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Many Americans find our presidential nominating process complex, confusing, and/or unfair. With which of the following do you MOST agree?

Thursday, January 23, 2020 Jan 23, 2020 186
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Noting what is happening today in politics. The speaker of the house seems to be much more powerful then I ever knew. When someone sets their goal on impeachment for non impeachable hear say. There needs to be someway to get the speaker of the house Impeached.


Confusing? People should be paying closer attention to the candidates and issues, and not waiting until the primaries to make a decision. Waiting to see who wins in the first primary, and settling on that candidate is a reflection of the primary, and not at all an individual decision. Get off your lazy and become a responsible American.


The real problem with the primary system is that it is designed to maintain the hegemony of the two main tweedle dee, tweedle dum, “parties.” Only those two are allowed to have ballots.
I live in an area that is dominated by one of the two. Voting in a primary here is a joke, because only the dominant party ever has a full ballot. Whoever wins that party’s primary wins the general, so a lot of people vote the dominant party’s primary, and then uselessly vote the opposite party in the general election.

George Washington was wise in his admonition to avoid political parties.

The Freezing Senior

Stop the needless waste of everybody’s time.

GBA/KAG #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !


Leave it like it is where it is. The system works.
The clown car of the traveling circus has weeded out around 25 nobody wannabes leaving two decrepit, hateful old guys headed in the same direction. Under!
Way to go Iowa. Can’t wait for the circus to pull into New Hampshire. I look for two things to happen there. Finish off the two old socialists and allow New Hampshire to look at itself in the mirror and unlike socialist Vermont, change it’s ways before it’s too late and rejoin Free America.


The election is not “national”, though the position is. There are 50 state elections. Candidates need the primaries spread out so they can campaign in more states – otherwise, they’d only need to visit the top 5 cities with the highest populations. Whether Iowa is first or Montana, the fact of being first has no bearing on my evaluations. The early primaries, though, help thin the field as donations to the lower performers start drying up. I am interested in effective policy – both domestic and foreign – and whom, with the field, can produce the best result.


The election process takes entirely too long a time. The amount of time it takes today should be much shorter (no more than 6 months). It may have been necessary for a longer time in history but with the ease of obtaining information today a lengthy election process is no longer required. The media is also to blame for all attention paid to the states with early primary elections and elections in general. Candidates should be required to provide a summary of the issues they see an how they stand on the issues that should be available to all for review and compare prior to an election. These summaries should then be published in newspapers and available online for review.

Les Jones

The price of admission is way too high and we suffer from the consequences. Political promoters trade money for promises- this not philanthropy. What a crazy, potentially corrupt way to choose politicians. No wonder they all want to stay in office for decades and retire millionaires.

William Cate

The majority of Americans are whiny, crybaby, know-nothings whose opinions are formed by other whiny, crybaby, know-nothings who share their whiny, cry-baby, know-nothingness on social media.


Why is it that only Iowa and New Hampshire which are both strong Democrat states are the only ones this vote happens in. Personally I think it is a waste of time especially this time around. The voting system is broken to much cheating going on. My dad had to die before he was able to vote Democrat. Since when he was alive he always voted Republican.


Didn’t vote in this one. Not the problem. The problem is apathy and listening to the polls and people think that their vote won’t make a difference. Get off your duffs and vote, don’t care if it’s raining, VOTE!

JD Taylor

I could careless about what people in these two states say are vote for!


If selected states and primary polls are gauges to persuade the American voter then the system is convoluted and broke. Voters should exercise their independence and privilege to vote by gathering needed facts and information on each candidate and consider their vote to whom they think will best serve them. Americans need to be literate and engaged, not to follow other states and often contrived media opinions.


The whole process is ridiculous. They campaign for years and spend zillions of dollars. What a waste! They should limit the presidential race to the previous 6 months prior to the election. If not, take half of the money raised and give it to public schools or other charities.

Old man

The most important thing to me is to get back an honest, objective , nonpartisan news media. Without that all the rest is mostly meaningless. We need voters who know the facts not the party and media propaganda. However, do agree there should be one primary vote day or as a minimum at least include many more states lets not play follow the lemmings.

Frank Canaday

I agree with “Just Me”…it’s too long and with information technology the way it now is, 2 years of this non-sense is too much! I also agree with the idea of requiring all candidates to publish, in writing and submitted and “signed off on” publicly BY THEM directly (not thru any form or sort of “3rd party entity”), a minimum of 6 months ahead of any national or local election date, answers to 10 predetermined topics relevant to the level and type of office they seek and then as suggested, submitted and printed and made available through numerous PUBLIC outlets for all those who wish can have enough time to consider each candidate’s position. Finally, voting should be IN PERSON (unless working or living abroad, including US military personnel, in which case “absentee ballots provided several weeks ahead and returned by a predetermined deadline) but over a 7 day period.… Read more »

John Karkalis

If the good people of Iowa and New Hampshire clearly represented a cross section of America, I would have no concerns, but I’m not convinced they do.
A one day National Primary has appeal– it’s quick. but I would like to hear from the more savvy AMAC members on this


My only concern with a rotation of states, or one primary date for all states is the undue influence large states may have over the primary process. The founders were right to be wary of simply depending on a “popular” vote.


Do away with political parties completely and vote on the person.

Gary Adams

Agree with Mr. William Cate 100%.
Thank you sir!