Media bias is reaching a fever pitch. Which of these headlines have been ignored by a media mob that appears to have their own political agenda? Select two.

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9 months ago

Why aren’t democrats getting Covid??????

9 months ago

With the exception of Trump, POLITICIANS ARE OUR ENEMIES.

Brian Strong
9 months ago

I am very disturbed to realize that the thousands of “Americans” that participated in all the various election fraud schemes, will probably never be caught/prosecuted/sentenced, will continue to walk among us posing as “Americans”, will feel they have “done the right thing”, are now emboldened and will repeat their felonies next time. And us real Patriots seem powerless to do anything that matters, except complain.

Michele Kelly
10 months ago

China owns Biden. Biden has spoken favorably about China. China funded BLM and Antifa. Biden is a danger to our National security

11 months ago

A characteristic of losers is that they try to build themselves up by tearing others down. That’s what these Trump haters are–losers. They may think that they elevate themselves greatly by tearing down a President. But in reality, they remain losers: intellectual and moral degenerates.

11 months ago

If media bias isn’t bad enough, the worst part of it all is that about 50% of Americans actually believe that crap. I feel sorry for that 50% because they have no common sense and cannot think on their own. They were born and raised to believe that real life is a game show. I don’t feel sorry for the media or the politicians who are orcastrating all this garbage. There’s a special place in hell for those who deceive others for profit or power.

11 months ago

all of the above. I do not trust any nedia, especially news papers, except The Washington Times. Have stopped watching most TV except Lou Dobbs & Tucker.

Glenda Thorn
11 months ago

I have just subscribed to AMAC and I have read everyone’s comments below. I totally agree, that this politics game has become lunacy with the Left. They are in total denial .And those who vote for these on the Left are being very foolish for not seeking out more correct coverage of the truth. It has been their aim all along since Trump has taken office that they have no intentions to help him pass good bills that would help with the invasion of our borders or any new legislation regarding that problem. I think they are playing a game with numbers again, saying that Biden is ahead in the polls, just like they did about Hillary. I felt sorry for her the night she realized she did not win. She looked like she was having a nervous breakdown. I am praying their polls are all wrong again and Trump will win by a bigger margin than before. I will say this, I admit I was a Democrat for years but after what happened when Obama was in the White House, I just could not ever think I could vote to put another one of his cronies in the White House. I want our country to remain the Land of The Free. I want my grandchildren to grow up and be proud he is an American. I want everyone to be treated equal and have a chance at a decent education and have equal opportunities. We will lose all that if President Trump does not stay in the WH.

Edward B Carrigan
11 months ago

The msm has been a hack for the radical socialist dems for decades, what else is expected. This is how they were educated in the communist dominated education system, from K-12 to college!!!

Kirk G
11 months ago

It’s extremely unfortunate, to say the least, but an open and unbiased media simply does not exist in the United States in our day. The agenda they push is so apparent only the most gullible or ignorant cannot/will not see it. It is appears that “responsible journalism” is not taught in journalism schools any more. At any rate, “covering the days events” has come to mean filtering the facts through the journalist’s biases and prejudices. All that is then presented is what s/he wants to “report.” Honesty, integrity and virtue have been. I fear, irreparably lost.

Caro Wood
11 months ago

The media is one of the most biased, crooked, hate promoting entity in this country. Second only to far left radical liberals that call themselves Democrats. I have never been so disappointed or outraged in my 72 years on this earth as I have been with the Democratic Party in the last 20 years. I’ve been registered as a democrat since I was 18 years old and even while voting for the Republican nominees since 2000 I kept hoping the Democratic Party would return the way it was In the days of JFK. This year I officially changed my registration to the Republican Party. I have lost all respect for the dem party and the media. I refuse to watch, read or listen to anything the national media has to say.

11 months ago

Actually Marie M, in reality they consider themselves judge AND jury.

Nelson Gutierrez
11 months ago

On Saturday evening, March 7, 2020, as the Covid-19 Pandemic was starting in the US, I went to the emergency room of my local hospital because I was having difficulty breathing. My diagnosis was Pneumonia in the left lung. By Sunday morning, I also had pneumonia in the right lung was taken to the Intensive Care Unit and put on a ventilator. During the two months that I spent in the ICU, I had to be put on a ventilator 3 times with the third time also requiring a Tracheostomy. On Easter Sunday the ICU staff called my wife at home to come ASAP as the doctors believed I would die that day. During my two months in the ICU, more and more rooms had to prepared–converted into “negative pressure rooms”- for COVID-19 patients. As physically weak and vulnerable as I was, it was a blessing that I did not contract the COVID-19 virus. I am now a very high risk patient for COVID-19 because of what my lungs suffered during those 2 months in the ICU, Having experienced what I did earlier this year, I would take a COVID-19 vaccine as I would never want to go through the experience I had earlier this year.

