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Many Americans find our presidential nominating process complex, confusing, and/or unfair. With which of the following do you MOST agree?

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1 year ago

We spend far too much money in the election of our political positions. We should have firm limits on how much can be spent. The process to elect National slots in Congress and the Presidential race have become a 24/7 activities. I’m tired of it. Members of the House of Representatives are like gerbils ……they never quit running. They are sent to Washington to get things done but all they do is try to get re-elected. We need term limits

Charles Rezner, Ph.D.
1 year ago

The confusion is a problem created by media. Each state has its own method of selecting electors to vote for President and Presidential candidates. At most after a Primary all that should be reported is who won. Avoiding trends nationally and implications nationally would make the process of selecting much simpler.

1 year ago

I find the issue is not the states of Iowa or New Hampshire it is with the news media. 24-7 news coverage muddles the water and provides very little benefit. The majority of media outlets continue to push for socialism which eventually results in communism where the people are slaves to the government. What is concerning is the vast number of people being brainwashed by our education system to accept this with open arms, as shown in Iowa and New Hampshire.

1 year ago

I think past experience, voting records on issues and a solid resume suited for the job is imperative. Publicity should focus on that, not character assassination. We should see those things when candidates are selected, before they become the party choice. Then we should evaluate performance in debates that focus on issues (not insults, name-calling, and arguments). Our political system should focus on business skills, not become a media circus.

Gene Ivie
1 year ago

If Iowa wasn’t the first primary/caucus state there would have never been an ethanol mandate.

1 year ago

I am not opposed to change, but to new rules and regulations. Let the parties run themselves! Just like Americans.

Michael Zakrajshek
1 year ago

Really one national day as a primary, let’s do away with the electoral college as well and just give away all our freedom to the democratics. We the American people have become fat and lazy in choosing our elected officials, remember if we don’t want to put some effort into our political system we will get the government that we deserve.

1 year ago

The one good thing about IA and NH being first is that is delays the deluge of political ads that I have to see by a few months. The crazy thing is the idea of a “super delegate” that the Dems have that can go against the will of the people in a close race.

B. Kelly
1 year ago

The real question is this. Did you know that fish can hear what you are thinking just before you sneeze?

That aside, and I am serious about this. Sharks and skunks are my favorite flowers.

1 year ago

I very much disagree with a national primary held on one day and having it in March for a number of reasons. Too hard to actually get candidates to even try to visit all 50 states and DC in any practical way; many small states will be paid very little attention as candidates will focus on the larger states having the most delegates; and lastly it is a long time till the convention and election. On this last point there will be some boredom, some “buyers regret” and if the presidential candidate for one party is the sitting president, that person will be drawn in more campaigning rather than governing for a long time.
I have a concept for presidential primaries that would be unique – Group the states and DC (51 entities) together with those having the lowest number of electoral votes (EV) going first. Group other states in order of EV voting in sequence as time goes by until the last primary is held for the 4 largest EV states. This would let the smaller states express their choices and candidates that did not do so well would know there are ever larger states coming up and stay in the running. That way one doesn’t “win” a few primaries (as is possible now) and others are encouraged to drop out. Also, if the leader “stumbles” there will be opportunities for others to gain on that person. You might even argue that the last primary held would still have meaning with so many delegates possible still. Not likely to ever happen as too many others would find fault for good or bad reasons.
Proposal: 16 states (31.4% of states w/5 or less EV) totaling 59 EV (11% of EV) voting mid-end of February. 14 states (27.5% of states with 6 to 9 EV) totaling 100 EV (18.6% of EV) voting mid-end Mar. 10 states (19.6% of states with 10-13 EV) totaling 109 EV (20.3 of EV) voting mid-Apr. 7 states (13.7% of states with 14-20 EV) totaling 119 EV (22.1%) voting in early May. Lastly, 4 states (7.8% of states with 29-55 EV) totaling 151 EV (28.1%) voting late May.

1 year ago

i agree that Iowa and NH are overplayed in importance. But, the poll lacked a response that would echo my thoughts. As a conservative i am surprised that the majority of AMAC respondents want the Federal government to remove the States right to hold their own primaries in their own manner. My response is that while early primaries are too early and their results predict nothing, we should and ought to allow states to exercise their right to hold primaries.

DJ Cash
1 year ago

Good Point Janet
Let the Man do his job
Seems Demorats had a whole ‘nother agenda

‘Matter of Fact here’s a lovely Bumper sticker to commemorate Pelosi’s Botched Impeachment attempt, as u said: accusing the President of doing his job for us.

1 year ago

I’m in IA and SO tired of all the stupid political adds. You don’t want them. It makes it easier for the candidates to work one or two states instead of 30-40.

1 year ago

I tend to agree with many of the comments I am readng. If there is an impeachment, it should be the majority of senators nd congressmen in office now. They seem to have forgotten that they were elected to serve the best interest of the American people, NOT to line their pockets. Look back at how many of them were not wealthy when elected but are now extremely wealthy. That is an injustice to all of us. Trump is th ONLY President ever to call spade a spade! Donald Trump is looking in their pockets and finding all of their secrets, therefore, they are scared to death of him

1 year ago

The people who are running should have to get out and talk with people one day only will not make them answer
questions from people like Joe the plumber. They will be to running from State to state.

1 year ago

this is a party issue. they can have a hundred primaries if they choose. voters will stop when they feel used. PS, no primary should be online or mail, they have a higher chance of being manipulated. in person votes only. in the end the party decides who to push on us.

Rich Hilgendorf
1 year ago

I voted No Opinion because NONE OF THE ABOVE wasn’t listed. The current primary system is flawed because the first few states can have influence contrary to national preferences, thereby eliminating people who could have broader support across regional lines. The bigger issue is the virtual non-stop campaigning of recent history which automatically handicaps too many of the potential candidates financially who otherwise offer talents that would be more beneficial to the long term health of the republic than the lifetime politicians who have unlimited support from the vested interests they’ve previously sold out to. Lincoln wouldn’t have stood a chance in today’s political climate. We really need to limit the length of campaign time and the amount of money that can be spent during that period. For the sake of debate, I suggest the period start no earlier than the day after Super Bowl Sunday of the election year, national primary day in June (say Flag Day), final election first Tuesday in November.

Maurice D
1 year ago

Praise to AMAC, Robert and other contributors. Isn’t home (family) schooling; private; moral and ethical scholarship (education, knowledge, literacy and wisdom) vital to an informed public? How can We best – timely and cost effectively – heighten the selection of honorable leaders who will consistently carry out their fiduciary duties – with fidelity?

T Smith
1 year ago

I live in a low population state and the attention of the highly populated states can be very overwhelming
leaving a lot of people thinking that a lot of the issues have already been settled. Our votes and opinions are just as valid and important as those from large populations. I know that the order in which the election process is done is not going to change as we live in a society that feeds on drama. Until this nation gets to the point that we want the truth and not the theatrics it will just continue as is has for decades.

Chuck. D
1 year ago

The system has worked since it’s inception. Only we the people have grown more stupid and lethargic. Any changes will usher in online voting. This is not American Idol, it is America and what makes it work. Only the ignorant and the corrupt want to alter the system so as to alter the results!

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