing. It would be nice if Congress would focus on more important issues like healthcare and the broken immigration system. I guess that it is too obvious why they won’t. They don’t have the political will to do what is needed. They are to busy being “important” and doing sound bites for TV!

Brian White

If Mitch McConnell has any REAL leadership skills, he would’ve done this, and much more, already.
McConnell is useless, and proved this the moment he assumed the Majority Leader position.


WE the people SHOULD be made aware publicly how the person (s) that WE placed in their positions to REPRESENT our wishes, voted and are carrying out our wishes. It is our right to KNOW.

The Freezing Senior

And so are cow farts.
AOC – Americas Organic Crackpot.


A vote on the GND will force those senate supporters to put their votes where their mouths are for the public to see. The republican campaign for 2020 can then plan a strategy based on the results to debunk the plan.

Rick B.

By all means, vote it down in the Senate and save Trump the trouble of a veto.

Donald King

McConnell needs to start backing our president on issues instead of wasting his time on sidetrack issues such as this. This is nothing more than a ploy to distract us from looking at the way he keeps stabbing our president in the back on just about every issue. Both Mitchell and Ryan have been closet Democrats since their beginnings in office.

ai Einstein

10,000,00s years. ago. Manhattan sland was covered with an ice sheet almost one mile thick, If the liberals ae correct that man is responsible for global warming whaT CAUASED THE ICE TO MELt campfires?
aBOUT 50% OF CO2COMES from the land fams, fields and forest, about 46percent comes from the oce only 4 % is caused by man= how do the lib’s mad scientists figure that man is the main cause of co2 pollution?

Shawna Layman

He should absolutely do this…because a “Present” vote, as Chuck Sshumer suggests, will also let people know where they stand.

Ron Harris

We, the people need to know where our senator stand

Stephen Russell

Vote for NGD shows up the Dems & RINOs in Senate aside House.
Yes lets see how true the Leftists really are


If the Dems are so Worried about “climate change” let them All Read This, “But the Day of The Lord Shall Come as a Thief in the Night, and the Heavens Shall Pass Away with a Great Noise and The Elements Shall MELT with Fervent HEAT, the Earth also and All the Works Shall Be BURNT UP!” 2 Peter 3:10 Glory Be To YAHWEH Forever!

Joe B

Yes we need to get the Senate on the record, especially since you have so some Senators endorsing it already. It can’t be aspirational in their minds if, as stated by AOC, the world will end in 12 years if we don’t start immediately.


PaulE summarized very well why I think a Senate vote is a waste of time. Nothing will come of it. I agree that the Green New Deal and climate change activism is an international socialist (ie communist) power grab for complete control of the economy. It is hubris to think that we can control the global climate, but the fear mongering is good politics. Sea levels have risen and receded through out geologic history varying with periods of cooling and warming. The Earth is in a warming period since the last ice age 10,000 years ago (a second in geologic time that is measured in millions of years). The problem now is that the vast majority of humans live within 100 miles of a coastline. I would rather have government focused on planning to respond to the rising sea level. Critical infrastructure, cities, and millions of people will need to… Read more »

Becky Johnstone

You need another option. He should only force a vote it he knows it won’t pass. If it passes it would be a disaster.


Vote on that one and leave H.R.1 under the table for a few years !!!