Now that Republicans have a slight majority in the House of Representatives, what do you think of the process they use to elect the Speaker?

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7 days ago

I am very disappointed in the republican party. The party is week and the infighting is terrible. They are going to blow nthe next 2 years like they blew the 2022 election. They should have taken control of the house and senate by a good majority, but blew it by not banding together.

10 days ago

This was a missed teaching opportunity for many watching and grumbling. As has been said many times, the democrat process is messy but the end results will bring to light the issues. Instead of a few backroom deals, people may have the opportunity to see and understand the issues and reasons for debate which will help inform voters for the next round of elections.

14 days ago

They should have a secret ballot.with that in place there may have been a different outcome.

14 days ago

I think it’s ridiculous that McCarthy was allowed to stay in the running 15 votes. He should have been dropped after 3 votes.
I guess you keep voting until you win.

Craig Mellor
17 days ago

The processs works. For those who say that the Democrats always show a “unified” front why can’t the GOP……..the Democrat membership is told what/who to vote for and what bills to support and basically how how to jump!! When was the last time you saw more than one or two Democrats break ranks on a bill that the Party leaders want passed? Schumer and Pelosi tell their members what they want and how they expect them to vote, no excuses!! This is indictive of a totalitarian government. The same as the dictators of the early to mid-twenieth century in Europe and Asia. The same as we see in Socialist/Marxist/Communist/Facists countries of today. The debates, the wrangling, the negotiations we recently saw are the hallmark of a healthy government where all sides are heard and listened to…….The American Constitutional Republic!!

14 days ago
Reply to  Craig Mellor

Amen to that we have to have a healthy discussion. That’s the constitution. to vote you vote your conscience and yes, you have a discussion about it.

17 days ago

I think it’s about time conservatives join together and fight the Old Goats of the GOP and show them how to Fight the good fight!WE MUST STAND UP FOR OUR CONSTITUTION NOW Before IT’S TOO LATE!

Diana Davis
14 days ago
Reply to  Patriot64

We need a Convention of the States!

Diana Davis
14 days ago
Reply to  Diana Davis

18 days ago

The system works even when “a few good men DO SOMETHING”.

Gregory C.
21 days ago

This is how good government works. The constitution was written deliberately to make it difficult to move fast and make big mistakes. Like Biden and his ever detrimental executive orders! We watched government at its finest. A full house, with members coming back from, surgery and childbirth, to participate in the American Experiment and uphold the Constitutional Republic. This was a grand example of government working through the whole process and completing the task for the people. Every muscle was exercised, out in the open, like it should be and hadn’t in many years. They talked it out on floor where in full view of the citizens, while being televised, no secret, smoke filled, back rooms. Proper governmental order, minus, special interest groups! We got it done ✅ Providence in action.

Barbara Peters
21 days ago

The Reprsentitives who did their job by standing up to the swamp were heros. They were able to return the House to a body that resembles the real House from the Constitution.

21 days ago

I suspect we are watching the death throes of a major political party. The House speaker fiasco has been self administered political suicide. It certainly began before the 2022 election but has now reached crisis level. Biden pronouncements notwithstanding, we know he will not be running again in 2024. If the Democrats succeed in nominating someone other than from the lunatic fringe, they will most likely win – presidency and congress. If Trump runs, as now seems likely, the primary campaign will further crush GOP hopes. And if he is nominated, he will be crushed in the general election. While he generates extreme devotion among his followers, he generates even greater hatred among his detractors – who outnumber his followers.

23 days ago

“Too many cooks spoil the broth”. Too many layers of bureaucracy prevent “We The People” from participating in our own government and elections. Tear that “house of cards” down all the way to the original Constitutional foundation and precepts then hit “Reset” button.

23 days ago

McCarthy should have stepped down and let a republican with more respect take the spot. What a joke an embarrassment the process was this time.

21 days ago
Reply to  richard

It’s called personal ego over party interests. The Democrats loved it, I’m sure!

23 days ago

Representative Republic government is messy as it should be….I loved every moment of the kerfuffle…..

Alright Already
23 days ago

I was excited to watch the process! We KNOW back room deals are ALWAYS going on, but it’s good once in a while to see Reps sticking to what THEIR CONSTITUENTS want, which IS extremely rare. Will it change anything? Idk, but we have to START somewhere❗️ Criminal Liberal Progressive Socialist Communist Democrats and Establishment have been AT IT for 100 years❗️ It’s about time WE start combating THEM❗️❗️❗️

23 days ago

do you know anything can mess s*** up? is Chuck Schumer help divide the country when he comes out and does the silly s*** that he does. Democrats complain all the time and they sucker the Republicans in but they never want to talk and agree with with the Republicans on anything so that kind of keeps everything divided now in the house. the menajority leader think about what he said before he handed the gamble over to the speaker of the house. I can’t trust him cuz he lies one. there was no policeman killed on January. this the 6th like he claims. you can check it out. you’ll find out I’m telling the truth but he’s not

John Diaz
24 days ago

Any hotly contested football game do you think the opposition would have one of its players help out the other team? Compromise in politics does not necessarily mean you get what you want.

25 days ago

The conservatives forced small steps in the right direction, and that’s a very good result.
I fear “Omnibus” Mitch and his untrustworthy confederates in the Senate will continue to act like Shumer’s boys and that McCarthy will be another Ryan-like do-nothing who will sabotage the conservative movement.
Alas, the Republican Party has left me….

Belen Jeske
25 days ago

Everyone should have an independent opinion and not be afraid to voice it, not just agree or disagree because they are Democrat or Republican. Democrats stand united because they vote along party lines whether they agree or not, not for what is good for their constituents.

25 days ago

I am sorry to see that so many Amac members were disappointed. I ask them to think about this – do your want more behind the scenes finagling and back door deals that we will never know about, but have to live with and pay for, or do you want negotiations out in the open where We The People can keep watch over what our elected representatives are doing? I think that “this could be the beginning to a beautiful friendship” between The People and their government.

Rob citizenship
25 days ago
Reply to  kate

Very good comment Kate, the spirit of what you wrote makes sense. The Speaker of the House situation has been enlightening to follow. Sometimes political influence can be compared to garlic , a small amount can go a long way. The House Freedom Caucus has some valid views and concerns. The Speaker of the House situation should be fine. All the Republicans need to do is to respect the interests of the American citizens who voted for them and have the courage to defend the truth

Maurice D
26 days ago

I agree Assunta with your sentiments. Honestly, misfortune is always followed by great good fortune. Calamities of the current anti-American regime – bruising inflation; a sapping cost of living; economic ruin; a crashing US Dollar; fading sovereignty and security; an immoral $1.7 trillion dollar spending scam – all demand “thinking principled” warriors. Praise to our beloved congressmen and women determined to right hardships we’re enduring – created by an arrogant, autocratic Pelosi – led House – to revive good fortune for US.

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