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Now that the Congress has increased spending with their compromise bill that will increase our National Debt by ONE Trillion more dollars-should AMAC make reducing the debt and balancing the budget a top priority?

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One of the important issues is a BALANCED budget. What happened to it? There are ALOT of places to cut.
Congress has been letting the country down for YEARS – Republican AND Democrat. They serve themselves NOT the American people.
TERM LIMITS much needed.

Jackie Toothman

Congress just handed Planned Parenthood ANOTHER half a billion dollars. Whatever happened to not making tax payers fund abortion? What other for-profit organizations are receiving this kind of money?

Roger Miracle

The Republicans have campaigned for years and years on reducing the deficit……..and now they don’t have the balls to do it. The Republicans are in the Swamp just like the Dems. Reducing spending in Washington is totally hopeless.


I am disgusted with both the Republicans and Demorats. Continuing to raise the national debt is pure insanity. Rand Paul is on the right track and he caused a mini shutdown by making both parties listen to him about the fallacy of continuing to raise the national debt. Doing so is unsustainable. I have contacted both of my senators and representative and am very worried about the ability of this country to survive. All you have to do is get on Politico to see how brainwashed our young people are and see the pro-socialist comments made by them. Back in the 1950s and 1960s Harvard and Yale were great universities but now they are liberal cesspools. Trump is trying to straighten out the mess left by Bathhouse Barry but he can’t do it alone.


I am disappointed in the wording and shortsidedness of this poll. i.e. one question might should have included, “Should we supply tanks & planes to save out children’s freedoms or lose our freedoms and not supply the tanks & planes and allow our children & grandchildren to live in slavery and subjection to an abusive dictatorship.”?

How about looking at the big picture and not try to play on sympathies. I left AARP for this reason and will not support AMAC if you follow their lead.
How about supporting the unpopular but necessary lead of “IF YOU DON’T WORK YOU DON’T EAT”. We spiritually all can do something if only sweep streets or clean grounds around schools after hours. I’m more concerned with paying one to have babies and abuse free housing. How about promoting doing away with that!


If the country defaults, seniors and the weakest members of our society we’ll suffer the most. Debt is cruel to the same people that the politicians are always saying that they want to help most, the poor. We need to have a healthy economy that is free from debt so that the greatest number of people can live the best life possible. Stay free by staying fiscally responsible. Bankruptcy would levy the worst kind of punishment on the hardest hit and least deserving recipients of this foolishness.


Nothing needs to get in the way of sending dreamers back and stopping illegal immigration and ending the drug problem.

Lewis Turner

The debt is a result of two things, over spending, and a stagnant economy. Our economy have very little growth during the last presidential administration. President Trump has taken steps to cut the cost of Government, and made it possible to have real growth in our economy. We need to give a reasonable amount of time to observe tax receipts to see if they are increasing due to business growth. That will help us project a course that can realistically reduce the National Debt. Also, there are many areas of Government that can still be cut back, saving money. There are some areas of spending that will have long time positive benefits to our economy–such as rebuilding our the infrastructure–roads, bridges, rails, of our Nation. This would also include protecting our electrical grid. They are needed to keep the economy growing. A reaction to the political actions is only short… Read more »


All the more reason for term limits. These career politicians and those that want to become one, care only about their careers.


Here is a copy of what I sent to Senators McConnell and Schumer:

Isn’t it wonderful how both parties can agree to spend money the country doesn’t have and then celebrate “bipartisanship.” All they are doing is borrowing more money and adding to the $20 trillion debt. Schumer and McConnell: what are you going to tell your children and grandchildren when they have to pay for the debt you so proudly accumulated? I don’t think you have a rational answer to this question. You’re “bipartisan” intergenerational thieves. You should be ashamed.


What’s the difference? The politicians are too busy scratching each other’s black to give a flying leap
about our future, or our grandchildren’s future.
What happened to the American Recovery Act? 1 trillion dollars for infrastructure. All I saw of it were a few signs and a couple bulldozers.


Nothing in our government will change until the politicians voting are required to take responsibility for their decisions. That means putting their personal fortunes at risk because of their decisions. No country in history has survived enormous debt with no accountability by its leadership. Talk is cheap and their decisions are expensive to a free society

Charles R Leo

Push for constitutional amendment to require federal budget to be balanced or no more than 50% of GDP. If states can do it so must feds!


We’ve passed the tipping point. The Democrats by playing identity politics has made so many people dependent on Washington for hand outs that nothing can be done to stop the gravy train. It’s historic. President Harry S. Truman said, “There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.” And, “You can’t get rich in politics unless you are a crook.”

Chuck Roamer

I would have voted to prioritize efforts to balance budget except AMAC chose to hold up our military spending as the “reason” for our debt and spending problems. Our entire military was devastated by the Obama wrecking crew and we desperately need to rebuild. Where’s your concern for the bloated entitlement programs as well as bloated government employment and waste.


if our elected officials are so afraid to cut programs to start reducing the debt then start by reducing the size of the federal workforce and bring federal worker wages in line with the private sector. huge cost there. does not require layoffs, hiring freezes and attrition. federal employees suffer no consequences for poor performance because there is no bottom line departments and agencies are responsible for. that needs to change!


Put simply debt is living uncontrolled beyond your means. If a business did hat the government does it would be gone. The government gets away with this because it is not allowed to fail. Employees don’t get fired, members of congress can vote themselves increases. union labor gets lavish benefits and retirement packages and all this before a dime is spent on the one major responsibility of the government which is to protect the sovereignty of our nation. We spend billions on handout programs to people who don’t belong here but wail over a few billion to build a wall to protect our borders. We have a department of education filled with 6 figure bureaucrats, yet our education systems are failing all over the country. Sadly we have an entire body of Nero’s who are overpaid, have no understand of the basis for our country and care more about their… Read more »

Robert Macik

I don’t like any of the answers to choose from so I’m not voting. Yes, it’s a budget buster but–given the disaster relief, condition of the infrastructure and the threats of the world–yes it’s necessary. Now’s the time to tell our senators and congressmen (congresspeople?) that it’s time to settle DACA and to start the expense cutting process BIG TIME on just about everything else. They do react to pressure when it comes from enough ‘constituents’ and it keeps coming over and over again.


Congress is broken. Both parties have ideas that are bankrupt. Term limits are needed but Congress would have to approve and fat chance of that. The Swamp is much deeper and wider than most believed. The Senate needs to get rid of the Filibuster Rule… they could and they should… but they won’t… at least with McConnell there.


I’m proud that my Rep. Louie Gohmert was one of the few Rep. who voted against this insult to fiscal sanity. Im waiting to here from Cruz, who was dependable in the past, but disappointed me on this.