According to a recent AMAC poll, the majority of participants favored researching the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana, but differed on the entities that would actually oversee the analysis. Who do you believe should conduct these studies?

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1 year ago

Amazing how many have an opinion on the use of cannabis for medical purposes, but only know of the process that produces a high. Please people, educate yourselves. Even a cursory study will enlighten. In a capitalistic society, It will be hard to find an entity who will not have an ulterior motive.

Gene Klutts
1 year ago

WOW!!!! This pole shows most want the private sector to conduct studies. This is a two edge blade! If the government is in charge it will become a program and the rich will get contracts and grow richer, if the private sector is in charge the big pharm. will run with it and get richer. What we need is a law that says, if weed can be used to help people with illness’s and pain, industry can only charge a small profit to distribute the drug to those who need it.

1 year ago

I dont trust the government to be honest. But a private entity must not have ties to any industry or funding source that could sway results.

jane ellen hittle
1 year ago

It should be treated as a narcotic. Only prescribed by a specialist physician. Pot is going to gout of control.

Dr. Scott
1 year ago

Welcome to the next step in medical care. My pain management doctor recommended I try it for chronic pain, but just do it legally. Michigan state got it started in 2010.
The first time I tried it, I wasn’t going to use it again. When asked why, I didn’t like the high it makes me. I prefer to have my head on straight. He asked me how much I actually used the first time? I told him that I was told to smoke half a joint and that’s way too much for what I needed.
Now, it’s been a while back and I’ve learned a lot more about this medication. I prefer edible gummy, or brownie. Again, it’s very important to start slow. Don’t go overboard. Edible lasts longer and is usually not all the head buzz of smoking it. If I have a really bad day, and I have them sometime, I will do both. I don’t need a lot of either, but when I need it for serious bad days, I’m thankful that it’s available.
For the naysayers, I went to the church elders upfront, and asked them what they think? All agreed that if it helps me to not be on the morphine, norcos, somas, and the other drugs the pain doctor was prescribing me for daily use, it’s worth using. That was about 9 years ago now.
I don’t use the opioids. Those were going to destroy my organs and my family. It’s a learning experience for me, but I use medicasl iprobably 5 – 6 days a week.

Bonnie S.
1 year ago

I definitely feel there are medicinal purposes for using marijuana, especially for those needing pain relief not accomplished through other, with potential health concerns, drug means. It has been proven to relieve pain in people nearing their end of life with varying diseases. I, also, am concerned of the downfalls allowing it to be legalized considering it’s many negative side effects. Therefore I feel it should be strictly dispensed to only the most needy, with severe guidelines and penalties to physicians. Federal regulations may be in order since the degree of liberal states is growing.

Robert L.
1 year ago

I can’t understand how anyone would be against research on marijuana, as we have anecdotal evidence that it does help people with several health problems.

1 year ago

Any unbiased study is a pipe dream. And abuse of any drug is bad, legal and illegal. However, years ago I had a friend with a very aggressive cancer. He volunteered for every study searching for a cure. Some were very rough on him but he was a fighter and said he’d rather die of a cure than the disease. When the pain got bad, he had pot brownies that helped even when the pain meds he could take did not. It wasn’t abuse and he never got the chance to be addicted. In the end, the cancer took him.

B. Kelly
1 year ago

Okay so there is this guy named Tommy Chong who hangs out with a guy named Cheech Martin. I think those two guys would provide an unbiased opinion.

Jokes aside, I am VERY concerned about the ultimate end to this discussion. Ultimately, the goal of supporters is recreational use. Trust me, I talk to many folk today and their moral compass is calibrated by the permissiveness of the government and the law. Add to this, the fact that the government is not giving us the picture of what free use of cannabis looks like.

Of course the CDC did the same with HIV and AIDS. Hiding the real truth to keep down panic. Yes I know that puffing the magic dragon is a bit different than contracting or spreading HIV but the governmental game is the same.

Here is a scenario. Your driving to work on the Interstate. Next to you in another vehicle is a driver who is texting, trying to sip a Starbucks in between tokes on a left-handed cigarette. Just how comfortable and safe does that make you feel?

Sherry Stone
1 year ago

They should never have legalized marijuana. We already have a severe drug abuse problem in our country, and this is going to make it worse.

1 year ago

Why does the graphic show a larger bar (“no research”) than “the private sector” which tallies a third more votes?

1 year ago

The survey offered too few choices, esp. “uncertain”! Numerous good replies have been submitted. I think the bottom line is: who can we trust????!

