In thinking about President Biden’s economic policies to date, which one of the following most worries you going forward?

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Cliff Noel
11 months ago

There are so many issues that are disturbing & alarming to me as a legal United States Citizen. We must be told the truth about the COVID 19 virus and vaccines. This COVID 19 debacle created by the media & those who are responsible to get the facts out to the citizens is causing mass confusion as to whether or not these vaccines are safe and effective. Secondly, follow the Constitution and establish standard guidelines in our voting processes. We must make voting fair, honest & legal. We must insist that everyone prove that they are legal citizens of the United States in order to vote. You must vote in person unless you are absolutely unable to do so, prove that you are unable to vote in person, or establish acceptable Constitutional alternatives approved by our citizens. We must keep our religious freedoms which America was founded upon intact! We must not allow any other religions outside of America to dilute or negate that which our nation was founded upon. Stop spending trillions on other countries! We must insist on God first and then the American citizens. America must take care of its military veterans, retired elderly and special needs citizens and other American citizens above all other countries. We must demand that everyone, including those select political representatives who seem to think they are smarter than the average American, adhere to the Constitution of the USA. No cherry picking of the Constitution to suit their personal political of financial whims!, We as legal citizens must regain control of our Government and insist we all follow forthrightness, honesty and integrity in all that we do as true Americans.

11 months ago

Missing #45 !

11 months ago

Patricia N Hammond
11 months ago

I think the most important thing that Americans should do is completely disgrace the FAKE news with the undeniable truth. We need to take them on in ways to expose their lies that can’t be disputed. This is difficult because of the money put behind the MSM. So many people are involved in a big payoff to stifle the truth. These people MUST be exposed. For the first time in my life, I really feel the socialists are winning.

Terry Wilson
1 year ago

If there is some way to rein in the federal reserve, that would help deal with some of our economic challenges. Too over 100 years to get a central bank in the USA (Jefferson had a dire warning about establishing such) and Old Hickory railed against it during his campaign!

1 year ago

All are very important. Getting rid of the Biden Administration would cure a lot of these problems.

11 months ago
Reply to  Doris

Obamas third term. It’s obvious.we need to work together in small groupe’s to unite and fight for our freedom I pray it’s not already to late.

1 year ago

Do something! Start by putting in conservative people who really love freedom at all levels of government. Help find a way to counter the liberal media. Not just talk talk talk. Help defeat HR1. Let your senators know how u feel

John W. Fisher
1 year ago

Biden and his cronies, in and out of Congress,on both sides of the isle, should be removed from office and tried for treason ; and then,after being found guilty,given the death sentence. After all; their crimes are far worse than that of the Rosenberg’s. Then , after Biden’s removal,the legitimate President Donald J. Trump be installed: just as Sydney Powell has suggested !

1 year ago

Basically everything about Biden scares the heck out of me!

Terry Wilson
1 year ago
Reply to  Bonnie

I have to admit, until I heard he was elected, I have never felt fear of anyone becoming head of state for this country!

1 year ago

look at biden and party as Red China Terrorist

1 year ago

there should have been an “all of the above” box

Robert Ord
1 year ago
Reply to  Shj

Yes he has created the mess in each area and is in Europe promising who knows what.

1 year ago

All of the above.

Rita lloyd
1 year ago


Terry Wilson
1 year ago
Reply to  Rita lloyd

Like Marc Rudov said on Newsmax, ‘he’s been installed like software!’.

1 year ago

biden totally clueless since 1972 a crook

11 months ago
Reply to  paul

Totally agree! He has hung around and been everyone’s “Yes” man for too many years.

1 year ago

Never was really into politics till Trump was elected. Best President I have ever known since Reagan. What we have now can only be called a waste of space. I hope and pray he stays healthy because the alternative to him is terrifying. At least when Trump was president I could feel safe and always felt that the country was being run in the right manner and anything that was done was for the good of all Americans. I guess he {Trump} will always pay a price for trying to drain the swamp. When you have feckless politicians like Biden, Pellosi, Schummer, Schiftt, Nadler, Waters, and a multitude of others in office I pray for my country.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

ALL OF THE ABOVE… Why has not this faux potus been removed from office, along with his left wing b***h!
He serves no purpose other than piss the entire nation off… :~(
Bill on the Hill…:~)

1 year ago

A real ‘demolition man, master of disaster. I can’t believe that the walking house plant is intending all this. I just think he is not aware and falls back on his long held beliefs. Party line Joe, Corrupt to the core, Make America Last

1 year ago

Joe Biden did not accomplish anything worthwhile in over 4 decades of not trying. Now he will accomplish a lot. He will destroy so much good that our country stood for and had. Down the toilet; thanks Joe. All the pipeline jobs cut in his first 2 minutes on the job. And so many more jobs associated with the pipeline. Just a corrupt man!

1 year ago

All of the above

1 year ago

What a DUMPSTER FIRE…..!!! Sleepy Joe was a Senator for over 40 years. Never accomplished squat. Who voted for this idiot…? More Dimwits.

Edward T Curtis
1 year ago
Reply to  Garry

Other idiots, he has so many that my statement below this line is definitely proved!

The “far left” has taken over our educational system. Teachers have a duty to teach our future voters how to think in future elections – period!
Seems our current teachers have decided that knowing how to think is not right, instead they teach what to think. The longer this is allowed, the more certain our nations demise is assured.

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