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Senator Bernie Sanders and 123 Democrat Congressmen have called for a change in health care called 'Medicare for All' which would provide free health, dental and vision care; would replace Medicare as we know it and would eliminate Medicare Advantage plans. Are you in favor of this?

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2 years ago

What really bugs me is the insidious way the Obama administration and the media successfully got everyone to call it, see it and believe it is “healthcare” and/or “access to healthcare” when reality its insurance and forcing US citizens to carry health insurance or be penalized. I’m ashamed and embarrassed how easily citizens were brainwashed to actually believe the misdirection.

Bill Brown
2 years ago

This Country is a Constitutional Republic. There are a number of U.S. Supreme Court rulings from the 1930’s stating that Socialism is unconstitutional at the Federal Level and that the Constitution forbids the Federal Government from engaging-in or competing-in any areas done by private business. Regulate to a certain level yes. Engage-in NO!!!

We once again find the Humanists calling for actions that are unconstitutional!! AND, nobody seems to either understand or CARE!!!

3 years ago

Do these people realize how much pressure physicians are under already? Most states’ health departments require some ‘pro bono’ commitments by MDs if patients are unable to pay. Our hospitals are flooded as are emergency and urgent care.. With the attitudes of politicians trying seduce voters they are taking the onus out of personal health care vigilance, and concern and placing these individual concerns in the hands of physicians.. How realistic is this? How do physicians get to know their patients? In a City like NYC where I live guaranteed physicians are most likely so exasperated by the insinuations that they will make no effort. It’s obviously (for some of us who have worked as healthcare professionals) turning into an “us against them” situation whereas many healthcare professionals do not hold back showing definite signs of hostility toward certain of their patients.. Now this? Where’s this all going and where is something very serious going to give???

3 years ago

Nothing is free!!!! Funds will come from be somewhere! We need to stop burdening the American tax payer with more taxes!!!!! Giving immagrates free everything is just wrong!!!!! No wonder they are trying to get here, this all has to change, then there will be less immagration problems. We have enough of Americans who need help, like Veterans and the homeless!!!!!! These people are our own!!!!! Veterans especially deserve the best we have to offer!!!!! They’ve earned it!!!!!!

Gary K
3 years ago

Doctors basically on commission now. So they can work as hard as they want. Make as much as they want. If you put every doctor on a salary they wont work as hard. That’s goverenment health care all doctors work for government. So people that are driven wont become doctors the best will do something else so wont be enough doctors so now we have long lines and poor health care

3 years ago

Nothing is free, it costs in taxes. Someone has to pay for it!

3 years ago

Medicare does not currently cover vision or dental so right there is increased cost. Concerns today are when Medicare can no longer survive. Why add more people than are currently eligible.

Neal B
3 years ago

Bernie’s Socialst policies would BANKRUPT the nation for starters, destroy healthcare as we know it, and make healthcare totally unaffordable for EVERYONE! Any time they claim to be offering something “FREE”, socialists are really offering HORRIBLE quality ‘stuff’ paid for by everyone who is working, and ultimately you end up with the lowest common denominator product/service. The companies providing the product or service have NO reason to do it well, especially when they are getting paid VERY LITTLE to provide it – so they do it as cheaply as they possibly can to maximize their miniscule profits. The government pays based on the lowest price, NEVER based on the BEST QUALITY. I used to co-own a business where we were involved with government jobs and had to bid for these. It was ALWAYS about the lowest price, and nothing else. This NEVER provides the best quality service or product, it is simply impossible to do so. Many companies literally cut every corner possible to achieve the pricing they quoted the government, and ultimately the recipients of the product/service are the ones who suffer for that lowest price only mentality of the US Government. Somehow we need to change the Bid process, so that it includes a category of the product or service QUALITY, the consistency of the quality products and services produced by the company, and so forth. I don’t know the precise model it should follow, but I do know from having the direct experience with the “lowest bid” process the US government is REQUIRED to use that we MUST come up with something better and FAST! The US Postal Service has Sub-standard machinery, sub-standard software, and on down the line, BECAUSE they too are required by law to accept the LOWEST BID no matter what. The Government Printing Office (aka GPO) has a TINY amount of leeway, if they have extensive experience with a given company and that company has a very high score as far as completing projects on time and on budget and so forth – where they can choose the company with the 2nd or 3rd lowest bid IF they meet the top quality requirement as well. But that is the exception, not the rule.