1 year ago

I am from Colorado and I do believe that allowing Medical Marijuana did lead into the passing of legal Marijuana usage and purchase. Some people thought they were voting for Medical not legalization they got mixed up. I would not want to stop the Medical usage of Marijuana. I believe that it works for some people and illnesses.

1 year ago

I am in my mid 60s, and used to smoke marijuana when I was much younger. I only quit due to it being illegal and my responsibilities at the time. I don’t agree it is a gate way drug. When I smoked weed, I didn’t drink or smoke cigarettes. I didn’t move on to anything else. It does help with anxiety and pain. If pot were legal, I don’t think there would be such an opioid issue in this country. and there would be less drunk drivers on the road. However, like alcohol, it should be Controlled and have it taxed. People should remember proabition. People are going to do it, and it isn’t going to go away!

1 year ago

There are way too many Americans who TRUST the Government, whether it is State or Federal. THAT IS SHEER BLINDNESS AND LACK OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IN RESEARCHING FOR YOURSELF ANYONE WHO SERVES THE PEOPLE IN A GOVERNMENT POSITION. Most, if not the majority of Politicians NOW, are corrupted very easily and if you think they are not, DIG DEEPER. NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT.

I am all for MEDICAL marijuana for Cancer patients and CBD for pain, BUT to have Government oversee it is SHEER LUNACY. WHY? It is a proven fact that POWER CORRUPTS and any time a person begins to rise in leadership, the power they get will either corrupt them or break them. VERY, VERY, VERY FEW PEOPLE WHO WIN OR ARE GIVEN GOVERNMENT POSITIONS EVER KEEP THEIR PERSPECTIVE AND MORAL VALUES.

British politician Lord Acton SAID, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

1 year ago
Reply to  TomSJr

I believe that when it comes to MEDICINE, Doctors should be able to dispense Marijuana/CBD to their patients without the Government knowing anything. THE GOVERNMENT IS NOW CONTROLLING DOCTORS IN ALMOST EVERYTHING, including the care of their Patients, how many drugs are dispensed, etc.. NOT ONLY THAT, INSURANCE COMPANIES SHOULD BUTT OUT OF ANY SAY IN THE TREATMENT OF PATIENTS UNDER A DOCTOR’S CARE.

And while I understand the need for OVERSIGHT on the Medical profession in terms of wrong-doing and/or qualifications, whatever is between the Doctor and patient SHOULD STAY THERE AND NEVER EVER SHARED WITH THE GOVT OR ANYONE ELSE, INCLUDING INSURANCE COMPANIES! The Govt AND INSURANCE COMPANIES are way too intrusive in EVERY THING AMERICANS DO, don’t you think?

The Government continually TAKES AWAY THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE in so many ways, I cannot list them all here. When a patient is terminally ill, who has the last say? IT SURE ISN’T THE FAMILY. Remember Terri Schiavo?

Oh how Americans FORGET so quickly all the wrong doing Local, State, and Federal Government, Insurance/Drug companies and others in Leadership have done to remove the decisions of Americans.

1 year ago

When $$$ is involved, you always have to question the answers found in research

Jim Vaughan
1 year ago

There is already more than enough research.
Feds should stay out of it and let the banking industry be able to be used.
Currently the banking industry cannot be used. It is a cash industry at this point.

1 year ago

The state’s should conduct the research. A set of research guidelines must be established, reviewed by legitimate medical establishments and released to the states by the FDA. This would provide representation from all states. This would provide 50 test/research results. The federal government has marijuana on the controlled substance list and it is illegal to grow, sell or use it. Therefore states should be responsible for the cost of the research. Only states that submit accurate research results within the framework of the guidelines will be included in the test /research evaluation.

Uncle Dave
1 year ago

Whom ever ends up doing the research, and it will likely be several parties… The results will be tainted to the direction that, that party wants… Usually towards the party that pays for it. The University of X will give their donors the answer they want.
The real question is, with the large alcohol problem in this country and on this planet, do we really need another legalized drug for the masses to abuse?

1 year ago
Reply to  Uncle Dave

In my opinion, it is better for society than alcohol…. I wish alcohol was never invented. But to address the first part of your post, I totally agree! Follow the money.

1 year ago

I vote for the states because there are 50 agency’s. and no non government testing for any state. the fed can test all for dna and for types and for toxins present in the tested samples. some may have extra items that are not wanted and should never be allowed even by the fed. so no private company would be allowed to use use them if they cannot remove all of the rejected items. we already have too many poisons allowed by the American medical association. think about the opoid’s .

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