80% of the active ingredients used to make drugs in the US are said to come from China and other countries and 97% of antibiotics used in the US are made in China. Sens. Cotton, Blackburn and Cruz have introduced legislation directing the Secretary of HHS to:

  • Require the FDA to create a registry of all drugs and corresponding ingredients that are produced outside the US and are determined to be critical to the health and safety of Americans
  • Require HHS, Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, and all other federally qualified health facilities to buy pharmaceutical products that have NO ingredients produced in China

Which best describes how you feel about this legislation?

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Robert Cornehl
2 years ago

We need to control our destiny not some other country. The same goes for politicians to remember why they were elected. It is for the people by the people not for personal gain. If it wasn’t for us trying to make a living you wouldn’t have a check.

2 years ago

Not just drugs, everything keep jobs in America.

2 years ago

How about this for a follow-on bill? Require that the packaging of all consumer goods made in China have the words “made in China” in the same size font as the largest words on the package.

Ronald Miller
2 years ago

I hope we have learned that how we have done business with China in the past has made us vulnerable economically and physically. It is time to control where items that we can’t do without are produced. I purchased some face masks from Amazon and they were made in China. Who ensures the quality and efficacy of those masks? China doesn’t have to invade us physically, they already have attacked us economically and financially and we have let them. Time to stop this and fight back. Made in America for all essential items should be our goal even if we have to subsidize the item. Good place to use the tariff money from imported goods. China is not forcing us to buy their goods. We are doing this to ourselves and it’s time to stop. Fight On!

bill holland
2 years ago

we need to penalize American companies that import and locate production facilities in china.

David Leiseth
2 years ago

Congress must address this imbalance via strong legislation to reduce the amount of all products made in China so that less than 50% of anything is made there versus the USA.

2 years ago

I been buying america made starting in my early twenties .I am now 61.I do not care if i got to pay more.I am not a rich person. I do my best to buy america made.Get on the internet and you can find it. buy local buy made in the USA F- – K China.

Nick C
2 years ago

DECOUPLE! DECOUPLE! DECOUPLE! I have dealt with the Chinese many times over the years, I am NOT a fan.

2 years ago

The only problem with this and not regulating our own pharmaceutical companies! They charge outragous fees for out drugs, and the ones from china are much cheaper. If we could get the pharmaceutical companies under control, instead of them controlling us with all their contributions to just about every legislator we might actually get away from depending on China for cheaper resources.

2 years ago

For decades we have allowed our great American companies to relocate to countries with substandard quality controls. Time to bring back all of our companies. I am on a limited income but would pay more for American made products. We have become a nation that only services products made elsewhere . God bless America

2 years ago

Don’t advertise to China that’s what we’re doing needs to be a sneak attack. Make sure we’re safe at home and elsewhere first just imagine what this country could be if we need no other country. Make and produce our own goods.

2 years ago

I am not confident in the wording of a bill like that, but I would certainly favor a tax break for any and all products Made in America! Because I do NOT trust anything made in China. They sent dog food that killed hundreds of dogs and sheet rock (gypsum board) that made many families sick. Many China made products are unsafe.

2 years ago

Not just drugs but vitamins too. The chinese took over a vitamin company I was working for and some of the workers were working 7 twelves.
They pretty much run it in the ground and had to merge with or were taken over by GNP. Their goal is to take the market on drugs and vitamins.

2 years ago

We need a world-wide organization to replace the UN as a forum for international tyranny to be presented
and resolved. Covid will forever change the way the US interfaces with the world. The swamp will spend
huge resources to convince us that it was just an accident and that we just need to go back to sleep as we have been for years.

2 years ago

So much for globalism. It is now officially a dead movement. Its advocates need to
find another way to ruin the US. We all need to tune out the common daily sources
of information and find sources which will keep us up to date on the facts of life. The
Globalist’s attempt to destroy the US economy is now as obvious as cancer. Thank
goodness that our president realized the ruin called by globalism many years ago.
The shame is that we US citizens ( not “americans”) did not. Hire US citizens first and then
let everybody else get in line.

2 years ago

Covid is an act of bio-chemical war. It was intentional and the Chi-Com economy needs to be shut down.
What do they produce that we must have ? Nothing.

Fritz Fahrenbacher
2 years ago

I am looking for a US flag and flag pole but, will not buy any with “Made in China” label. I will not buy anything, knowingly, that has that label. China needs to pay for the intentional infecting the earth with the virus. Because President Trump had “The Balls” to stand up to China and support the USA, IMHO, China, the Left, the RINOS, the C of C and the Uniparty, at least, want to destroy our economy and President Trump because he has cost them TRILLIONS OF $’S. Yes, I am a full fledged Conspiracy Theorist and proud of it. Prove me wrong.

Jeannette Jones
2 years ago

We cannot allow these vital ingredients that determine our health to come from such an unreliable Country as China. They are not dependable to give us pure ingredients in those drugs.

Michael Malone
2 years ago

2. Require HHS, Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, and all other federally qualified health facilities to buy pharmaceutical products that have NO ingredients produced in China.

The verbiage “require” concerns me. Too many times politicians interpret this word as an absolute where the meaning of the word is lost and somehow it becomes “mandatory”. This becomes important when their is no readily available US drug to offset or substitute a particular drug made in China. I’m all for “Made in America”, but we need to tread carefully.

2 years ago

The Government needs to look at more than just drugs. We need to look at the many, many products we get from China. I look at the labels when I shop and believe me it is not easy to find products that say made in the USA!!!!

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