3 years ago

Not only no but hell no. It’s for those who worked hard and paid into the system.

3 years ago

Most news organizations did not cover the fact that Republican House districts were targeted for Medicare denials. The backlog was challenged by the AHA but it doesn’t change the fact that many seniors were stopped cold in their tracks from access to additional services while their cases were held in limbo. Some seniors died waiting and many others experienced having their medical problems become more serious.

And we are going to let even more government bureaucracy control the entire population after they proved that they were picking and choosing who would get care based on their political representative/district?

Samuel M. King
3 years ago

My brother died as a result of the current medical debacle left in the wake of an evil monster who is now out of office. These people have no souls. We don’t mean anything to those dictating this death knell on we who work for a living and want to have something to leave behind for our children. I had a perfect medical insurance, which I paid a premium for, but I paid nothing but co-pays. Now, with the ‘new’ plan, I paid the majority of a recent operation, and am reluctant to go to the doctor. They seem obligated anymore, to diagnose you with something requiring expensive medicines that have very bad side effects, up to and including death. Who wants that? I lost my brother to a system loaded with inconsistencies and procedural procrastination, making him ‘miss the mark’, or the appointments that would have saved his life. The worst part is, had his health insurance not been monkeyed with, I would still be able to visit him at his house, instead of graveside. Damn socialism!

3 years ago

This will never work. It will destroy the quality of care that we can receive with Medicare now. Doctors in California already complain about taking Low paying Medicare. If they make it any less or the deductibles any larger, one illness could wipe us out. At least we have the choice to protect ourselves with supplementals, when we are entering a period of fixed or lower income. The system works now. Let us choose better coverage if we choose to. Medicare deductibles are high! We need supplementals.

Sharon McGuire
3 years ago

It’s good to see that the vast majority agree with me that this attempt to impose socialism on the American people is not as popular as liberals would have us believe!

3 years ago

I have little confidence in any government solution. Prior to the ACAobamacarelie, we paid $9,500. Our first year in ACAobamacarelie, we paid a combined premium/deductible $22,000. Our final year in ACAobamacarelie we were on the hook for $33,000. During that time we lost doctors, our good HC Plan, and there was nothing affordable about it. Other than getting older each year, we had no change in our health.

Jimmy jack fudpucker
3 years ago

to the 201 ( as of 10:22pm on 10-16) idiots that are in favor of this…. are you f-ing serious???? are you really that stupid? take your ignorance elsewhere! Socialism does NOT work! This country was not founded on “free” stuff.

3 years ago

I’ve lived in Canada for several months. The medical service was great if you don’t mind the wait and the run around you get when you need lab work or tests done. The only ones who like their FREE medical are those who have never had to pay for it or who have never had a serious illness.
Also you put power in the hands of government officials who skim off the tax payers dollars to make sure they get their money first before the rest filters through the hands of all those who have to make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. Call SS some time for information on a claim and see how long it takes to get it resolved. Remember all those people take a share of that money that goes for you. The bigger it gets the worse it is and there is more opportunities for corruption to creep in and you won’t be able to fight it!

Wm. Wixson
3 years ago

We are at the crossroads. Down one road is a European centralized bureaucratic socialist welfare system in which politicians and bureaucrats define the future.
Down the other road is a proud, solid, reaffirmation of American exceptionalism. N. Gingrich
My sentiments as well, I am a military vet, a retired police officer, 30+ years, American conservative republican patriots STAND UP and VOTE!

John Ryder
3 years ago

Have you ever gotten anything for FREE? Who in their right mind would believe health care would be free. Every capable person needs to work to receive something. Let’s stop the fraud in government handouts, put the savings in reducing our debt or helping those who really need it. Not those who suck off others.

Jim p.
3 years ago

There is no free lunch. Socialism doesn’t work!!!

3 years ago

I should have read all the options. I mistakenly selected #4, when it SHOULD HAVE BEEN #5, which includes #2, #3, and #4!

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