Reopening the economy is becoming a top news story. Which of the following most closely matches your own view on how to move forward?

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Teresa Lowe
9 months ago

Too many Democrats have taken advantage of this situation and have closed schools and churches, but leave bars, pot shops and spas open. This is just a way to control the people and take their rights away from them. The nonsense about limited family members allowed in a household for Thanksgiving is ludicrous! Shutting up churches and not even allowing them to meet outside is also ludicrous since the virus doesn’t survive in the sun. These people are the sons and daughters of Satan; they think of nothing but evil at all times.

Steve Voegtlin
1 year ago

I can’t believe how manny sheeple there are even when they are self identified as conservative libertarian mindedness… why don’t people think for themselves and actually investigate the actual facts of a disease rather than believing what the Mainstream Media are lying to y’all about! History will show how criminal these MSM liars have been about this as well as many other things as well… Wake Up!

1 year ago

It’s all a scheme to change AMERICA. Our President was doing too good and showing how the Dem-0-rats are liars and rip-off artist. But not only that, this black lives matter non-sence is out of control. They claim they are from Africa, but just how many are? Allot came from other countries and allot are illegals. These riots are done by kids, young adults, and illegals and should be stopped immediately. Our school systems have been invaded with liberals, teaching our kids to hate AMERICA. By the time they get to collage, their brain washed.What a shame.

1 year ago

Now that we are all pretty much aware that the Democrats plus the radical left (and who knows who else in the shadows calling the shots) are determined to keep the economy in shambles in order to force the “Everybody votes by mail or we’ll all die” troupe, and that in order to highjack the up-coming election, we truly need to start doing what we know has to be done, and doing what makes sense according to the true numbers and evidences, and open up, go have dinner out, go get your hair cut and your nails done and basically resist what amounts to a hostile attack on the Constitution, and on our Constitutional rights. The biggest problem is, that won’t be effective if it is an individual person or business here and there. It has to be whole communities at a time, and I’m pretty sure we don’t have that coherencey anymore. And for crying out loud – buy from small businesses as much as possible! By the way, I would like to mention that as I write, our “governor” here in California is Medivac-ing people with COVID-19 (at multiple thousands of dollars a trip) over our southern border to hospitals here in Riverside County. The patients are being less it’s a one-way trip me they will have to make their own way home. Newsom is then screaming “COVID cases up! Get those masks back on! ” but not revealing why the spike. Unbelieveable.

Jim S.
1 year ago

Never should have been shutdown in the first place. Made up phoney lies just to do as much damage to Trump as possible

Faye Swain Nimitz
1 year ago

I have been looking out for my own health for 79 years without any dictates from government. Each person knows what their own vulnabilities are and should take whatever precautions they deem appropriate for their well being and accept responsibility for their own decisions. It would help if sick people would stay at home and not spread their germs around and if government were capable of dispersing accurate information. However, you cannot count on people being considerate of others or government being competent. If a person is too stupid to take care of themselves, who gives a hoot? Maybe it would be helpful if government could send out instructions on how to wash hands and basic sanitation. Hovering in insane fear and destroying the greatest country in the history of the world creates more problems than it solves. Who really believes that reducing the USA to third world status and Americans living the lifestyle of the people of North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, the Congo or China, etc., etc. is really all that desirable.

Lee Anne Risk
1 year ago

Just to say that we can’t leave it up to local states and municipalities if your state is run by Democrats. President Trump was correct to declare churches essential. States need to ‘get with the program’s and stop this concerted effort to keep the economy from recovery in the hope it will stop Trump/Pence from a win in November.

1 year ago

I’m one of the susceptible people and I believe the country.should have never shutdown in the first place. But since it did, I now believe It should open back up fully and those who want can protect themselves as they see fit. Nursing homes do need to take better care of their residents.

jack waldo
1 year ago

let’s open up, we were caught off guard thanks to China. Now we know what to expect and we are in a much better position to handle things. It seems the blue states want to drag things right into the election. Also why were the churches in Michigan shuttered but not the mosques?

Brent Hibbard
1 year ago

You know if the people don’t feel they are up to it just stay at home is all. But I have been an essential worker this whole pandemic and have never gotten sick. And it is kinda funny also because I have been in every state that has had the most cases too. I believe that this virus is no different than any other virus that has happen in this country since the beginning of time. The only difference is this virus has been broadcast for the media as a killer virus. Well every virus is a killer virus if your immune system can’t handle it. But it seems the states that are opening those folks that were hiding from it are now getting it. But they get it there sick for a week or two and the go on. What I don’t like about this and the media everyone that dies right now even from natural causes are being blamed on the Virus. And that is definitely the media’s doing. Welcome to socialism folks because that is how it begins the government tells you to stay home , markets stop having food in them, small businesses close and stay closed, Your paid by the government till the government goes broke then your on your own. Never figured in my lifetime I would see this happen in America.

