New York nursing home covid Cuomo

Between a nursing home coverup scandal and allegations of sexual harassment, what do you think will happen to Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York?

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10 months ago

Nothing will happen to him. He is a Dumbacrat ,say no more.

Cliff Noel
11 months ago

I voted as unsure, because I believe he will get off completely, with absolutely zero consequences for his actions. I say this because he is protected by the very party responsible for corrupting the 2020 election. Let’s face it no news about the investigation of Hunter Biden & his ties with daddy & all the corruption. The media refuses to acknowledge any corruption or voter fraud at all related to the Democratic Party, so I think not a dang thing is going to happen to him – period. The Dems are very bold in their discrimination against the Republican Party and all that we stand for, after all why not, they are getting totally away with it now? The Republican Party seems to pretend it isn’t happening and ignoring it with the hope that it will just disappear. I’m not sure why we are taking this stance, but I really don’t like it, and I disagree with it whole heartedly. God bless America.

1 year ago

Your poll does not have a nothing option. If the person is on the left and part of the elite group there is no crime that they would be prosecuted for.

1 year ago
Reply to  Robynn

Absolutely. Best answer

1 year ago

While I do not like Gov. Cuomo, I believe his evil party is using him to divert attention from other issues. I think the nursing home scandal is all true and he should be prosecuted for murdering all those who died and ones who have long lasting effects, just not so sure about all the sexual harassment stuff. We need Trump!! I don’t even trust congressional republicans. Most don’t fight and the few that do don’t have a chance. Some I believe are Democrats dressed up like Republicans! Disgraceful and sickening.

June Vendetti
1 year ago

NY, being a liberal state, will not prosecute him to the full extent of the law. He’ll get a slap on the wrist, & pay a fine.

Terrence Anthony
1 year ago

This person, along with several other office holders, is a disgrace to my Italian heritage.
Man up and and step down.

1 year ago

There us a missing option. Nothing will happen to jim as he is a Democrat.

Candi Kenacot
1 year ago

I think that the NY people’s militia will call for a grand jury hearing. He will be indicted by We The People-a jury of his PEERS and will be unable to fulfill his duties due to his incarceration.

David Einspahr
1 year ago

My best guess is that Gov Cuomo will go on as usual, blaming someone else for all his disasters and being the megalomaniac tyrant he has always been.

Anthony C
1 year ago

Nothing ever happens to the scumbags on the left.

Brenda Akstulewicz
1 year ago

Nothing will happen to him. He’s a democrat.

1 year ago

I don’t think anything will happen to him! HE IS A DEMOCRAT!!!!

Sharon L Smith
1 year ago

He should be prosecuted but that will never happen because he is far too useful to the Democratic party as a distraction to pull attention away from other crimes being committed by the left wing.

Lori S
1 year ago

Just another shining example of corruption in the Democratic party.

Raymond Miller
1 year ago

Cuomo will end up being the Democrat Presidential candidate in 24.

Karole Thorsten
1 year ago

The corruption in our government by both Democrats and Republicans, along with the media is taking our country toward socialism and Communism. Even our Supreme Court is corrupt as they are not upholding the Constitution so how can any justice take place. There is only one answer to
this situation and that is the Mercy of the Lord through the prayers of people. I think we are going to see some justice coming because of the amount of injustice that is permeating our nation.

David Einspahr
1 year ago

I do believe in the mercy of the Lord. However, I think the people must act in our own interest. We must stand up for what is right, what is the truth and for what the Good Book tells us to do. I don’t believe that we can just sit back and wait for a bolt from the blue to set everything right. The Father expects us to do our share, not wait for salvation to be handed to us.

sick of the stupid
1 year ago

The Dems will do nothing in NY to take him out. Cuomo is just the distraction for the Democrats and the rest of the low stupid information voters in USA with his sex scandals. The distractions are where the peoples heads are at being brainwashed with his Sex scandels, Race Theorem being taught in our schools to divide us and free Covid $$$$. With all this going on around the Dems continue to do their dirty work in Washington turning us into a socialist nation trampling our rights on free speech, due process, with no accountability on immigration with open borders, no outrage by the press about cages. All the while they want raise taxes, spend $ on reparations then spending another 3 trillion on the green new deal. The American people are spending over a $1per gallon more on gas in 60 days after the election still no press outrage Food costs going up while the amounts are shrinking in the boxes you purchase. Then you have the real commies John Kerry and Susan Rice in non appointed positions to Joe B in the white house chief advisors doing their silent dirty work for B Obama in the background still undermining the USA to our adversaries. The Dems can’t use “the mouthpiece Schumer”anymore because he the leader in the Senate now he was the mouthpiece of Doom and Gloom and distraction for many years but now Cuomo is the distraction They had to give that job to someone else because nobody in NY goes down for a silly thing like Sex.

Chex Ter
1 year ago

Nothing will happen…. he’s a Democrat!

1 year ago

HE is a MASS MURDERER – nothing but four walls inside a prison – maybe Dannemora (you know, the one where two killers escaped and he spent near 25 million dollars and over 30 days to catch them)

1 year ago

He’s a Democrat, of course nothing will to him

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