80% of the active ingredients used to make drugs in the US are said to come from China and other countries and 97% of antibiotics used in the US are made in China. Sens. Cotton, Blackburn and Cruz have introduced legislation directing the Secretary of HHS to:

  • Require the FDA to create a registry of all drugs and corresponding ingredients that are produced outside the US and are determined to be critical to the health and safety of Americans
  • Require HHS, Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, and all other federally qualified health facilities to buy pharmaceutical products that have NO ingredients produced in China

Which best describes how you feel about this legislation?

Thursday, April 9, 2020 Apr 9, 2020 707
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3 months ago

I would hope that this isn’t limited to drugs. We need to get back to “Made in America”.

3 months ago

Governments of Communist countries generally do not care much about their own. Why would they care about us?
We have seen that exports of various Chineses goods have been contaminated. IE: pet food, toys, etc.
Common sense dictates our elected policy makers put our safety first.
It should be illegal for any politician to accept money from a foreign lobbyist.

Sheran Cannon
3 months ago

Before this pandemic I was very uncomfortable with the large amount of medication ingredient made in China, this pandemic amplifies my fear of the poor quality and unsafe environment of China’s manufacturing facilities. We all need to get back to the

3 months ago

When does the USA wake up? We have made great strides in reducing our dependence on foreign oil, but not in other areas. Expand the scope to include all exports from China, period. If not we will see the Chinese take over America without the need to use warfare of any fashion.

Richard Chaby
3 months ago

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about adding additional 250 billion to help small business owners. She only wants to weaken our economy to hurt President Trump’s chances of re-election in 2020

3 months ago

I also hope this action would add more jobs back into our economy and affordable drug price controls for all Americans.

Les Jones
3 months ago

Part of our problem is our own government where competing agencies, FDA and especially EPA have driven manufacturing offshore with their oppressive rules and inspections. Many ingredients simply cannot be made here at any price. Without key reforms at home bringing home manufacturing isn’t going to happen.

Lorraine Ferland
3 months ago

I have long been against doing business with China. I am no longer buying anything labeled China. I will go without first. We should never trust a country that murders and tortures their own people. They care about nothing except money and power. We have just learned a great lesson and lost many Americans along with a great economy due to this corona virus and the lies of China. America better get with the program or we will be no more!!!!

Chuck Anthony
3 months ago

Federally mandated production regulations do not address the issue-drugs are being made overseas because of lower production costs. If the Federal government would relax our rules and reduce the redtape domestic production would naturally increase, competition would foster lower costs and American jobs and lives would be saved.

John R Powers
3 months ago

We should be making our products here in America NOT in any other country .

Brenda Marsh
3 months ago

We need nothing from China!

Marie M
3 months ago

The CCP needs to be held accountable for the economic damage to the U.S., we need to get our companies out of China we cannot be dependent on them manufacturing what we need especially for drugs. Tucker Carlson asked this question last night “how come the virus didn’t spread throughout China and remained in the Wuhan area” . Something to think about!

Stan d. Upnow
3 months ago

EVERY American who has purchased Anything in the last 30 years can attest to the often inferior quality of Chinese goods. I can personally back that statement up.
They will cheat you to save a penny, without the slightest care as to the consequences on the other end. Remember all of our dogs that died a few years ago as a result of pet treats that were tainted with toxic substances? That’s just one example; there are many more.

Janet Lapsley
3 months ago

Of course, USA would have to pay more for our drugs because our workers aren’t slaves.

Robert Niemotka
3 months ago

This is great,lets get it done!

Mari-Tere De Lara
3 months ago

Let’s get out of China all completely and start manufacturing in the Good old USA

Lamp, Edward
3 months ago

I wouldn’t trust anything produced in or coming out of a lying Country.

3 months ago

Dump the Chicoms.

3 months ago

China has put us in the vine that were in today by spreading their nasty ass pollution their disease they have the worst record for pollution in the world! Them and India have the worst pollution records out of all the continents and countries in the world I think that we need to hold them accountable for what they’ve done! And this is just proof that we need our Industries back in America 20 tax breaks that incentivize companies to move their companies back here to America! We need to be a self-sustaining country instead of depending on countries like… Read more »

Stan Beckham
3 months ago

My gut says “Strongly Favor”. My vote is “Favor”. Ultimately, we as a nation shouldn’t use this pandemic as an excuse to go fully isolationist. We still live in the world we have helped create. This gut-check may help people that believe in nations stop those that believe in globalism.

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