Recognizing that the following issues may impact how people vote in the mid-term elections this November, which of the following issues do you feel is most important in deciding who to vote for this November?

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Gary Stricklin
3 months ago

All of the above

3 months ago

Not fair some of these polls need to have multiple choices! A lot need multiple choices.

3 months ago

Just changed my name from Jeanette to Katrina as there are 2 Jeanette which can be confusing!

3 months ago

Our nation is being threatened in every way. Let’s start with closing the border and kicking out the cartels and their drugs. Trump was right when he wanted to use the military. The cartels are controlling our borders. It’s an invasion! We need to establish ourselves as a sovereign nation. Deport who ever we can. Meanwhile, Ora Pro Nobis!

Douglas Denehie
4 months ago

The effort to increase liberal voters who disregard morality, law abilene, and fair social behavior starts in elementary schools administered by radical teachers.

Douglas Winship
4 months ago

This was a tough one. I voted for restoring energy independence as having the highest potential in averting or minimizing a recession.

4 months ago

I hate there was only one answer to give. There were at least 3 I feel very strongly about. I want someone pro America and its citizens, strong on defense, improving the economy, making us strong on oil/gas etc produced here instead of depending on others, and good grief, get the far left out of the playing field!!! Let’s get back to basics, good care of our families and children, good economy and make America Great Again!

4 months ago

The real problem is the United States, under democrat “leadership” has become SO broken, that every one of those issues is important and probably another dozen are missing from the list.

First a return to God. Only an American that repents will find God’s grace and have a chance to succeed.

I’ll let you know what’s the next most important reason AFTER we accomplish that one. Because unless we do return to God, there is no hope for this country.
At all.

Betty Matteson
4 months ago

All of the above would be closer to how I feel. I really would like to see Pelosi and Biden and all their pals impeached and in prison for treason. Mr. Biden in my estimation is a murderer and should be held accountable. Thanks to his family and to him not only our young troops left alone in Afghanistan and assassinated, but the deaths in the Ukraine and in Russia should be heaped on his head. His soul belongs to Satan. He is a disgrace to all we believe in and have fought for in America.

SHAME ON HIM and those who support him.

4 months ago
Reply to  Betty Matteson

of course, you must realize it isn’t Biden… he’s a senile puppet and his actions are all choreographed by the far left. God help us this gets changed and Fast!!!

Les williams
3 months ago
Reply to  Betty Matteson

you are absolutely spot on, but due to all the corruption in our Elected officials I for one do not see a change coming, remember History repeats itself and this great country will self destruct just like the Roman Empire. God will only give this blessed country so many chances and we our out of them! Time for his return and our punishment!

Ardith Zook
4 months ago

Every single issue listed was of great importance. It is impossible to only choose one, though I did.

4 months ago

this WAR..!!.. Demon-ratz- socialists-commies AGAINST FREE AMERICA..!!.. TIME TO REVOLT IS NOW..!! PATRIOTS TAKE BACK AMERICA ..!!.. UR LIVES DEPEND ON IT..!!

Jimi Chappell
4 months ago

The most important issue is not even there: fiscal responsibility.

“Candidates who support cutting spending and increasing taxation to pay for the things we have legislated.”

No one wants to talk about that!

4 months ago

There really needs to be an All of the Above selection

Janet Lemire
4 months ago

Should be an “all of the above”. However, clearing the way for production of oil in our country again would fix almost everything. Joe Biden is ruining our country.

4 months ago

All the above.

4 months ago

The indoctrination of our children in government schools has a lot to do with where we are today. Accepting socialism? We can also thank the corrupt corporate media elites as willing accomplices.

4 months ago

One more selection is needed: “All of the above” They’re all issues that must be addressed if this nation is to return to its former glory.

Patricia Morgan
4 months ago

Yes we want less interference from the govt, no vax mandates, lower prices, energy independence, safer communities and closed border, but the children must come first, from womb to adulthood they must be protected from those who would harm them, body and mind.

4 months ago

Illegal aliens who join the something-for-nothing socialist democrat voters who eventually out-populate the work-for-a-living taxpayers will irreversibly destroy the U.S.

Who will work and pay exorbitant taxes to little personal benefit? It will be feudal. Small bands of survivalists constantly defending against marauding criminals..

4 months ago

What we are witnessing is the deliberate, calculated, coordinated destruction of the United States of America. We have NEVER witnessed anything like this in our history.Yes we had the Revolution and the Civil War, yet this level of evil has taken control of our schools, media and social media. They know exactly what they are doing. Do not expect the 2022 election to go well. The voter fraud system set up by the Far Left are still in place. They will do something that will call the entire election into question and we are heading into terrifying times. They will not give up their power… not at this late date.

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