I have great faith in our pharmaceutical companies. I am alive today as a testimony to their excellence. I am 61 years old today, but in 1973, when I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer that has metastasized through the Lymphatic system and by then it was in Stage 4. After my second Cancer operation which was the exploratory surgery to determine if the metastasized Cancer was determined to be inoperable and the prognosis given to parents was that I had 3-6 months to live. However, they started weekly Chemotherapy treatments with an experimental drug at the time called Bleomycin (Pfizer),which the American Cancer Society provided for free to my Oncologist who also treated with another conventional Chemotherapy drug called Vinblastine (Velban) made by Eli Lilly and Company. The two years of weekly Chemotherapy treatments were a very difficult time in my life, but the love and support of my family and medical team gave me hope and strength to persevere. However, those two challenging years have given me an extra 48+ years of a wonderful life and a very real appreciation for each day of life that am blessed with. There is no perfect medicine, especially chemotherapy meds, but you have to evaluate the risks vs. the potential benefits. My mother told me years later that her and my dad having to sign those papers to authorized the chemotherapy treatments was the most difficult decision they ever had to make, but she and my dad strongly felt that they could not just let me die without at least attempting to save my life with the one chance I had.

I mentioned risks, the reason I almost died this year from Pneumonia was because of a unique reaction of the Bleomycin medication called Bleomycin Oxygen Toxicity, which meant that every time I was put on the Ventilator and the life giving Oxygen started to enter my lungs, my left lung started to release the Bleomycin toxins it had stored for over 45 years when I finished my last Chemo treatment in 1975. Thankfully, the Pulmonologist who was consulted regarding my case had previously encountered this condition once before in his career–was I glad I was patient #2. :-) The radiation treatments from 1975 have also caused 3 benign brain tumors so far since 2005, but I am still alive today and living a good life. Sometimes fear of the unknown paralyzes us from making the decisions that end up saving our lives. My life has had its challenges, but because of my parents’ desire to give me a chance to live and allowing the experimental treatments to be done, I have lived a wonderful life!

I share this experience to encourage those of you who are high risk patients who will need the COVID-19 vaccine when it is ready for vaccinating the general public. I will be in line with you!

11 months ago

Ilhan Omar should be deported for falsifying her citizenship information, and jailed for election fixing while she is awaiting final deportation. She is considered a “crowning achievement” by the Muslim Brotherhood in infiltrating our government–watch the Trump Card and see the facts.

P R White
11 months ago

I don’t watch MSM… I watch OAN One America News or News Max! There are other choices & I’ve read 26 political books so far. I want to learn directly from Ted Cruz, Devin Nunes, Lou Dobbs, Dan Crenshaw, Candace Owens, Sean Hannity and many other wonderful patriots who love this country. This is the most important election in my lifetime. I love & support President Trump because his only agenda is to save our country. God Bless America!

Larry Hughes
11 months ago

It should be a felony, subject to removal from office and prison time, for any person in any government job, elected, appointed, hired or a spokesperson for that person to lie to or deliberately mislead the public.
Further the connection of family members in government to those in media must be made illegal, be in government or in the media but not both!

11 months ago

All of these have been ignored by mainstream media.

Terry McCann
11 months ago

Are we so far lost that the media has Jedi mind tricked liberal thought into the weak minded? ?

Gene Lombardo
11 months ago

As I read the comments about the MSM I am wondering who the MSM really is. I live in a small Idaho town that has a local 2 times per week “newspaper”. Doesn’t seem to fit the term mainstream, yet they are as far left as the NYT. Fox News, the last bastion of balanced reporting, with a few exceptions like Hannity, Ingram, and Charles Payne have faded to the left. Case in point the abominable moderator job done by Wallace who was not the least bit fair or balanced last week. My point is All the media is left of center, unfairly biased toward the left. MSM sounds like there is a part of the media that IS fair. I don’t see it.

Gloria Hurkett
11 months ago

I would have loved an all of the above choice

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