President Trump unveiled his “America First Healthcare Plan” this week that pledges to undo the damage done to the healthcare system by Obamacare by providing more choice, lower costs, and better care. It promises to protect people with pre-existing conditions, promote price transparency and end surprise medical billing. What do you think about this plan?

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Timothy Buchanan
10 months ago

The Affordable Care Act was neither affordable nor an effort to provide health care. It is a transparent Democrat vote-buying scheme. Corrupt Democrats know that big government programs, however wasteful and ineffective, are extremely difficult to repeal because they can use fear and appeals to kindness and compassion to persuade the gullible to keep them around.

America is close to losing everything, including most freedoms we take for granted. We’ve got to get better about being informed and informing others.

William R
10 months ago

Has everybody been hypnotized by big government? Why do we need a government created and controlled plan at all? Whatever happen to the Free Market? The best plan is the one that fits my needs not the plan that fits the agendas of hundreds of politicians and bureaucrats. Pull out the obamacare weed by its roots and toss it on the heap of socialist failures. The best thing the government can do is create a level playing field by getting rid of all the protectionist rules created for powerful lobbies of the insurance companies. We don’t need or ever needed a master government plan!

11 months ago

The Affordable Care Act. It’s not Affordable and They don’t care.

CEO Major
11 months ago

Whatever the decision Congress makes healthcare for the general populace, must also be the only healthcare option for all of our illustrious Senators and Representatives, and all other federal employees. Otherwise those voting on the bill won’t really include what is really best for the people they represent.

11 months ago

The ACA penalized me over $2k because I got a job with a employer health plan. I had to pay back my $800 plus monthly premium for 2.5 Months. Rip off special. I had a $4500 out of pocket before ACA paid a penny. It is not worth the government paper it is written on.

Jeannette Cornish
11 months ago

Obama Care is a disaster. Socialized healthcare is a disaster also. Healthcare should be based on my Health history. I do believe the Trump Administration will straighten out the Health Care Industry.

B. Kelly
11 months ago

Minority Opinion Alert! Minority Opinion Alert! <insert fallout buzzer sound for affect>

Osamacareless was (and is) horrible. But face it, what was happening to giant insurance conglomerates prior to Osamacareless was also horrible: Rising rates at every renewal. Coverage abating and copay skyrocketing. Osamacareless did not correct any of that. nIMHO, if it could have gotten worse with Osama’s plan, it did.

Does anyone actually think our sitting president actually came up with this plan? Does anyone actually think that Osama came up with “it’s” plan? Its their teams. Everyone drank of their own parties cool-aid and thus came partisan intrusion into our health. Does it surprise anyone that Osama’s “victory” (twice) was partly due to his attack on rich insurance executives? (And I cannot say that I fully disagree with they homo – I mean guy on his perspective of over paid thieves in corporate insurance.

But does it surprise anyone that our sitting president ‘suddenly’ concocts a plan to save us all with yet another health plan? It didnt surprise me when I received a packed envelope from Rand Paul asking for signatures on a petition to save the lives of the unborn. In fact, with a few date and name changes, it was the exact letter I received 4 and 8 years ago regarding the same thing. It is election year people, these lying politicians will do anything to get donations, then votes.

Fact one: Healthcare / insurance is NOT the job of our government.
Fact two: I trust the governments concern about my health like I trust a medical practice operated out of the back of a Chevy van in a back alley somewhere.
Fact three: When the government controls you health, they can also control your lack of good health. <cough ‘Covid!’….excuse me>


A conservative with no allegiances to the DNC or the GOP.

Brendan Crotty
11 months ago

What exactly is the plan? Republicans have been talking about replacing Obamacare for 4 + years, and I haven’t yet seen the plan, if any. All they say is that they will protect people with pre-existing conditions. How so/

J Searing
11 months ago

Trump keeps talking about REPLACING McCain Care. If it stays in D.C. it will not do any of us any good. It will still be Government care and will default back to what it is now.

It’s like saying the Convention of the States is a good idea to bring the Government under control. They don’t follow the Constitution now (search ‘Voting Freedom Index’, it’s abhorrent), why would they follow whatever comes out of the convention. Article VI not Article V!

Cranky Old Vet
11 months ago

If the federal government wants so badly to provide us health care, just do this: Remove regulatory impediments to competition in healthcare and prescription drugs. Provide each family with an annual payment to use for their routine and minor illness care and nothing else. We’re smart enough to shop for it on our own. Any left over money from one year rolls over to the next. Enable insurers to offer hospitalization and catastrophic illness care in every state. Open the market!

11 months ago

This is not a plan, only something thrown out so that Trump can say he has Health Plan if asked before eledtion. The timing of this is obvious & the lack of depth. The Government should control Healthcare , but should help improve it for all Americans.

Janice E Flowers
11 months ago

Tell me how we are supposed to support a plan we know nothing about? The only thing wrong with the same health care that Obama and Biden have is that that would be socialized medicine. Unless you have enough health professionals to treat everyone with the same urgency and care that they get, we already know how that plays out. You might die while waiting for care or at least get a lot sicker.

11 months ago

I read a report early on that most if not all of the COVID-19 vaccine trials were using stem cells. I want to know definitively if they used Adult Stem Cells, or Stem Cells harvested from aborted babies. The article I read stated that they were using a stem cell line harvested from aborted babies. This is information I will have to know before I consider taking the vaccine. I will not take anything that uses anything from an aborted baby. That is an evil atrocity – I will not be associated with.

Willam Brown
11 months ago

The government SHOULD NOT BE IN THE BUSINESS OF MANAGING CITIZEN’S HEALTHCARE! This is complete government overstep. If they want to incentivize insurance companies to cover people with health issues that is great but they should not be mandating anything, requiring anything or penalizing you for not doing something! We need government OUT OF OUR BUSINESS!

11 months ago

I was born with cerebral palsy in the early 60s. I never had health insurance because I was either turned down due to pre existing condition or the exorbitant cost. My employer didn’t offer insurance. I paid my own way only went to doc if absolutely needed. I think all politicians should have only the same healthcare as we have. I do not support socialized medicine.

wade c mackey
11 months ago

The devil is still, even yet, in the finalized details

11 months ago

I sincerely wish someone would address the cost of health care – all we continue to debate is health insurance.

11 months ago

Anything is better then Obamacare and please lower the prescription prices. Make Medicare better for seniors

11 months ago

The insurance companies run our health care. It’s big business with lots of profit for those fat cats in high places. They will not give up their control easily regardless of what plan we have. Before obama”doesn’t”care crap came into being, I asked a professional doctor and friend why medical costs were so high (low compared to today). He told me it was because so many uninsured people getting health care, someone has to pay for it (the rest of us working class). If that was true, then the general cost of health care should have come way down under obama because everyone should have been covered.. It didn’t. It went way up instead. Why? Doctors and medical professionals are greedy. There needs to be competition for your business, like what the architectural and engineering businesses went through back in the 80’s. Medical professionals are not gods to be worshiped.

Kat T
11 months ago

It would make more sense to have a nation wide co op “insurance” plan such as MediShare where the insured is also part owner. All premiums would pay healthcare costs and any “profit” would be either properly invested (something that NEVER happened with Medicare) or redistributed to co op participants. Of course govt oversight would be required, but govt control would NOT be allowed. FYI: Insurance IS NOT healthcare,.

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