1 year ago

How about let’s report Ppl living here illegally leaving us open to many diseases. Let’s report Ppl selling food stamps. Let’s report Ppl working under the table as illegals as stealing food stamps and healthcare/housing and education as they pay zero taxes as Democrats give them more free money paying zero taxes as they keep wages down for Citizens that paint;or work as electricians and plumbers etc. Time to report Ppl claiming disability as they work under the table.
Citizens can wash their hands at work and wear a mask plus keep a distance and work at the same time.Stopping Citizens from being free as we allow illegals to blatantly break our laws to protect us from health problems as we have NOW!

Edward A. Posuniak, Jr.
1 year ago

Americans should consider strengthening their Immune Systems with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Pro-biotics,like Lactobacillus Rhab. or some other Pro-biotic. Fighting off these bacteria and viruses is a more logical way so why does the CDC and COVIV-19 Task Force start considering this approach. Isolation of healthy individuals only leads to depression which reduces the function of our Immune System so we become a more vulnerable host to any infection. Where are the Immunologists on this issue of strengthening our Immune System. You cannot vaccinate for everything on Earth that infects us?

Kathy H
1 year ago

I’m totally flabbergasted by the number of elderly Americans who are so willing to allow the government all this control in their lives. One virus and they’re willing to give up the freedom they and their family members fought and died for. I honestly thought this would be the age group who understood that you don’t give up freedom for security, but boy was I wrong! Do you not trust your own judgment to know how to take care of yourselves? I’m sad, because I thought it was the younger people who were so willing to cave to government control, but from the looks of this survey results, way too many people have forgotten the meaning of “freedom” and are willing to toss the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Sean M
1 year ago

Lots of great comments here, i wish we could get a good real true pulse from all Americans and find out that the majority want to open things up. I hope that at least 60% are in that camp.

Nick C
1 year ago

95% of people who contract the virus have mild or no Symptoms. The death rate is .01% or less. The vulnerable population has been identified. The economy should be opened quickly. The vulnerable population should be encouraged to self quarantine and the government should focus its might on protecting this population. The vulnerable population should be allowed to self-quarantine until highly effective therapeutics are readily available.

Sherry Loret
1 year ago

I believe slow openings for all ,with safe guidelines is nessecry to stay healthy ,mandatory mask & gloves for all for summer into school opening again in Fall.Lockdowns should stop ,it is a political call for some ,causing more harm than good for those dealing with anxiety.They need to get to some normality ,putting strict laws is not answer,mandatory gloves & mask some distance when possible ,those who do not are the problem or think they don’t have to comply,you do ,cause you could be a carrier to cause a death,think about that!

1 year ago

This has been one of the most intriguing times in my life. An invisible bug. That has been set loose on our planet, by mistake or on purpose. Why, point is moot, it’s been done. How did we humans deal with it? Answers vary. My take, when this whole thing started the government told us to stay home if at all possible and , if you have to go out, cover your nose and mouth. When at home wash hands and face alot. Ok got it. Problem, there are slot of deaf people in my city and no one listens to any government leader. People still went out to parks, on walks, jaw jacked across fence with neighbors, no protection. I thought, wow stupid really is as stupid does! Anyway, after a couple of weeks I had to go to the , store, my daughter took me as I am disabled, we had masks on, and there were alot of people there with no protection on. Crazy. Well after awhile I’m doing some thinking Sorry I’m long winded, But here is my guestion, why not open the country but require, people to wear at least face protection, while out, because shops disinfect right behind you anyway. I mean, l hate to say it, unless you lock em up people are going out whether you like it or not. Am I wrong in thinking this? So why not open up now. I believe, and of course I could be wrong, if people want to get back to normal, just like we had to sacrifice by staying home, maybe, just maybe we could, do our part while being out and about to get this country and ourselves back in the groove of things. I don’tkniw about you, but I believe, in the people of the United States of America, because I believe in The United States of America! God bless you All!

muriel leblanc
1 year ago

They owe us compaction. A place to start is reduction of our debt. Business based from US need to move back with no extras needed. They chose to leave and weaken this country they added to our trade deficit by being there and shipping back here their cheap made goods. Now they should pay part of the price. I hope and pray US has learned not to put so much of our treasure and know how into a country that was very obviously looking to destroy us. This virus did not just come out of nowhere. It was made in a lab.

1 year ago

I am not for allowing all states to decide when and what to open, that would leave CA closed for a long long time. California should be forced to open according to Washington’s guidance.
The only thing Gov. Newsom hasn’t closed is the Border.

1 year ago

This is a Gov take over ! Newsom for one is really bad! He does NOT care! This will kill as many or Less than the flu. I see Socialism starting!!!!! Wake Up America! If You are scared to go outside your home stay there!

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